How to Spy on Android | 6 Best Spy Apps for Android 2024

The best Android and iPhone spy apps make it possible for every user to track the targeted devices. No matter what you’re using for your kids’ digital safety or to ensure employees’ activities at the workplace, use it for your personal device safety.

Flexispy android spying

Therefore, we’ve come up with the most unique and valuable android tracking software. We tested all good apps and listed their qualities and services. Read the below lines and come to know the best spy apps for Android with features, pros, cons, and pricing. Then it’s up to you which you choose as per your need.

How to Spy on Android Phone Remotely 

Android spy app works on targeted devices after installation. When you install the app on a targeted device by getting physical access to the device, then this app works on the background mode of the device. This enables you to track their activities from the app’s online dashboard. With this, you can remotely check their performed activities and make changes on targeted phones, like blocking inappropriate apps and the web for their safety.

Top 6 Ranked Android Spy Apps Reviewed

Now you’ll come to know the most amazing and the best Android tracker app that helps you to find your loved one’s online activities without knowing them.

1. UMobix Best Spy App for Android Devices with Fully Loaded Features.

2. FlexiSpyIt has Amazing Features But its Screen Recording is one of great.

3. mSpy Gain Popularity by Browsing History Features Among Parents.

4. Eyezy The Best Screen and Call Recording Features.

5. Spyic – Find the Real-time GPS Location with Spyic Without Any Delay.

6. Cocospy – Set Virtual Boundaries on your Loved One’s Map.

1. Umobix Android- Best Spying App for Android Devices

Umobix Android- Best Spying app for Android devices

UMobix is one of the best Android tracking software with a user-friendly interface. This app allows a wide range of features that help parents, employees, and partners This enables you to remotely listen to the phone’s surroundings and record the voice conversation without anyone’s knowledge. It is fantastic to get keyloggers from targeted devices to know what they type on their device, including passwords, messages, web searches, and everything they typed. With uMobix, you can secure your kids from digital dangers by keeping a secret eye on them.

Further, it provides a feature to manage employees’ activities at the workplace. This allows you to make screen recordings to view what the person is doing and get to know everything about their activity. This will enable you to check device messages, listen to calls, do web browsing activities, and more.

UMobix Key Aspects

Free trialMoney back guaranteeSupported devicesMinimum price
No14 days01$49.99

UMobix Features

Pros & Cons           
Easy to use There is no feature for Snapchat screen recording
Best keylogger feature
Amazing surround recorder
UMobix Pricing

Umobix offers different price plans that help you secretly track your loved ones’ online activities.

01 month03 months12 months
Umobix android Pricing

2. FlexiSpy Android-  Unlimited Features for Android Spy Software

FlexiSpy Android-  Unlimited Features for Android Spy software

Flexispy is an application that has gained popularity with the best feature list. It is the perfect solution for all who want to monitor online conversations over a targeted Android device. With this software, you can track the device to read text conversations, listen to ambiance, and check camera activities.

Moreover, it enables you to keep an eye on screen activities and record live performances by keeping a close eye on them. This is an incredible app that ensures your kids’ online safety by installing the FlexiSpy app. This enables you to keep an eye on your loved ones when you’re not physically present. The location tracker feature allows you to check your loved one’s live location and get previous location history. Moreover, this helps you to find the call logs with date and timestamps.

FlexiSpy never disappoints you while you check the web browsing history of your targeted person. One of the best things about that it provides a keylogger that helps you to get a device password without knowing it. With this, you can easily track kids’ browsing details and block unwanted apps and websites for their protection. So, Flexispy provides you full control of your kids and employes digital devices to secure them from digital dangers.

Flexispy Key Aspects

Free trialMoney back guaranteeSupported devicesMinimum price
No14 days01$29.99

FlexiSpy Features

  • Track the device’s live location
  • Capture keystrokes Logger
  • It enables you to find the social media performance
  • See web browsing history
  • Record call conversation
Pros & Cons
It can remotely activate the device cameraA little bit high price
Best ever Screen Recorder
A little bit of a high price
 Spoof SMS feature
FlexiSpy Pricing

FlexiSpy offers different price packages that help everyone subscribe to it

FlexiSpy android Pricing

3. MSpy Android- The Best Option for Parental Control Solution

MSpy Android- The Best Option for Parental Control Solution

Mspy is best for the kids’ protection. It allows you to keep an eye on your kids and employees for digital protection. It is designed with wonderful techniques to spy on targeted devices and check their live performances secretly. It provides a wide range of monitoring and tracking features that help users to see other online activities. It allows you to view the other full activities in secret. With this, you can check their performances and find everything in secret. It gives access to social media activities, including chats, shared media, and audio-video calls.

With mSpy, you can check the targeted person’s device’s whereabouts with date and time. It helps you to see the exact location and set geo-fence. This provides features to block your kids’ access to adult websites and apps by block feature. Plus, this lets you know about device-saved data like photos, videos, and more.

