How to Spy on Someone’s Kik / 5 Advanced Kik Spy Apps

Kik is a social messenger app that earned popularity due to its user-friendly interface and solitude features. It provides the freedom to talk with anyone and contact another user, but do you know whom your loved ones are chatting with online? While it respects user privacy, there’s a method to determine if someone is chatting with another user on Kik.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll examine if a Kik user is talking with someone else and provide you with four methods to consider. Let’s dip in! here is the best application which is mentioned after test and deep research. You’ll know after reading this entire information.

Methods to Spy on Kik

Here is the best application that allows you to track the devices and find their online behaviors on Kik. After reading all, you can choose any of them according to your choice and needs. Remember, all is best.

1- FlexiSpy- Fantastic software that offers a wide range of features to detect and support any suspicious activities

2- Mspy– Monitoring applications with millions of satisfied customers, and helpful for all parents to find their kids’ activities.

3- UMobix- A practical and reliable tracking solution that allows you to find Kik activities like messages, media usage, and location.

4- Eyezy- One of the trustworthy apps that provides different and unique features to check all online activities secretly

5- ikeyMonitor- A versatile app that helps you read Kik conversations, track their activities, and restrict screen time.

Best Applications to Unveil Kik Activities

The best applications have been mentioned to Spy on someone’s Kik account. No worries! If you are a parent and your kids spend a lot of time on social media, especially Kik. If you want to ensure their safety. so, choose the best Kik spy apps to monitor them secretly. Not only for kids, but you can also check your partner’s Kik app and your employees. The apps will show you messages, call logs, shared media files, and more.

In the below section, you’ll learn about the details of the best Kik tracker app. Let’s read it.

1. FlexiSpy Kik Spy App

FlexiSpy Kik Spy App

FlexiSpy is excellent monitoring software that is the first priority of many parents. It helps you to keep your child safe and protected from any online danger. You can install it to spy on someone’s Kik Messenger account without worry. It will be safe and provide you with the best tracking result while using it.

It has a variety of features like call logs, messages monitoring, viewing browsing history, and checking and recording screen live activities. And you’ll able to block any suspicious app from the targeted device.

Moreover, it lets you know about social media monitoring and view their connections without giving any clue. And if your loved ones face trouble while using IMs, it detects earlier and supports you in securing them.

Device compatibility

FlexiSpy offers monitoring and tracking features for all Android OS 4.0.3 to 13 and iOS 9.1 to 16. You can use this app for the latest devices.

It records live phone callsProvide a real-time GPS location Tracker
Compatible with Android, iPhone, Windows, MacIt required rooting and jailbreak
Provide a real-time GPS location tracker 


FlexiSpy offers different price plans for monitoring and tracking. You can choose lite for $29, premium$79 and extreme for $ 119.

Flexispy plan for pricing package

The Set-up Procedure

Here are a few steps that allow you to track the devices. Read and follow these steps to accomplish the installation procedure.

Purchase license

First, you have to get the license by visiting the official website

Activate on the targeted device

Then you have to install the app on your targeted phone for secret monitoring.

All data get captured

Now the device data is automatically captured. You can read text messages, call logs, and location, and view the Kik screen.

Data goes to the FlexiSpy server

Now all monitored data is transferred to the FlexiSpy online dashboard.

View via the web control panel

Now you are able to view all the data from the FlexiSpy online dashboard

2. Mspy Kik Tracker

Mspy Kik Tracker

One of the best is MSpy, that use to track someone’s Kik account. it is monitoring and tracking features that help you in finding what your kids are doing online. when you install it on your targeted device, it automatically transfers your targeted device data to the web control panel, where you can easily see it.

With the help of this, you can remotely see your targeted person’s device Kik data and get to know about their activities. Mspy stands with its unique features like SMS spy, call logs, calendar, and more. It enables you to see the usage time of a targeted person on a particular app.

Even it can help you find the real-time location of your targeted person and learn about their previous movements. Mspy offers you a variety of features to spy on someone’s Kik account. Through this, you can view the Kik screen and restrict your child’s time on any app without knowing. So, this application is dedicated to parents for their children’s digital well-being.

