How to Install FlexiSpy Without The Target Device

FlexiSpy, the most powerful monitoring and tracking solution, is designed for the digital well-being of your loved ones. This helps to track and record activities on a target mobile device. It is primarily used to track smartphones and tablets. This app has fantastic spying features to find others’ online actions. Primary parents and employers have used this tool to check their targeted one’s online actions.

However, it is essential to note how to install FlexiSpy on the targeted devices for legal concerns. In this post, you’ll learn the installation method and come to know the device compatibility and its pricing.

How to Install FlexiSpy on Android

Now, you have the simple download procedure for Android phones. The FlexiSPY Android downloading process is shown below. Follow these steps to download FlexiSPY on Android phones successfully. 

STEP 1- Start

Open your given email and read the confirmation mail from our team. You will see credentials to log in to your FlexiSPY web portal there. click here to go Flexispy web portal.

Here, it automatically starts the installation wizard, leading to the installation procedures. So, as soon as you log in to the FlexisSPY portal, the following screen appears.

Press on the „next“ button.

STEP 2- Edition Selection

Now, you need to select the FlexiSPY app edition you purchased and want to download, and in the following procedure, install it on your target Android device.

STEP 3- Select Target Device Android device

In this step, you must select the Android phone to download the app on that device. And click on „Next. “ 

STEP 4- Remind Important Information

The system automatically reminds you to root the target device first to use all the features. I did that procedure before.

STEP 5- Enter the Android Download Link

Take the target phone into your hand and open the mobile phone browser. You can use a browser app or any other third-party browser to monitor. Also, if downloading the app, don’t start trying to use another browser.

When you open it, click the download link given to you in the web control portal. 

Also, click on „Go“.

STEP 6- Downloading

After the downloading starts, you must wait until it ends. You can see it progress from the target cell phone notification bar at the right of the targeted phone screen. When the download is done, as on the screen below, then select it.

If it blocks the installation, you will be required to secure the „Unknown Sources“checkbox is allowed.

To enable it to follow these steps:

  • Go to device „Settings “.
  • Tap to „Security “.
  • Enable „Unknown Sources “.

How to Install Flexispy on iPhone

To install the FlexiSpy iPhone, you must follow the steps below to accomplish the procedure. 

Step 1- First, go to the website and buy our iPhone tracker software. 

Step 2- Now move to Their Jailbroken iPhone physically in your hand and install the app on that device. 

Step 3- Use your device to log in to your FlexiSpy dashboard; it is done using the given credentials. 

Step 4- Follow the installation wizard that will occur on your device screen.

A few steps into the guide, you can press your activation code. See the pictures below for visual reference.

Log back into your online account using your device and go to Help > Reference Manuals > Quick Setup to learn about how to set up all the great FlexiSpy features remotely using your online account.

End Up- You have now successfully installed and activated FlexiSpy onto a Jailbroken iOS iPhone, and you’re ready to start monitoring. 

Install FlexiSpy for your Computer Devices ( Mac & Windows)

Install Flexispy on Mac

Step 1: Prepare the Target Mac

Before you begin, ensure that you have access to the Mac computer you want to monitor. You will need to disable the Gatekeeper feature on the target Mac to install FlexiSPY successfully.

Step 2: Disable Gatekeeper

Go to the Apple menu and select “System Preferences.”

Click on “Security & Privacy.”

In the “General” tab, look for “Allow apps downloaded from” and select “Anywhere.”

This will enable you to install applications from sources other than the App Store.

Step 3: Download FlexiSPY

Open a web browser on the target Mac.

Visit the official FlexiSPY website and purchase a subscription plan.

Follow the on-screen instructions to download the FlexiSPY software.

Step 4: Install FlexiSPY

Locate the downloaded FlexiSPY installer file and double-click on it.

To complete the installation, follow the wizard’s instructions.

Enter your FlexiSPY account credentials when prompted.

FlexiSPY will now be installed on the target Mac, and you can start monitoring its activities.

Install FlexiSpy on Winsdows

Step 1: Purchase FlexiSPY

Visit the official FlexiSPY Windows page.

Complete the purchase process to obtain the necessary license.

Step 2: Access the Target Windows PC

You should have physical access to the Windows computer you want to monitor.

Find the right subscription plan for your needs by browsing the available options.

Step 3: Download FlexiSPY

On the target Windows PC, open a web browser.

Visit the FlexiSPY website and log in to your FlexiSPY account.

Download the Windows version of the FlexiSPY software from your account dashboard.

Step 4: Install FlexiSPY

Locate the downloaded FlexiSPY installer file and double-click on it.

The installation process can be completed by following the on-screen instructions.

Enter your FlexiSPY account credentials when prompted.

Once the installation is complete, FlexiSPY will be active on the target Windows PC.

Which Devices and Versions are Compatible with Installing the FlexiSpy App?

There are a lot of spy applications, but that could be excellent if they don’t support your targeted device. But FlexiSpy has maximum support for your targeted devices, so we uncover its compatibility with your targeted devices here.

FlexiSpy Compatible with Android

Android cell phones have the most significant part in the mobile industry worldwide. If any spy app doesn’t support the Android device, it fails to provide you with better services. 