Mspy Key Aspects

Free trialMoney back guaranteeSupported devicesMinimum price
No14 days01$48.99

Mspy Features

  • It provides text messages and call log features
  • It enables you to find the phone’s real-time location
  • Offer browsing history
  • Blocking inappropriate websites and apps
  • It allows you to find device gallery data
Pros & Cons
It provides 24/7 customer support Spoof SMS feature is not available
It is easy to use and installed
It’s worth it for kids’ safety
MSpy Pricing

Mspy has different price plans that suit your budget and needs. Let’s read the below to know its packages.

01 month03 months12 months
MSpy android Pricing

4. Eyezy Android-  Protect kids and Caught Cheated Spouse

Eyezy Android-  Protect kids and Caught Cheated Spouse

EyeZy is suitable for Android monitoring app. It provides an opportunity to keep track of kids closely and your partner and check employees’ activities as well. However, it has gained popularity due to its unique features and services. It offers impressive features to secure your loved ones from online dangers.

By using Eyezy, you can check its features and gain access to a targeted person’s social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Line, Viber, Kik, Snapchat, and more. Plus, it lets you get deep insight into social media performances by secret tracking. Further, it enables you to listen to someone’s private conversation via call tracking. With this, you can track their physical movements and know about their location. Moreover, you can set online boundaries on targeted maps and get alerts when they enter and leave those areas. It is safe to check your kids and employees’ activities.

Without any doubt, it allows you to prevent employees from wasting time and protect kids from digital threats. You can keep a complete eye on the targeted person by logging in to the eyeZy web control panel.

Eyezy Key Aspects

Free trialMoney back guaranteeSupported devicesMinimum price
Yes14 days01$47.99

Eyezy Features

  • Track live location
  • Read text and social media messages
  • Listen call conversation
  • Record live screen activities
Pros & Cons
Most affordable app Delay in using Google account
With a lot of features
Easy installation
Eyezy Pricing

EyeZy has different price plans for one month, three months, and a year price plans which are below:

01 month03 months12 months
Eyezy Pricing android

5. Spyic Android-  Amazing Choice for Employers

Spyic Android-  Amazing choice for Employers

Spyic is one of Android devices’ most powerful monitoring and tracking apps. It comes in the market to serve you with a plethora of unique features. It gives you a better understanding of targeted device activity. By installing this, you can invisibly spy on targeted Android phones to track their messages, call logs, social media chats, live GPS location, and more. Moreover, this app lets you record the calls and listen to their conversation later. While monitoring, the Spyic ensures your targeted person doesn’t know about being monitored.

With this, you can track their online actions with date and timestamp. And then, you can get the data from the app’s online dashboard and come to know about that person’s cell phone activities.

This application makes it easy for parents to gain access to their kids’ activities to protect them and give business safety by secret monitoring. Plus, you can really check your husband/boyfriend’s cell phone activities. Spyic stands out because it monitors up to 5 devices at once. This makes it exceptional and the best choice for everyone looking for an app for several devices within one purchase.

Spyic Key Aspects

Free trialMoney back guaranteeSupported devicesMinimum price
Yes14 days01 Device  $49.99

 Spyic Features

  • Restrict access to inappropriate websites
  • View text messages and track calls
  • Find social media activities in secret
  • Track the live location of the targeted device
Pros & Cons
Easy to Use app dashboard   It didn’t offer Kik and Line Spy
24/7 customer Support available
It gives you real-time secret activity monitoring
It allows you to capture keystrokes
Spyic Pricing

Spyic  provides three different price plans with the same features as other devices, which are mentioned below:

1 Month3 Months12 Months
Spyic android Pricing

6. Cocospy Android- Best Android Spying Software

Cocospy Android- Best Android Spying Software

If you are looking for a tool to catch a cheating partner, Cocospy is the perfect choice. This app serves you with the most amazing and unique features that allow you to check your targeted person’s online activities without knowing them. Plus, installing on your targeted devices takes a few minutes, which is one of the good options.

This comes with features allowing you to track the device contact and call logs and read all text conversations from a mile away. Even you can take screenshots of their private messages. If your targeted person tells a lie and meets with someone, you can check their real-time location in secret. And it provides you with the device password by capturing keystrokes. Moreover, this lets you view their social media performance, such as chats, audio-video calls, shared multimedia, and more. So, this is a fantastic opportunity to catch your cheated spouse red-handed.

Cocospy Key Aspects

Free trialMoney back guaranteeSupported devicesMinimum price
No14 days01 device$49.99

Cocospy Features

  • It enables you to record screen activities
  • Track social media performance
  • Find real-time location
  • Monitor text messages and calls
  • Check contact list
Pros & Cons
It didn’t require rooted devices Limited features for social media
It is easy to install It didn’t offer a geo-fencing feature
It is easy to install It didn’t have any blocking feature
CocoSpy Pricing

Cocospy  offers different price packages for secret monitoring, but you have to choose any of them:

01 month03 months12 months
CocoSpy Pricing android

Comparison| Best Spy Apps for Android 2024

Android spy AppsFree trialNo. of devicesMoney back guaranteeMinimum price
UMobixNo0114 days$49.99
FlexiSpy-Yes0114 days$29.99
MspyYes0114 days$48.99
EyezyYes0114 days$47.99
Spyic  No0114 days$49.99
CocoSpyNo0114 days$25.49

Why Need to Spy on Someone’s Android Phone?