Device compatibility

Mspy enables you to monitor your targeted Android and iOS devices. it supports their all-latest versions without any hassle.

Not used for desktopNot use for desktop
Accessible to spy on someone’s Kik accountLittle bit expensive
Multiple tracking features 
Easy interface 


To subscribe to Mspy, you have to know their subscription packages. It offers different price packages. It costs $49 for one month, and it charges $84 for three months, and it pays $140 for one year. You can find their pricing and make a subscription by visiting the Mspy official website.

Choose Mspy pricing plans

The set-up Procedure

Here is a simple method that helps you install Mspy and make it easy to use for further inquiries.

Get plan

First, get a subscription plan by visiting the Mspy official website. 

Download on the targeted device

Then move forward; in this step- you have to install the app on your targeted device and set it up for secret monitoring. 

Start Monitoring

After successfully installing the app, you can log in to the Mspy online dashboard and see the monitoring and tracking results. Once you log in, you can secretly see and remotely control all their activities. 

3. Spy on Kik Through UMobix

Spy on Kik Through UMobix

Another of the best tools is uMobix. It helps you to find the Kik activities from the targeted ones. After testing kik spy uMobix, we can confidently tell you its services and excellent work. It’s always at the top of user choices because of parental control features.

To take advantage of uMobix, install it on the targeted device and secretly see all their activities. Once installed, you can see messages, call logs, locations, screen recordings, and more. It is impressive for tracking and monitoring without knowing the targeted person. While using this, you’ll learn everything about its frequent monitoring facilities. Once installed, it helps you protect your children from online dangers and secure them secretly. 

Device compatibility

UMobix is working for the Android OS 4+ to 13 and all iOS devices for Secret operation and unveils Kik activities in secret.

User-friendly interfaceIt didn’t allow for Screen recording
Customize reportingA single subscription could be used for multiple devices
Cheap and affordable price plansNo free plans 
24/7 customer support assistance 


UMobix offers the same paid subscription plans for all its users. But you can choose separate plans for Android and iOS devices. For Android and iOS, it costs $50 for one month, $90 for three months, and it charges $150 for one year.

Umobix pricing packages

The set-up Procedure

Now you will know how to get started with uMobix. It’s a straightforward way to use and download on your targeted device.

Login to account

The first step is to log in to the uMobix account after subscribing to the package.

Select the device

Now you’ve to select the device you want to install the app user can install it on Android and iOS devices.

Install the app

Now take the device to install the application on it.

View the activities via an online dashboard

Now an online dashboard will appear for you, where you can see all the online activities of your targeted person. Here you can see their messages, calls, and everything that seems on Kik.

4. Eyezy Kik Monitoring App

Eyezy Kik Monitoring App

EyeZy is a renowned name in the spy market. It has gained popularity due to its fantastic monitoring and tracking quality and providing authentic results. This monitoring application permits you to protect your children by shelter from online threats. So, EyeZy offers a feature list to help you with secret monitoring. It allows you to install and remotely control your loved one’s devices.

This software lets you see Kik messages, calls, multimedia files, and more. It’s always support to worry parents and employers. If you use this, it provides frequent results by subscribing to this monitoring tool. It has a lot to track and secure from getting into any trouble. EyeZy is very useful in online protection and gives you excellent monitoring for kids and protects business secrets.

Moreover, it has a wide range of social media monitoring. It means you can see every Kik activity of your targeted person without being detected.

Device compatibility

Eyezy helps you to monitor Android and iOS devices in secret. You can easily install both devices without any worries.

It allows you to monitor most social media platformsIt never enables you to use a single package for multiple devices  
It works in hidden and undetectable mode 
it’s easy to install and use 


You can choose EyeZy by following the different price packages. It costs $38 for one month, $66 for 3 months, and the yearly plan is $95.

Eyezy Prices

The set-up Procedure

In the below lines, you’ll learn how to install Eyezy on your targeted device. Once you install it, you can detect any activity from your targeted device. 

Download installation file

In the first step, you have to visit the website and subscribe to get the installation file. 

Install on the device

Now install the application on your targeted device by providing information.

