How to See Someone’s Activity on YouTube 2023

Are you suspicious of what they are watching on YouTube? How much do they spend time when you are not with them? Let’s answer all your questions and make you satisfied. But you must read this article and learn how to see someone’s activities on YouTube. It does not even live activities but also lets you about history, recent view videos, and searches. Now, we’ll elaborate on checking someone’s YouTube activities. So, keep with us and know much more about this topic.

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UMobix to Monitor Someone’s YouTube Activities

uMobix youtube monitoring

UMobix is a powerful monitoring tool that is used for secret online tracking. It lets users know the targeted person’s performance with a timestamp. It helps you monitor live YouTube activities and check the channels they watch, subscribe to, and leave comments for a specific video. With uMobix, you can know everything they did on your YouTube platform.

What uMobix offers to Monitor Targeted YouTube Accounts

Here we’ll mention some key features to track someone’s YouTube app. Read the below!

Activity tracking

UMobix provides an activity tracking feature that lets you see what your loved ones watch on YouTube. It enables you to see recent videos and subscribe to channels and comments secretly.

Screen monitoring & recording

With this feature, uMobix helps you monitor the time your targeted person spends on YouTube. You can ensure your targeted person is not spending too much time online and they are not watching inappropriate activities.

Get alert notifications

uMobix notifies you when you’re targeted to watch Inappropriate content. You can get informed and take action to stop them.

Block inappropriate content

UMobix lets you remotely block inappropriate channels and videos from your targeted device. It helps you to protect your children from adult content on YouTube.

How uMobix Help to Monitor Someone’s YouTube Activities?

It is straightforward to follow the most manageable installation steps that enable you to track your targeted devices.

Step no. 1: Go to the uMobix website, subscribe to a package, and create an account.

Step no. 2 Install the app on your targeted device and make the app invisible.

Step no. 3 Get access to the web control panel

Step no. 4 Now see the YouTube activities of your targeted persona without knowing them.

How to Track Someone’s YouTube Activities?

If you want to know about someone’s YouTube activities, follow the methods below. It ensures that your loved ones are safe online. You are near to finding a way to find someone’s activities. Let’s start it.

Find their follower list

In the first method of someone’s activities on YouTube, you have to find their followers. It can be possible by checking their visited channel and subscribers. Then, a list of followers appears, and you can see videos they have recently watched and viewed. This method also helps you to see what’s their Interest in YouTube.

View on recent watching video

This is another method to see someone’s YouTube activities by checking their recent videos. You can do this by visiting their YouTube channel and tab on videos. It helps you to show a list of recent videos that have been uploaded recently. Viewing the recent videos lets you see what they like and don’t like.

Take help from monitoring tools

One of the most convenient and easy ways to see someone’s YouTube activities is by choosing the monitoring apps. While you search for tracking and monitoring tools, there will be a lot of options in front of your eyes. But you have to select one of the best and most authentic apps that fulfill your monitoring demands. Here we’ll mention the best YouTube monitoring app that helps you to view activities, including recent watch videos, searches, and subscribe channels.

Why Do We Need to Monitor Someone’s Activity on YouTube?

There are several reasons to monitor someone’s YouTube activities. First, with a massive number of users, it is the second-largest social media platform. Users send unlimited hours to watch videos according to their interests.

As a Parent:

Did you know what your child is watching online and how much time they spend? No! Spending online time can cause online dangers. They may be exploring adult and inappropriate content and watching porn videos parents couldn’t allow. Their unethical activities can cause severe online hazards. Thus, parents should supervise their actions for their safety.

As Employers:

Business owners always want to ensure that their employees are using their time effectively. If they watch YouTube videos and don’t pay attention to their assigned work. So, action against them must be taken to improve your business productivity.

How Can I See Someone’s YouTube Search?

You can see someone’s YouTube search by entering their name or account if they have their real name account. After that, you can view their search activity on this specific app. It allows you to find their interest by checking the search history. Another way is to use a monitoring tool like uMobix to see what your targeted person has searched secretly.

How do you see Someone’s YouTube comments?

Users can read the YouTube comments by directly opening the targeted person’s account. If they have to know words, they can use ctrl+f to find what they leave on specific videos. Further, you can also get help by opening the channel and viewing all comments by clicking on the comment section. Finally, you have another option to install a monitoring tool and secretly read and remove comments from the targeted device.

Final verdicts

Now you can track and monitor someone’s YouTube activities, including channels, comments, and everything. You’ve to log in with the uMobix web control panel and see every happening on the targeted device.


Can I see someone’s YouTube deleted comments?

You cannot view deleted comments through the YouTube app. Therefore, you have to get help from the monitoring technology that allows you to view anyone’s deleted comments without them knowing.

How can I see someone’s YouTube history?

Directly open someone’s YouTube app tab on history and see their recent watch videos. If you cannot access the device, you can log in to uMobix and view what kind of content they’ve watched.

How do I find someone on YouTube by their username?

You can find a friend by their real user’s name in YouTube searches. If the person has their real name, you’ll be able to find them. You should move to tracking and monitoring tools if the person is attached with a fake name. 

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