All of you can use the Android spy app for the digital well-being of your loved ones. But it Maily used by:


Parents are worried about their kids and want to give a digitally safe environment. Installing an Android monitoring tool to keep tabs on children’s online activities is possible.


Business owners’ safe cyber-attacks and outsider threats. So, the Android tracker app allows employers to track the company’s Android devices to prevent data breaches and other online threats.


If you lost or stolen your phone, don’t worry. Now you have to check your stolen phone’s real-time live location via the Android tracker app. Plus, it allows you to get data backup from the app’s online dashboard.


If your partner is constantly busy with their phone, something seems to need to be fixed. So, you can check their phone activities remotely without knowing them and catch them red-handed.

No matter the reason, you can subscribe to the Android monitoring app and check your loved ones’ online activities and arms to protect them from online dangers.

How do Spy App for Android Work?

Android spy app works after being installed on the targeted device. Once you install it, it works in the background mode on your targeted phone. Then, it enables you to collect and upload all data on the web control panel, where you can access and check. But it is necessary to install the app.

After being installed, you can find their live location, messages, social media activities, web browsing, and even record ambiance without knowing the person.

Is Root an Android Phone Required Before Installing Spy Apps?

It depends on the app that you choose for secret monitoring. Some apps required rooting their targeted Android phone to install the app, but at the same, some apps didn’t need any changes to be installed and monitored like FlexiSpy, mSpy, uMobix, and Eyezy.

Difference Between Free and Paid Android Spy Apps

Free and paid spy apps for Android are available. But it’s best to choose the paid solution that gives you authentic monitoring and tracking results compared to the free one. The paid apps provide full data security and never waste your money and time. While using the paid version, your targeted person didn’t know they were being monitored. But free apps are just a waste of time and can hurt your device data. And it didn’t work in stealth mode. So, you must choose only an authentic solution as a paid Android monitoring software.

How to Install Spy App for Android Without Access to Target Phone

There is an easy way to install the app on targeted devices. For this, you must follow the installation guide that allows you to monitor Android devices secretly.

Visit the Official Website

First, you have to visit the official website of the FlexiSpy app and get details about the app.

To Subscribe App

Now you have to subscribe to the package for Android spying

Get Credentials

Now open your email and get credentials to log into the online dashboard

Take the Phone

Now take the phone into your hand and install the FlexiSpy android tracker app without rooting the device

Login to FlexiSpy Online Dashboard

Now use the credentials and log in to the FlexiSpy online dashboard to

Get Monitored Data

Now, view all the monitored data from the targeted device in secret.

FAQs | Best Spy Apps for Android Without Access to Target Phone

Is it Legal to Use Spy Apps for Android?

Android spy apps are legal when you use them for kids’ protection and business safety.

Need Physical Access to Target Android Phones?

Yes, you need physical access to install the Android tracker app on the targeted device. Without physical access, you can’t be able to install it.

Who is the king of Android Spy Apps in Features?

FlexiSpy and mSpy are the kings of Android spy apps with their amazing features and easy user interface.

Is a Free Trial Available?

FlexiSpy, mSpy, and eyeZy allow a free trial for users.

Is the Android Spy App Safe?

Yes, android spy apps are safe to use. This is because it allows you to protect your kids, catch your spouse, and keep an eye on employees.

What is the Cheapest Spy App?

Eyezy and FlexiSpy spy apps are the cheapest to use.

How to Find Hidden Spy Apps on Android?

To find the hidden spy app on Android, you need to check the device’s suspicious apps and note the device behaviors like sudden battery consumption and data usage.

Is the Android Accessibility Suite a Spy App?

Accessibility Suite for Android is not a spy app. It is a collection of apps and services that help people with disabilities use their Android devices more easily and effectively. Android Accessibility Suite is developed by Google and is available on the Google Play Store. It does not secretly monitor or record your activity, but it does collect some information about you to provide its features and improve its performance. You can review and change your privacy settings in the app or on your device. You can also uninstall or disable the app if you do not want to use it.

Conclusion | Best Spy Apps for Android 2024

Android spy apps have become indispensable tools for safeguarding loved ones, ensuring employee productivity, and protecting personal privacy. The options we’ve explored, including mSpy and FlexiSpy, offer a range of features to cater to your specific monitoring requirements.

When choosing the best Android monitoring software for your needs, consider factors such as compatibility, features, ease of use, and customer support. With the right spy app at your disposal, you can gain insight into Android device activities and ensure a safer and more secure digital experience for yourself and your loved ones.

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