How to Spy on Hike Messenger / Top 5 Hike Spy Apps

The best hike spy apps help to ensure your loved ones’ safety as a top priority. With the increasing use of digital devices, especially smartphones, kids spend most of their time, which becomes problematic for parents. Therefore, parents should notice this article to keep an eye on kids and gain insight into their cell phones.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best hike spy apps in complete detail. it includes features, pros -and cons, pricing, and compatibility. After reading this, you’ll be able to decide to choose a good and trustworthy spy app, so before starting you can read this post also the best kik tracker app.

How do hike Spy apps work?

Hike spy apps work secretly, collect the target device’s monitored data, and send it to the app’s secure online dashboard. Further, these apps ensure that the device owner remains unaware of being watched. Here are simple processes to use the Hike Spy app for Android and iOS devices. 

Installation process: Before using, you need physical access to the target device. You need not monitor the device’s activity to get a permit and install the apps. 

Data Collection: After accomplishing the installation procedure. The app automatically collects data from the targeted device. It may include text messages, call conversations, browsing history, location, social media performance, etc.

Undetectable tracking: Remember the app is working in stealth mode while collecting data. It means it runs silently, and your targeted person is unaware of any spy app. It secretly notifies you and gives all information about the targeted person. 

Data Transmission: The data collected is encrypted and sent to a secure online dashboard of the spy app. Then, you can log in to the online dashboard and view your targeted person’s monitored data. 

The best Hike Spy apps

There is a lot of cell phone spy app that works for Android and iOS devices. With many apps, you have to choose one of the best. In the below lines, we’ll mention the great monitoring tools for Android and iOS devices. Remember, we mention all the apps after they are tested and make a final list of leading monitoring apps for a hike. Let’s unveil the best hike spy apps.

Flexispy- Top leading hike spy app

Ikeymonitor- The best-ever monitoring tool

Mspy- The most repudiated spy app

UMobix- Great cell phone spy app

Spyhuman– Loaded with secret Spying features

Review of the best hike spy apps in detail

All spy apps are mentioned after being tested; here, we’ve developed the app’s detailed description, features, pricing, pros, cons, and compatibility. That helps you to choose and purchase any of them without any hassle.

1. FlexiSpy- Top Leading hike spy app

Flexispy hike spy

FlexiSpy is a cell phone and computer spy app that works for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices. It discreetly works and finds social media activities, including hike. With a strong emphasis on safety and security, FlexiSpy protects your loved ones. With this app, you can create legal boundaries and verify your kids and employees all time activities with this secret tool. By providing authentic results, FlexiSpy is an excellent application to access your loved ones and gain their information to overcome all dangers. It helps you find hike chats, calls, shared media, and everything they do with a screen recorder app.

Features of FlexiSpy

  • Social media tracking
  • Chats and messages
  • VoIP Call Recording
  • Live location tracking
  • Browsing history
  • App block
  • Screen limit
Pros of FlexiSpyCons of FlexiSpy
Compatible with Android and iOSRooting and jailbreaking are required
Loaded monitoring features 
All features are working perfectly 
Work in stealth mode 


FlexiSpy offers the best price packages with three different and affordable categories: lite, premium, and extreme.

Lite $29.95

Premium $79

Extreme $119

Flexispy pricing package

Basic info

Supported devicesAndroid/ IOS / Mac / Windows
Refund policy14 days money back guarantee
Social media monitoringYes
Live demoAvailable

2. IkeyMonitor- Spy on Hike App

Ikeymonitor hike messenger spy

ikeyMonitor was first made for iPhone devices, but with time, it started tracking Android devices. It gains popularity within a short period and becomes a user-friendly spy software. It gives you the most powerful monitoring and tracking features with affordable pricing. It is considered the perfect tool for kids’ protection and employee monitoring. You can set your kid’s screen time and balance online and offline life. Or you can listen to your employees surrounded by ambiance recordings.

This app is perfect for parents and employers. It gives you various features like call logs, call recording, and social media monitoring like Hike, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Moreover, you can prevent your loved ones from gaining access to inappropriate content

Features of Ikeymonitor

  • Messages
  • Social media chats
  • Call logs
  • Call recording
  • Live location tracker
  • Internet watch history
Pros of IkeyMonitorCons of IkeyMonitor
Installation and use are simpleLittle pricy
Free trial plans 
Real-time alert notification  
Restrict and control activities 


ikeyMonitor is the only app that allows you to get a free-forever plan. But you can get an addon feature and get it for the cost of $9.99 for three days or $16.66 monthly.

Ikeymonitor packages

Basic info

Supported devicesAndroid + iOS + Desktop
Refund policy14 days money back guarantee
Social media monitoringYes
Live demoAvailable

3. Mspy- The most repudiated Spy app

mSpy hike messenger tracker

Mspy is considered an advanced monitoring tool for online protecting your loved ones. Its designs with the most advanced features allow you to keep a secret eye on your loved ones. It provides an excessive tracking strategy in the form of monitoring features. Spy will enable you to look insight the device and see everything that happened. You can check their chats, message calls, and even deep down into social media activities.

By the use of this app, you will get relief from your kid’s activities and employee’s workplace activities and even catch your spouse all activities. Moreover, you can learn about your kid’s real-time live location and restrict their access. With Mspy, it is easy to limit your kid’s access to inappropriate websites and apps.

