How to Read my Wife’s Text Messages from my Phone

Did you notice your wife smiling while texting? Are you suspicious of who your wife is chatting with? So, if you notice these all, you need a tool that unveils your wife’s suspicious activities in real. Thus, you are at the right place to help clear all your doubts regarding your wife.

Therefore, in this post, we’ll discuss the monitoring tools that help you read your wife’s text messages from your phone with the help of FlexiSpy and mSpy apps.

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Can I See My Wife’s Text Messages from My Phone?

First, I want to clear your most common query. In a nutshell, you can easily monitor your wife’s cell phone activities without them knowing. But you need physical access to your wife’s cell phone to install monitoring tools. Once you successfully install the monitoring apps, it allows you to see every exchanged text message from your partner’s device secretly.

How to Read My Wife’s Text Messages Without Her Knowing

This section will describe the most famous monitoring apps that greatly help you. When you want to know about your wife’s cell phone activities, you must read this to find the solution respectively.

Read my wife’s text messages with FlexiSpy

Read wife text with FlexiSpy

This app has entered the market to serve all worried parents, employees, and spouses. FlexiSpy is famous and fantastic in its monitoring services. It allows users to track Android, iOS, and computer devices without knowing the targeted person. Flexispy makes it comfortable for all its users with its dynamic feature list. It is easy to install and use by purchasing a package. Once you install it on a targeted device, you can check your wife’s text messages and track them to catch her unusual activities. Flexispy offers more features to see everything going on your wife’s cell phone and get evidence against her suspicious activities. You can access the online dashboard and see everything from your wife’s device.

Flexispy sms Dashboard

Here are some features:

  • Read messages
  • Recover all deleted chats
  • Record calls
  • Find real-time location
  • Listen to surround
  • View contact detail
  • See web browsing history

How to view wife’s test messages with Mspy

Read wife’s test messages with Mspy

When you want to track anyone’s cell phone, Mspy is the most recommended app to fulfill your needs. It has been a top-rated monitoring app in the spy market for years. It works to track mobile and computer devices to find their online activities without knowing the targeted person. It helped all worried parents and married ones who suffer problems from the online world. Plus, it allows you to find loyal and sincere employees and identify non-trusted employees.

Regarding mobile tracking, Mspy runs on Android and iOS devices. With the help of this application, the husband can secretly read her wife’s text messages and check if she cheats on him. This application works with various monitoring features by choosing the subscription package. 

What’s more about mSpy is that it helps you see how to see your wife’s text messages from your phone, even their deleted text chats. It is easy for mSpy to recover every deleted conversation of your wife and read from the web control panel. Mspy helps you to catch your cheated partner red-handed. Moreover, this app is not limited to reading chats; it also allows you to access call conversations, approach social media, and find their location without knowing them.

Mspy text message Dashboard

What’s more about Mspy?

Location tracker

This dynamic feature helps husbands find their wife’s real-time live location. It lets you show your wife’s route map and know where she is. With this, you can also check where your wife has moved in the last few days from the online dashboard.


With this popular feature of the mSpy app, you can create a mark on a map to set specific areas. For example, when your wife enters marked areas, you’ll be notified and checked when she leaves.

Messages and IM chat

MSpy allows you to access your wife’s text message chat. It helps you to read all send or receive messages from your wife’s device. Even you can read all social media text chats. It allows you to identify if something goes suspicious.

Contact list

You can view your wife’s contact list, see who’s in your wife’s contact, and check their contact details from the web control panel of mSpy. It lets you know the contact name, nickname, and every email detail.

Web browsing history

By accessing the online dashboard of the mSpy app, you can see your wife’s browsing history. It allows you to see links she visited and search history and bookmark pages. Even you can block any suspicious site from your child’s device.

Capture keystrokes

This application can capture key loggers from the targeted device. You can choose mSpy and see what your wife types using the keyboard. It lets you read text messages, emails, passwords, and anything she typed.

Live screen recording

An excellent feature that allows you to capture screen activities by recording. With this, you can record what your wife is doing on their cell phone. It helps you to see their phone activities in secret.

View multi; you can see every picture and video in your wife’s p from mspy’s dashboard. You are able to view all images and videos that are in your wife’s phone gallery. Even you are able to view all the media files she receives via social media apps.

Phone installed apps

This feature enables you to view all apps that your wife has on their cell phone. For example, you can see what she downloads via the Play Store. Plus, you are able to restrict her app access by remotely blocking the apps from their phone.

How to Read my wife’s test messages from Android and iPhone?

Now we’ll discuss how to read your wife’s messages with Android and iPhone devices. For example, if your wife has an Android phone, you can use a monitoring tool such as Flexispy to read all their message chats without knowing them.

With the use of Flexispy, you can read their messages and remotely block any unwanted contact from their device.

Before monitoring your wife’s cell phone, you have to follow the steps to accomplish the procedure.

Step no 1: Get a subscription and create an account

First, you have to learn how to check your wife’s text messages; you have to go to the official websites of the Flexispy app and get a subscription plan to create an account.

Step no 2: Install Flexispy on your wife’s Android phone

Now you are successfully subscribing to the package. Then take your wife’s cell phone into your hand without telling them. After taking the phone, install the app and activate it by setting it and making it invisible.

Step no 3: Read your wife’s messages

After completing the step, you must log in to the Flexispy online dashboard. From here, you can monitor your wife’s cell phone and read their exchanged text messages without them knowing.

Read wife’s text messages with iPhone

Like Android, iPhone monitoring is easy to use and reads the wife’s text messages from our devices. For this, you can use mSpy to link your iCloud account to check your wife’s text chats.

To track your wife’s text messages, you have to follow these steps that allow you to accomplish them.

Step no 1: Set up with mSpy account

Earlier, you can visit the official website of mSpy and create an account. You can select iPhone and choose the non-jailbreak version.

Step no 2: Link to iCloud account

Now you must ensure the iCloud backup option is enabled on your wife’s device. First, you have to sync to her iCloud account. Then, mSpy is set up and logs in to the same iCloud account linked to their device. And wait to sync the iCloud account and store data.

Step no 3: Read your wife’s text messages

Now you have completed the procedure, move to the final step. You can access the online dashboard of the mSpy app and read your wife’s text messages. And identify if she cheats on you. From the dashboard, you can read their conversation without them giving any clue.


After reading this post, you will know how to read your wife’s text messages and catch her red-handed if she cheats. Thus, the best way to access the mSpy and Flexispy apps and check your wife’s exchanged text chat without letting her know.


Should I read my wife’s text messages?

If you notice your wife didn’t allow you to touch her phone and you are suspicious about them. So, you can secretly read her text chat to ensure she is not cheating on you.

Is it wrong to read your wife’s text messages?

If -your relationship goes some problem because of your wife’s. So, you can read her messages and make them clear about any doubt in your relationship.

How to read my wife’s test messages for free?

You can access professional monitoring tools that offer free trials to monitor your wife’s cell phone and allow reading her text messages

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