How To View Someone’s Snapchat Story Without Them Knowing

Snapchat is a social media and instant messaging app that has gained popularity among users? It allows users to share media, express feelings, and explore what’s going on around their loved ones. This app has massive users due to its most attractive features and filters. Thus, Snapchat become the most demanding social media application around the world.

What is a Snapchat story?

Like other social media apps, Snapchat stories allow users to put photos and videos as reels. It will show to friends, family, and your close ones. It is displayed to the viewers for 24 hours. After that time, the story will disappear automatically.

View Someone’s Snapchat Story

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How can I see Snapchat stories without them knowing 2023?

View Someone’s Snapchat Story

There is a way to see someone’s Snapchat story without them knowing. But you have to focus on the specific method, including third-party applications that help view anyone’s stories. With this, you can check everything that happens on the targeted device. To know more, you have to read the below lines carefully, which help you to find the whole story.

View someone’s Snapchat story with the top 3 Third-party Apps

Now; we’ll discuss the best Monitoring apps that allow you to find someone’s Snapchat activities in secret. Here are the best apps with a detailed working capacity.

FlexiSpy is to view Someone’s, Snapchat Story

FlexiSpy view Someone's, Snapchat Story

FlexiSpy is the best monitoring and spying app that allows you to track Android and iPhone. It helps you to view anyone’s Snapchat activities without showing the app icon. This app has various features that help you to monitor other’s Snapchat activities by secret tracking. Users can see everything on the targeted Snapchat from the FlexiSpy online dashboard. Once you install it on a targeted device, you can secretly keep an eye on anyone’s social media app to see their activities. This includes Snapchat sending or receiving messages, Snapchat stories, shared files, and everything on the device.

The best thing is FlexiSpy is to use the app without knowing the targeted person. Once you need access to the device to accomplish the installation, you can unhide your loved one’s hidden activities.

Eyezy Helps you to View anyone’s Snapchat Easily

Eyezy Snapchat viewer

Don’t worry about what’s going on your loved one’s Snapchat. Now Eyezy comes in the market to unveil anyone’s social media activities. With this, you can view Snapchat messages, contacts, shared files, and stories. Even you can read the deleted chats without knowing the person.

After installing Eyezy, users can see their targeted personal activities with a secret tool. You have to install it on a targeted device and see everything going confidentially. Users have to gain access to the targeted device and get their activities done without being detected. But you must purchase a package and use its numerous beneficiary features.

uMobix Snapchat Story viewer

uMobix Snapchat Story viewer

uMobix is a powerful app that allows you to view someone’s Snapchat activities and see their stories in secret. This is high technology that helps you to hack others’ Snapchat and check for secret monitoring. It makes it easy to use with the one-time installation. Afterward, you can view other’s activities with an Android or iPhone device. You must install uMobix and use its features to view messages, stories, disappear chats, or shared photos and video files.

UMobix allows you to view personal sharing with friends and anyone else. Additionally, this will enable you to view anyone’s activities and block a few contents to stop inappropriate activities. Plus, you can monitor any Snapchat account from anywhere with a stable internet connection.

How to view Someone’s Snapchat story with these Simple Steps?

Enable Airplane Mode & Clear Cache

First, you have to launch Snapchat on your cell phone and open your account. Click on the stories feature on the home page and wait to load all your uploaded stories. Here ensure you do not press on the stories. The user immediately notifies if you view.

  • Once your account has loaded all the stories, then close it.
  • It’s time to turn off the device’s Wi-Fi or data connection and turn on Airplane mode.
  • Then you have to open the Snapchat account again and check the story.
  • Now you can easily watch all stories without knowing the user.
  • Keep in mind user view list will not show on your username if you see the stories in airplane mode. So, users will only know about watching stories with an internet connection.

The above mention strategy is authentic after testing and viewing anyone’s Snapchat story without knowing them. It only works when you are not turning on the internet as long as the story remains active. Users need to keep their internet connection off to ensure they do not know about viewing Snapchat stories. The best and easy way to see the other Snapchat stories is when the user is about to remove their disappear. When your user uploads the story, wait 24 hours and try the mentioned method. Once the period ends, you can turn off the airplane mode and reconnect the internet.

Clear cache

There is another way if you want to avoid being part of a data connection for a long time. You must open the account and connect the data for some time to let all the stories load. After that, you can turn on airplane mode within minutes or see the story you want without their knowledge. At the same, you have been recorded but not sent to the server; you are already connected to the internet. When you return online, it will send to the server, and the other can view your story. To avoid this, you have to stay in airplane mode and turn to close the Snapchat account.

For Android

For Android, you have to make changes in settings.

  • Go to setting
  • Install the Snapchat app
  • Select account.

Now you can view the clear cache and data option at the bottom and press on it. Now your app cache is gone, and you’re recorded see. Then you can turn off the airplane mode to use the internet connection.

For iPhone

To use for iPhone, clear the app cache that you need to uninstall from the phone. Then, this will remove all application data from your device. Now you can install the app from the Apple store and continue to use the app.

Use Snapchat Discover Feature

The Snapchat account discover option is another method to see anyone’s Snapchat story without knowing the targeted person. To understand this, you have to follow the steps.

  • Open a Snapchat account
  • Click on the left to enter Snapchat Discover
  • Now scroll through the app you find the story you’re looking for
  • See the story once you find the account and others’ profiles
  • You may share it with your friends and anyone’s

Create Another Snapchat Account

If you try the above methods that don’t work, consider a separate Snapchat account. This is the most accessible and safe to see any Snapchat story without turning off your internet or using another’s cell phone. I want to inform you, this method has some issues like you are supposed to convince the other to accept your friend request from the new account.

  • Now create a second Snapchat account with a different name
  • Post stories to ensure your account is authentic
  • If the other person accepts your friend request, then this method works

View someone’s Snapchat stories Anonymously

Here is how you and the targeted person can have mutual friends. For example, if you find a friend following your targeted Snapchat app, you can view the user’s stories anonymously using their account. 

  • You have a friend whose also a friend on the targeted person’s Snapchat
  • You have to be near your willing to give their cell phone
  • This method maintains your anonymity and views someone’s Snapchat story


View Snapchat story is easy after reading this write-up. Users get access to different methods, including third-party applications. I hope you’ll get the information to help you in future investigations.


Can you view a Snapchat story without being friends?

Snapchat features allow you to see someone’s story without being a friend of the person. The others put their story to the public; you can quickly view them. Searching the public stories enable you to grab your intentions.

Can I screenshot a Snapchat story without knowing?

Now you can take screenshots of anyone’s Snapchat story without knowing them. Instead, users must install a third-party spy application to see others’ stories secretly and capture screenshots without being detected.

Does airplane mode work on Snapchat?

Yes, the above method helps you to view the Snapchat story in airplane mode.

Can you see how many times someone looks at your story?

You can see how many people see your time by putting public and private stories. Snapchat does notify you when others see your story. So, you can only see contacts who saw your story.

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