Features of Mspy

  • Social media monitoring includes Hike, Kik, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more,
  • Listen and record call conversations
  • GPS location tracking
  • Set screen schedule
  • Web and app filter
  • Block inappropriate apps
Pros of mSpyCons of mSpy
Work on stealth modeScreen recording does not properly work
24/7 customer support serviceIt required rooted and jailbreaking
Incredible monitoring results 
Easy to install and use 


Mspy offers three different price plans, but you have to choose one of them according to your choice. You can get one monthly package for $48.99 three months for $ 27.99, and a year plan is $ 11.66

Prices of Mspy

Basic info

Supported devicesAndroid/ iOS
Refund policy14days
Social media monitoringYes
Live demoAvailable

4. UMobix- great cell phone spy app

UMobix- Hike Spy

UMobix is an excellent application with Android and iOS monitoring. It almost spies on targeted cell phones to find insight activities like calls, messages, GPS locations, web history, and more. It gives access to check the device activities and makes them protective in the form of spy apps. While you monitor the targeted person, you learn about all their actions and secret activities. Plus, it gives you an activity report that helps you to analyze the user’s online actions. So, it is the perfect choice to check what your loved ones are doing on their cell phone and who’s chatting on social media. But to know this, you must install uMobix on your targeted device.

Features of uMobix

  • Read messages and social media chats
  • Track voice conversation
  • Find the real-time GPS location
  • Monitor internet activities
  • Record device screen activities
  • Listen to the device’s background voices
Pros of uMobixCons of uMobix
Most reliable monitoring appSome of the ios features do not work
Remote control capabilities 
Great Geo-fencing 
Easy to install and smothly work 


uMobix offers other price plans for all its users. You have to choose any of them according to your needs. You can subscribe monthly package for $49.99, get a monthly package for $ 27.99, and a year price plan for the cost of $ 11.66

Umobix pricing plans

Basic info

Supported devicesAndroid/ iOS
Refund policy14days
Social media monitoringYes
Live demo Available

5. Spyhuman- loaded with secret spying features

Spyhuman- loaded with secret spying features

It provides the best monitoring tools to track device activities secretly. With this, you can spy on Android and iOS devices without giving any clue to the targeted person. It provides you with comprehensive features to monitor your loved ones.

It is one of the most significant advantages of monitoring, and I didn’t tell them about it. Further, it lets you control your loved ones and check for their safety concerns. Once you get this app, you can see everything from the targeted device, like messages, calls, location, internet browsing history, Screen recording, and more. It provides you with a real-time activity report and assists you in helping out.

Features of Spyhuman

  • Message monitoring
  • Social media snooping
  • Web and apps filter
  • Browsing activities
  • GPS location tracker
Pros of SpyhumanCons of Spyhuman
The best app with great featuresDidn’t correctly work on iPhone
User-friendly interface 


It offers a 7-day free trial and a premium package for online tracking. But it would help if you chose any of them according to your need and choice. The premium package starts from $ 9.99 for a month.

Spyhuman prices

Basic info

Supported devicesAndroid &  iOS
Refund policy14days
Social media monitoringYes
Live demoFree 7-day trail

Who needs the Hike Spy app?

The Hike Spy app is helpful for every concerned parent, employer, and everyone who wants to check others’ online activities with legal concerns. But here are some authentic reasons that will help you.


Parents are often worried about their kid’s online activities and safety. They know kids are not mature enough to understand the opposite side of social media. Due to this, parents want to monitor their children to protect them from online predators, bullying, and inappropriate content.

Business owners

Mainly companies provide digital devices to their employees for the sake of productivity. However, employees use it for their concerns and waste their time. So, employees need to check their activities to ensure company secrets and improve their work productivity.


If you notice, your partner is spending unlimited time on the Hike social app. And it affects your relationship. So, you should check their activities to make sure about their behavior.


Installing a spy app for hike monitoring sounds good for online security. But some may consider it illegal. But the app’s design is to help you and protect your loved ones from any online danger. It is not only kids’ protection; in fact, all business employers can take advantage and make sure their company secrets. moreover, it helps to ensure employees are not leaking official information to others. But to accomplish all this, you need an authentic and trustworthy spy app. Therefore, we’ve provided detailed information on the best hike spy apps for secret monitoring. Now you have to subscribe to any of them and check the online activities of anyone you want to see. We recommend you pay for FlexiSpy and Mspy, but if it’s not suitable, you can go for ikeymonitor, uMobix, and spyhuman.


What is the Hike Spy app?

The Hike Spy app is an application that allows you to track the targeted person’s hike activities secretly. It helps you to see the hike chats, media shared, voice conversations, and more. 

What’s the best hike spy app for Android and iOS in 2023?

The best hike spy app for Android and iOS in 2023 will rely on the app features and your budget and preferences. However, our in-depth research revealed that FlexiSpy is one of the most authentic and trustworthy hike monitoring solutions. 

Is jailbreaking or rooting required for the target device

There are Some apps may require rooting (Android) or jailbreaking (iPhone) as essential monitoring. Some apps work without rooted or jailbroken procedures. 

Can hike spy apps be detected?

FlexiSpy, hike spy apps work on the background mode of the target device. This app is designed to avoid detection at the time of monitoring. Users can not identify any third-party application on their phones.

Is it legal to use hike spy apps?

Hike spy apps are legal when used responsibly and with proper authorization. Parents can monitor their kids, and employers can monitor company-owned devices for safety concerns. In that condition, it is allowed. 

Are hike phone spy apps safe?

Hike Phone spy apps are safe if you choose a reliable, authentic, and trustworthy spy app like FlexiSpy and Mspy that provide the best monitoring results and keep the app icon hidden.

Can I monitor social media with spy apps?

Yes, many spy apps offer social media monitoring features that allow you to track your target’s activity on various platforms. 


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