“Luckily, this app is fully compatible with Android devices”

From one of the oldest Android devices, OS 4.0.3, to the latest version, 10, FlexiSpy always helps to track Android devices. While testing the FlexiSpy app, I learned that FlexiSpy can spy on rooted and un-rooted Android devices without knowing the person. 

FlexiSpy For iPhone

Your child has an iOS device, and you want to monitor them. But it would help if you had a perfect monitoring solution for iOS devices. Now that’s not a big deal!!!!! FlexiSpy monitoring app extensively works with iOS devices. 

 iOS version 6.0 to 15. x, any iPhone can be monitored by the FlexiSpy app. The same goes for iPad devices. 

FlexiSpy for Windows

If you want to spy on your targeted person’s computer or laptop to know they are not using the devices for some wrong purpose. 

FlexiSpy can monitor Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 if you have Windows. And you can track the devices without knowing them. 

FlexiSpy Mac

The FlexiSpy amazingly works on macOS devices. It is compatible with some of the oldest versions like Apple macOS Sierra, Apple macOS Yosemite, Apple macOS El Capitan, and Apple macOS Mavericks. 

FlexiSpy supports the latest versions, such as Apple macOS Mojave, and Apple macOS High Sierra are also compatible.

What is the Cost of the FlexiSpy App?

FlexiSpy offers three separate price packages to all its users according to their budgets and needs. But before choosing, remember this app never disappoints you regarding the digital monitoring of your loved ones. It has lite, premium, and extreme packages, such as:

The LITE plan is charged $29.95 per month with access to some monitoring features.

PREMIUM package is available for $ 68 per month, and the EXTREME price plan gives you all its features after paying $199 for three months.

Few of its features are offered in the PREMIUM and EXTREME plans only for rooted Android cell phones. So, make sure you choose your package according to your requirements.

You can choose a PC or iPad and only have one monthly plan, which is available for $68. FlexiSpy charges an amount for its better and excellent services and millions of satisfied customers. 

What is the FlexiSpy payment method? Is it Secure to Buy

To buy FlexiSpy spy software is 100% safe and secure. But you must go through three simple steps to make your purchase final. 

FlexiSpy Edition Selection

When you select the proper edition according to your needs, you can click on the “Buy Now” button and are redirected to the secure FlexiSpy purchase page.

Secure Buy Page

now you can see the buying process for the FlexiSpy app. On the head side of the screen, you can see the product details you desire to purchase and its price plans.

Here is some essential information you will need to fill in. This information is necessary for buying the product with details like name, address, country, card number, and purchasing methods. Here I would like to say that you can buy FlexiSpy software with:

  • Visa/MasterCard/Visa electron,
  • PayPal,
  • Bank/Wire transfer,
  • Maestro,
  • AmEx,
  • Discover/Novus.

When you are done, click on the Place Order “button. Also, note that you have no boundaries so the purchase can be done anywhere worldwide.

Why Do We Need to Install FlexiSpy App?

It is essential to clarify that the installation of FlexiSpy monitoring applications should only be done with caution within specific legal and ethical consent. Here are some reasons why one might consider installing FlexiSpy or a similar monitoring application:

Parental control

Parents can consider the FlexiSpy monitoring app to ensure the safety and well-being of their kids. By monitoring a child’s device activity, parents can protect them from exposure to cyberbullying, cyberbullying, or potentially harmful humans. By installing this software, this application helps you provide detailed information on what they did online, who they chat and what they talked about. You can do it all secretly. 

Family Safety

In cases of family safety, such as monitoring the whereabouts of a family member, safety apps can be used to ensure safety and peace of mind. This app alerts you about your old family member in case of an accident or emergency. 

Employee Monitoring

 Employers can use monitoring applications to track employee device usage to ensure that it works, protects sensitive company information, and еnsurеs that employees adhere to company policies and procedures

Lost or Stolen Devices

 If a mobile device is lost or stolen, the FlexiSpy tracking app can help you to locate the real-time of your device and recover, or dеlеtе sensitive data remotely to prevent unauthorized access and give you complete data backup. 

Digital Security

Individuals can use monitoring apps to enhance their digital security by monitoring their device activity for any signs of unauthorized access or suspicious activity. 

Trust and Accountability

Spouses or partners can sometimes use monitoring apps to build trust or prevent troublesome problems. However, this should always be done transparently and with the consent of both parties. FlexiSpy empowers you with your partner’s real-time activities and finds their chats and other online activities to ensure they are not cheating you. 

Data Backup

FlexiSpy monitoring applications offer data backup features, allowing users to back up their important information in case of equipment failure or data loss.

FAQs About FlexiSpy Installation

Is FlexiSPY Detectable by Antivirus Software?

FlexiSPY is designed to operate discreetly, but it may trigger antivirus warnings on some devices. To minimize detection, it’s essential to follow the installation instructions carefully.

Can I monitor Multiple Devices with One FlexiSPY Subscription?

No, FlexiSPY Subscriptions allow you to monitor a single device.


FlexiSpy is a multi-solution platform for Android, iPhone, Mac, or Windows devices. It gives you authentic tracking and monitoring information on your targeted device. But you have to make sure of the installation. This article helps you install FlexiSpy on your desired devices without hassle. All information is authentic, and we hope to help you with the secret monitoring of your loved ones for their protection. 

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