A List of Keywords to Block for Parental Control 2023

With the increase in everyday technology, parents wonder about blocking websites. There are only reasons to secure with the emergence of the internet. Kids access multiple websites via mobile, computer, and laptop devices to stay connected.

Thus, what should we do? How to keep them safe from offensive websites and online platforms? To help you out! We’ve created a list of keywords to block for parental control.

The Best solution to block keywords

Now parents are tech-savvy and know how to block keywords for parental control. Hence, you must choose the best apps, which are Mspy and Flexispy.

Use Mspy to block keyword list of Parental Control

Block parental control keywords through Mspy

Mspy is designed to help you safeguard your kids. It is secretly tracked and blocks the unethical online approach of your kids. Once you get this app, it can secretly unlock the targeted device and make settings to prevent various dangerous websites. In addition, you can restrict your kid’s online search and watching list.

Block Parental control keywords Through FlexiSpy

Fleixspy Parental control

Flexispy is also having the benefit of restricting your kid’s online access. It allows you to see and block any particular app and website by keyword to block for parental control. It helps you to protect children from every dangerous corner of the online world.

What’s more about mSpy and Flexispy?

Let’s review features that allow you to block kids’ activities.

Website block

MSpy and Flexispy have the quality to block the website on targeted devices secretly. It allows you to restrict your child’s access to unethical websites. For example, you can check inappropriate websites such as porn, dating, and gambling sites and block them for kids’ safety reasons.

Block via a keylogger

Suppose you are blank and don’t have any idea what to do. Which site should they block, and how to know what they searched online? So, use the keylogger feature and see what they search for via the online web control panel. And then block the specific type words on their device.

Block social media apps

You can use the keyword blocker for parental control apps to block specific social media sites. It allows you to stop online dating apps like Facebook, Tinder, Grindr, and many more. With this, you can control their chats, shared media files, and calls.

Block by keywords

Use another fantastic feature to spotlight your kids’ online activities. For example, it allows parents to use word filters to block websites known as slags, dating, adult words, double-meaning words, and many more.

Recognize keywords and phrases to block

The Internet is where everyone gets access to all types of content.  Everyone can access everything on the internet. Unfortunately, it has harmful and risky content that is not suitable for children.

Hate speech and violence

Hate speech has long-lasting effects on children. It causes of hateful environment and creates intolerance that is diverse from one to another. Any website and app your children use contains violent content and hate speech symbols that must be blocked for kids’ safety.

Inappropriate content

Kids become clever; they think they can hide all their activities from their parents. They search and share adult content via alternative names. And they believe no one can understand the reality behind it. So, be tech-savvy parents and block all double-meaning adult sites like nightstands to secure your kids.

Unhealthy and risky sites

Kids might be addicted to illegal substances like drugs. They want to hide their approach from parents by changing their names. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to know the exact website. Hence, it would be best if you blocked all websites containing harmful material to stop kids’ access.

Slut shaming and abusing

The online world creates the concept of body shaming and slut shaming. Particular websites develop the idea of wrong name-calling, abuse, and many more. Be aware of your kids by filtering such websites by blocking keywords for parental control.

Adult gaming sites

Now online games are a source to promote violence among kids. It learns to fight and use the weapon and is more threatening to explain the sexual terms. All gaming sites that cause kids unhealthy development need to restrict their access via the use block option.

Identifying and Blocking Inappropriate Content

Modern parental control apps offer advanced features to restrict access to specific keywords that might lead to inappropriate or harmful content. By proactively identifying and blocking these keywords, you can significantly reduce the chances of your children encountering content that is not suitable for their age group. Here are some key areas to focus on:

Explicit Language and Adult Content: Block keywords commonly associated with explicit language, adult content, or graphic material to prevent accidental exposure.

Violence and Gore: Shield your children from violent or gory content by blocking keywords related to violent acts, gruesome scenes, or graphic descriptions.

Online Bullying and Hate Speech: Prevent cyberbullying and exposure to hate speech by blocking keywords that might be used in such contexts.

Drugs and Substance Abuse: Safeguard against content promoting drug use or substance abuse by blacklisting relevant keywords.

Customizing Keyword Blocks

Tailoring to Age Groups: Parental control solutions often allow customization based on the child’s age. Adjust the list of blocked keywords according to the maturity level of your children.

Adding Personalized Keywords: Besides common keywords, consider adding specific terms related to your child’s interests or potential risks in their online activities.

Social media platforms such as dating apps

Social media is a vast platform that is gaining rapid popularity among people. Many social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Grindr, and many more are used for dating. Kids find a compatible person and start talking with them. So, it is necessary for parental control to block certain IM apps.

Online harassing sites

Certain websites can be sources of trolling, harassment, and bullying which must be blocked immediately.


In the ever-expanding digital landscape, protecting our children from inappropriate and harmful online content is paramount. By taking advantage of advanced parental control solutions and staying informed about the list of keywords to block for parental control in 2023, you can create a safer digital environment for your children. Remember, it’s not just about implementing the technology; fostering open communication and digital literacy in your children will empower them to make responsible choices as they navigate the online world.

FAQs for Block keywords list Parental Control

Can I manually add keywords to the block list?

Yes, many parental control tools allow you to add custom keywords to the block list, giving you personalized control over what your children can access.

Can I use parental control software on multiple devices?

Yes, most parental control software supports multiple devices, allowing you to extend protection to smartphones, tablets, computers, and more.

Will blocked keywords completely eliminate all inappropriate content?

While blocking keywords is a powerful tool, it’s important to note that it may not catch every instance of inappropriate content. Regular monitoring and open communication remain essential.

Can I adjust the blocked keyword list as my child grows?

Absolutely! As your child’s interests and internet usage evolve, you can and should adjust the blocked keyword list to ensure continued protection.

How often should I review and update the list of blocked keywords?

A regular review every few months is recommended, but it’s also a good idea to update the list whenever you notice new trends or potential risks.

Are there any reliable resources for staying informed about online risks?

Certainly! Organizations like Common Sense Media and Cyberbullying Research Center offer valuable insights into online safety and risks for children.

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