How to See Someone’s Activity on Facebook Easily 2023

With billions of users’ Facebook has integrated into our lives. Recent research declares that 2.6 billion active users on Fb and more than 2 billion sign up daily based to spend nearly one hour. Unfortunately, the rapid spreading of Facebook users can lead to some trouble. 

But you can monitor your loved one’s regular Facebook activities to check what they do and share. It can reveal a lot of information that helps them to secure themselves from online predators and identity theft. So, let’s start to explain how to see someone’s activity on Facebook 2023 without any delay.

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How to See Someone’s Facebook Activity

Here are the primary techniques to see activities on Facebook, including third-party applications. Hope! All ways help to hack your targeted person’s FB activity with and without knowing them. Let’s discuss the methods.

Method 1:  View someone’s Facebook Messages

It’s impossible to see someone’s Facebook messages without knowing them.

However, you need to know a monitoring tool that helps you operate secret monitoring operations well-mannered.

For this, you have to choose the Spying app that allows you to access Facebook messages from the targeted person secretly. It helps you to read the chats, and shared multimedia files and find FB location, likes, and comments from a convenient location.

Seek help with the Monitoring Apps

You want to keep an eye on their activities with a secret eye. But how is it possible? Don’t worry! We’ll devise a solution to monitor someone’s Facebook activities without knowing them.

The best secret Facebook monitoring applications


Mspy Facebook track

Mspy is another beneficiary app that helps you to track someone’s Facebook activity. It is a parental control app that helps secure your child from social media dangers such as predators or being bullied. Once you install it, you can see the insight information of your child’s account in secret.


Flexispy Fb monitoring

Flexispy is a great option that helps you to track the Facebook activities of anyone from a distance. It has been a trusted app for years that serves the online safety of your loved ones. It helps you to remotely hack anyone’s Facebook account from the targeted device via installing the app. Then you can secretly see what the person is doing on their app.


Umobix facebook tracker

uMobix is the best choice that helps every parent to secure their kids by remote monitoring. Such as others, it also allows you to track anyone’s Facebook activities. Although it has a free trial to check FB messages, likes, posts, comments, and much more.

Method 2: How to See Someone’s Activity between two friends on Facebook

To see someone’s activity between two friends on Facebook have to follow these steps.

Step no 1. Open the FB app and log in to your account in the browser.

Step no 2. Get the URL of your first friend’s FB ID. Now visit the first friend FB home page to get the URL.

Step no 3. Let’s open a new tab in your browser and enter the link of the first friend ID and the second friend ID similarly.

Step no 4. Replace the first and second ID with that you get, then enter to see the friendship page between them.

With these, you can check their interaction with this method, but remember you can’t send direct messages.

Method 3:  How to See What Someone Likes on Facebook

Now you’re going to check their Facebook likes. Here is a simple and convenient process that helps you see their likes in detail.

Check out their profile

Before checking the profile, ensure you are friends with this person on Facebook. Then you can check their profile to see what they have been like on FB messenger. So, before doing this- go to the profile and scroll down. You will see a portion called recent activity. This will help you to show all their recent activities that have been done on Facebook, including likes.

Check via the search bar

We put another way to see what they are like on Facebook Messenger by using the search bar before using this method. Go to the Facebook page, and type likes followed by the name of the person whose likes you want to see (id+likes). This all helps to see what they have like on Messenger.

Method 4: How to Check Recent Activity Log on Facebook Side Tab

Now moving to check the recent activity log is also a great way to see what someone has been up to on Facebook. To access this, you can go to the profile and press the activity log button. Then here you can see all the things that they have done recently. It includes posts, likes, comments, watching videos, and many more. Undoubtedly, this is an excellent way to stay updated with anyone’s FB activities.

How to access the monitoring apps?

Follow these steps to see someone’s Facebook activity using the monitoring tool.

  • Create an account by visiting the website
  • Install the app by getting physical access
  • Log in to the app web control panel to see FB activities in secret

Why do We Need to View Someone’s Activity on Facebook?

Facebook and the moving to monitor is something for the safety of your loved ones from existing online dangers. It can include the different causes to track anyone’s activities. But all come at the same point of online safety.

It’s no secret that online scammers and predators lurk on social media apps. They can misuse your child’s information and take advantage of their innocence. No doubt, millions of our children are facing cyberbullying and online harassment victim by Facebook. This relates to our teens and young kids who face such issues.

Unfortunately, FB is the perfect place for our teens to use Facebook as an online dating app and talk with strangers via send requests. They didn’t understand that they could get into trouble.

So, to protect your child from being cyberbullied harassed, and other online dangers, you should approach the best way to see their Facebook activities for their safety.

Business organizations face another threatening face of the Facebook app. Most dishonest employees use Fb to destroy the excellent will image of the company. Moreover, they leak companies’ secrets via social media platforms. However, you have to keep an eye on employees to check their time-to-time activities. Further, it helps you ensure that they do not waste their time using social media apps by chatting and sharing photos and videos with their friends and family.

Final verdicts

If -you want to accomplish the goal of seeing someone’s Facebook activities. Read this complete information that encourages you to get the best methods to see actions. Further, we recommended the best and most reliable monitoring and tracking software methods, such as Flexispy, Mspy, and umobix.


How can I see all activities on Facebook?

It is only possible to access the best monitoring software and check everything that happened on the targeted FB account. With this, you can see every live activity without knowing the person.

Can someone know when you watch their Facebook?

Yes, now you have the digital solution as a tracking tool. It allows you to see anyone’s Facebook activities and see what they watch with a time stamp.

How can I see what pictures my girlfriend likes on Facebook?

If your girlfriend is online, visit their profile and see their recent activity. Then you’ll be able to see everything and what pictures she likes and comments on. You can’t do this if she set privacy and didn’t allow anyone.

Is it legal to see someone’s Facebook activity?

Flexispy, mSpy, and umobix legally allow you to check your kids’ activities to protect them from online dangers. But keep remembering this monitoring app didn’t entertain illegal consent of breaching someone’s information.

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