Login to the eyeZy account

Now users can log in to the Eyezy account from anywhere and anytime to see the monitored activities.

5. Ikeymonitor to track Kik conversation

Ikeymonitor to Track kik conversation

Let’s try another fantastic app known as ikeymonitor. As same the previous apps, it’s also considered the best one. This is the last app in our article, but not least. This monitoring application allows you to spy on targeted devices, track their text messages, contact details, and browsing history, and monitor everything on the targeted device screen.

Using ikeymonitor, you can find anything from the targeted device and see what’s happening in your loved one’s online life. It helps you to monitor and control targeted devices with secret techniques. This enables you to restrict phone screen time and control inappropriate app usage by secret monitoring.

It helps ensure your kids are safe and secure in their online life. I suggest you all pay for this monitoring tool and protect your kids as much as possible.

Device compatibility

Ikeymonitor is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It can support iOS 9. x to 14. x and work on Android OS 2.3 to OS 13.

It has a list of wide monitoring featuresThere are a few features available for iOS devices.
It is a discreet and tamper-proof appIt has a friendly interface
It has a list of comprehensive monitoring features 
Free Trial Available 


Ikeymonitor provides business and family plans for all its users. So, you can choose a family plan for $ 16.66 and a business plan for $ 9.90. It’s up to which plan you select to spy on someone’s Kik Messenger app.

Ikeymonitor free trail and prices plans

The set-up Procedure

Now read this installation procedure that help you to use the ikeymonitor app for secret monitoring. 

Sing up for a free account

First, you must download the app for free via the ikeymonitor app.

Download and install

Now login to the iCloud account from the app to capture the data from the targeted device.

View data from the web panel

Now you can secretly view all monitored data from the targeted device.

The comparison of all the apps as mentioned earlier

Apps namesFree trialMonthly packageMoney back guaranteeSupported devicesRating
MspyDemo$26.9914 daysAndroid +iOS9/10
FlexiSpyDemo$2914 daysAndroid +iOS9.5/10
uMobixDemo$29.9914 daysAndroid +iOS9/10
EyezyDemo$47.9914 daysAndroid +iOS9/10
IkeymonitorAvailable$16.6614 daysAndroid +iOS8/10


Parents are worried about their kids and want to protect themselves from any online danger and stay protected. So, there is a dire need to monitor their activities and social media performance. No matter which kid uses a social media platform, you must log in with Mspy, FlexiSpy, uMobix, eyeZy, and ikeymonitor. With the help of these apps, you can easily protect your loved ones’ activities and protect them. Moreover, these applications are great for Kik monitoring. So, subscribe to any of them and check what your targeted person is doing secretly. But we suggest you choose FlexiSpy because of its tremendous and flawless monitoring power.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kik spy app?

The Kik spy app is an application that helps all users monitor someone’s Kik account. It lets you know about Kik messages, call logs, shared media files, and everything that happened on targeted Kik. With the help of this monitoring tool, users can secretly unveil someone’s Kik activities.

Can you spy on someone’s Kik?

Yes, you can spy on someone’s Kik account with the help of monitoring tools. You can use FlexiSpy and Mspy to spy on Kik.

Is it legal to Spy on Someone’s Kik?

It is legal regarding your kids’ online protection and secure business secrets. So, the Kik spy app is not forbidden for concerned employers and worried parents.

Do these spy apps work in stealth mode?

Yes, reputable spy apps are designed to operate in stealth mode, ensuring the target user remains unaware of the monitoring activity.

Can I monitor Kik’s messages remotely?

Yes, once the spy app is installed on the target device, you can monitor Kik messages remotely through a web-based dashboard.

Do I need to root or jailbreak the target device?

Many modern spy apps, such as FlexiSpy and MSpy, do not require rooting or jailbreaking the device for Kik message monitoring.

Can Kik Tracker Apps Track Deleted Messages?

Certain advanced Kik tracker apps can recover and display deleted messages from Kik conversations. This feature provides a comprehensive view of the interactions that have taken place.

Are these spy apps detectable?

High-quality spy apps operate discreetly and are designed to be undetectable, ensuring that the target user remains unaware.

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