How to Spy on Line | Top line Spy App 2023

Line tracker apps to spy on someone’s line activities are a time demand. And probably used to monitor your kids’ online behaviors and ensure they are safe in line. It is also used for employee spying to maintain the company’s goodwill image and increase productivity.

But as many spy apps are in the market, that helps you check line activities. Do you know which apps are good? To help you, we’ve developed the best line tracker apps to spy on line activities. We’ll review the best apps, compatibility, price, and comparison about the apps. Let’s start it!

UMobix line

How to Track Line Apps?

When you are going to track someone’s line app, you need to have an app and download it on your targeted device. But you have to subscribe to the app and log in to the web control panel to view the online activities in secret. Then you can track the targeted devices and see what your loved ones are doing on social media. You need to enter the username and password and check whatever you want.

With this method, you can spy on someone’s line messengers to see their activities without knowing them. So, hurry! And install the best line tracker app to view their actions remotely.

The Best 4 Line Spy Apps

There are a lot of line tracker apps available in the market. But before purchasing, you’ve to choose the best one after reading the brief review of line tracker apps. In the following mention, apps are the best and most affordable for every user.

All of the apps are perfect but Flexispy is one of the most expensive applications. It works amazingly and gives you the best monitoring results.

  1. Mspy- The most helpful line tracker app
  2. FlexiSpy- Spy Line Chats
  3. UMobix- Secretly track line activities
  4. Eyezy-  Best line monitoring app

Mspy- The Most Helpful Line Tracker App

Mspy Line tracker app

One of the best and most helpful line tracker apps is Mspy. It can monitor line activities and lets you read the targeted line messages of the targeted person. You can go to the Mspy app and log in to your web control panel to secretly and remotely read the conversation and view all activities done by your targeted person. Even it can capture phone screen activities via screenshots. In contrast, anyone using a line social media app, apart from the screenshot, makes capturing every key the person typed on their device easy. While testing Mspy, I found the data syncing is slow, so you have to be patient. Overall, Mspy is doing a great job of tracking anyone’s social media activities.


The Mspy tracker application mainly works with Android and iOS devices. it means you can use this application for both mobile systems according to your choice.

Android start 4.0



Do you know how much MSpy costs for line tracking? If not- so, this paragraph is for you. This application offers basic and premium packages for its users. and you’ve to choose one of them according to your needs and monitoring demands

One month $48.99

Three months $ 27.99

One year $11.99

FlexiSpy- Spy Line Chats

FlexiSpy Spy Line Chats

If you want the best spying tool for line trackers, FlexiSpy should first on your first choice. FlexiSpy can grab the exact data of what your loved ones are doing online. To start with FlexiSpy, you must install the app on a targeted device and make it ready to spy on your loved ones. Once you are successfully done, you can check social media activities under the secret techniques. This application collects line activities and enables reading messages and recording phone screens. Not only this, it allows you to highlight the messages, and you can take screenshots of every corner of your loved ones’ line app. It’s not challenging to see line activities with FlexiSpy quick results.


If your targeted device didn’t support this application. So, it’s not worth it for you. Therefore, you must notice the device compatibility to make a final decision.

FlexiSpy is always going Android from older version OS 4.0.3 to the latest 10 Android cell phones.

And iOS version 6.0 to 13 iPhone can be easily monitored by downloading FlexiSpy.

You can also spy on Windows 7,8, 8.1, and 10 for your targeted computer devices.


FlexiSpy offers three different price packages for its users. It is up to you to choose any of them based on your needs. Let’s review its price and purchase for the digital well-being of your loved ones.

Lite – $ 29.95

Premium $ 68

Extreme $ 195

UMobix- Secretly Spy Online Activities

Umobix Spy on line

Here is the most fantastic line tracker app that shows authentic results uMobix. It gives you the latest updates about your targeted person’s online activities on social media. With this, you can see your kids and employees’ activities by logging in to the web control panel. So, don’t puzzle. This application required following the installation procedure to get started and see the actions. You can see the line activities in real-time and monitor them to protect them from online danger. You can remotely view and capture the activities with the help of monitoring features like screenshots, keyloggers, and messages and also come to know the audio and video calls without showing the app on the targeted device.


UMobix is run with Android and iOS for secret monitoring. It supports Android devices with OS 4 and the latest and tracks iOS devices with the latest version to find the exact activities from targeted phones.


UMobix provides different price packages according to the month. Please choose one of them according to your monitoring requirements.

One month $ 49.99

Three months $ 27.99

One year of $ 11.66

Eyezy- Line Monitoring App

Eyezy line monitoring App

Last but not least, the tracker app for a line. Its unparallel help user spy on every activity of the targeted device. It allows users to track their loved ones’ social media activities and help to detect online dangers. This app shows you what your targeted person types and what they are doing. You can show text messages, line call conversations, screen activities, and capture every key they typed while using the line. Get started with this monitoring app, make it invisible, and spy on targeted devices without detection.


Eyezy is compatible with Android and iOS devices to monitor targeted devices secretly. You can use it for the latest version of both mobiles. And even it helps you to spy on your loved one’s devices with an easy interface.


Eyezy offers different price packages for their loyal users. Here we mention the cost with the time duration. Read the below lines.

One month $ 47.99

Three months $ 27.99

One year $ 9.99

The Worth of Line Tracker Apps

All line tracker apps are worthy because they provide secret monitoring techniques by subscribing to the app. Once you get any software, it lets you know about line chats, calls, conversations, and every activity without knowing the person. And if you are concerned about choosing one of the best. So, we recommend using FlexiSpy, which provides authentic monitoring results. Purchase their plans and use them for the betterment of your loved ones in the digital age.

Final verdicts

In conclusion, you are able to choose the line tracker app. We mentioned four great apps, but you have to select one of the best. Choosing and installing is up to you. But we recommended you install FlexiSpy, which is amazing in tracking and provides accurate monitoring results.


What is the best line tracker app?

Among the different line tracker apps, FlexiSpy is considered one of the best and most unique options for secret line tracking. Install FlexiSpy and remotely see targeted line activities.

Why do you need a line tracker app?

The line tracker app monitors your kids’ activities and finds employees’ activities at work. People use spy apps to protect their loved ones from online dangers.

Can I spy on Line app without the target user’s knowledge?

No, it is essential to have the target user’s consent to monitor their Line app activities. Spying on someone without their consent is illegal and unethical.

Is there a free line tracker app?

Free line tracker apps are available, but as a mature user, you should choose the paid app to monitor anyone’s line activities.

Is Line tracking legal for parents to monitor their children’s activities?

Yes, parents have the right to monitor their minor children’s online activities, including Line app usage, to ensure their safety and well-being.

Arе Linе trackеrs dеtеctablе by thе app usеr?

High-quality Linе trackеrs opеratе stеalthily,  rеmaining undеtеctablе by thе app usеr whеn appropriatеly installеd.

How can I choosе thе Bеst Linе spy for my spеcific nееds?

Considеr factors such as fеaturеs,  compatibility,  customеr rеviеws,  and pricing whеn sеlеcting thе right Linе trackеr for your nееds.

Is There a free line tracker app?

Free line tracker apps are available, but as a mature user, you should choose the paid app to monitor anyone’s line activities.

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