How Can I See Everything on my Child’s Phone

In today’s world, cell phone has become an essential part of life. Parents think kids are safe on the internet. However, there are many security loopholes like cyberbullying, harassment, and predators. Or they may expose adult content that is the cause of online threats and need to investigate for their protection. Thus, it is advised for parents to see everything on their kids’ phones. But how can you see? Relax! In this article, we have authentic information to check kids’ cell phone activities without knowing them.

Why Should Parents Check Everything on Kids’ Cell Phones?

Umobix kids monitoring

Here are a lot of reasons to monitor kids’ cell phones. It might be major or minor causes to see what’s happening with kids’ devices. Parents give cell phones to accomplish the need for time. But technology has pros and cons that affect a kid’s healthy upbringing. Some significant causes develop the need to check their kids’ cell phones.

  • Parents should know every ongoing activity of children.
  • Parents can restrict the devices used to control their phone addiction
  • They can set rules and limits to protect from online dangers
  • They can set bedtime and food time to manage kids’ healthy routines.
  • Parents can monitor internet activities to restrict inappropriate web watching.
  • With the help of proper monitoring, you can know everything and stop cyber crimes on time.

How Can I See Everything on My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

Use the legitimate method to see your kids’ activities on their cell phones. Parents can control their kids’ activities to protect them by watching their online activities with the help of parental monitoring tools. But you must install a parental control app that helps you check everything on your kid’s devices. This is one of the excellent methods that allow you to unveil your children’s Android and iOS phones.

Here are the best ways to see what’s going on with your child’s phone and use it for their safety.

Use Parental Control Application Tools to See Everything on Kids’ Phones.

We recommend the best parental control apps, Such as Eyezy and UMobix.

Eyezy Child Monitoring

Eyezy has incredible features and the best support system in the market. It helps you to track Android and iOS devices. This is a feature-rich app to follow anyone’s widgets secretly. Eyezy is working on the background mode on targeted machines. Parents can check their kids’ phone activities after installing the Eyezy app.

UMobix kids Tracker

UMobix is an alternative solution for all worried parents. But it needs to know the monitoring features to track every bit of performed activity. UMobix works on both Android and iOS devices. It helps every parent remotely access their kids’ phones and see what is happening. They can see text messages, calls, social media performance, live locations, etc. Once you get a UMobix license, you can track and safeguard your kids.

Get Kid’s Phone Activities to See What Child is Doing on Android / iPhone.

You can get access to your kids’ phones and check their activities, such as:

Location tracker

Parents’ concern is about their kids when they go outside alone and with their friends. They worried that they were safe or not. So, our monitoring apps Eyezy & UMobix help you to track your kids’ live location in real-time and view from the online dashboard. It also helps you to see their one-week location history report.

Set geo-fence

As you know, location tracking is easy with a GPS tracker. But our monitoring tool introduces a geo-fencing feature to measure their kids’ safety. It helps you to set restrictions on forbidden areas. It notifies you when a person enters and leaves a specific location.

Read messages

Now parents can check all sent or received messages on their kids’ phones. You can read their text and identify if anything goes wrong.

Listen to calls and contact detail

Parents can listen to incoming and outgoing calls on their child’s phone. This enables you to record their calls and listen to them later. It allows you to track call details, who they call, and how long they call.

Social media monitoring

Social media is a platform that allows connecting with everyone. Our monitoring tools help you to track social media activities. With this, you can check their chats, calls, shared media files, and everything. For example, you can follow WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and other apps.

See browsing history

This dynamic feature allows you to see the internet activity of your kids. You can browse history from time to time. Even you can check websites and see if they expose inappropriate web.

Record conversation

If your child attends suspicious calls, you can record and listen. It helps you record your child’s conversations and listen to them later. With this, you can block abuse, blackmail, and trapping calls.

Listen to phone surroundings:

You can listen to the phone surrounding your child. Our monitoring tools help you to hack Mic telephone and listen to background voices without them knowing.

Record phone screen

Our monitoring features help you capture screenshots and record phone screen activities secretly. You can check what your child is doing and make a screen recording without giving any clue.

How Can I Monitor My Kid’s Android/iPhone With the Help of Third Party Apps?

You have to follow the setup method to see kids’ phone activities on Android and iOS devices. Then you are able to view everything on the targeted device.

  • Subscribe to the package by visiting the official website of Eyezy and the UMobix app.
  • Receive the credentials used to log in to the web control panel
  • Take your kids’ device into your hand and install your targeted app by setting on invisible mode
  • Then, log in to the web control panel by using the credentials. Here you can check every live and recorded activity of your child’s Android and iOS device.


This post has complete information to check your kids’ phone activities. With their built-in features, you can use Eyezy and Umobix to monitor your child secretly. Once you get the license, you can remotely monitor and protect your child’s activities. 


How can I see everything on my child’s phone for free?

You can approach the ikeymoitor app to track your kids’ online activities from their cell phones. It helps you to track your child’s phone activities in secret.

How can I monitor my child’s iPhone from my Android?

Eyezy and UMobix is the best parental control app that allows you to track your kids’ Android phones with a one-time installation.

Can you restrict what children can look at on their phones?

You can track your child’s inappropriate activities from your child’s device. However, our monitoring tool helps block unwanted action from your child’s device.

Can you listen through your child’s phone?

You can listen to your child’s phone surroundings. Monitoring tools allow you to hack anyone’s phone Mic and listen to background voices without knowing the person.

Can I see my kids’ phone screens?

You can use the screen recording features to see your kids’ phone screen. It also allows you to record and view screen activities from the app’s online dashboard.

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