Glassagram Review 2024: Is It a Good Choice for You?

Are you intrigued by the idea to peek into someone’s Instagram profile? Do you find yourself drawn to someone but hesitant to reveal your feelings? Are you curious about your ex? Are you eager to uncover your competitors’ strategies? 

Gone are the days of hiring detectives and espionage agents. Today, with various tracking tools for Instagram monitoring, revealing essential data has become as easy as 2×2. Meet Glassagram – a web-based platform that lets you anonymously spy on anyone’s Instagram profile without leaving a trace. 

So, what is Glassagram? How does it work? And why do many people consider it the best Instagram viewer in 2024? We will discuss these and other vital points in this unbiased Glassagram and uMobix review.

What Is Glassagram?

What Is Glassagram

Glassagram is an anonymous Insta viewer app that allows users to hiddenly watch other people’s stories, reels, posts, comments, likes, tagged locations, and photos without worrying that the target person will catch their activity. This app is compatible with iOS and Android devices and literally any other device since it’s web-based.

What sets Glassagram apart is its unique “hot likes” feature. Are you familiar with the feeling when you like someone and find yourself scrolling through their posts, liking pictures from the beginning? With a Glassagram profile viewer, you can discover who engages in this behavior on your target account. 

How Does Glassagram Work?

How Does Glassagram Work

As mentioned, Glassagram operates as a web-based tool, eliminating the need for installation before use. Here’s a brief guide on how to get started with Glassagram:

1. Visit

2. Click “Watch Now”.

3. Choose the type of Instagram account you want to monitor. There are 3 options to choose provided: “Open”, “Private”, or “Decide later”.

4. Click “Next”. 

5. Enter the target person’s IG username or copy the URL to their profile page. 

 Enter the target person's IG username or copy the URL to their profile page. 

6. Confirm your actions by clicking “Watch @…”.

7. Create your account or sign up with a Google account. You can proceed with the registration process by clicking “Sign

Create your account or sign up with a Google account. You can proceed with the registration process by clicking "Sign

8. You will be taken to a pricing page, where you can purchase one of the plans that differ only by duration.

9. After this, a Glassagram will send you login credentials, and after signing in, you will have to wait while it scans the profile for you and lands the results on the dashboard.

10. Go to your Glassagram account and see the Instagram profile without the target person realizing it.

Note: Private IG profile viewing may take up to 7 days, while access to public account content will be provided within 24 hours. 

What Will You Get?

Once you have successfully logged into your userspace, you will be able to see your target’s Instagram stories and published content that they have shared with their audience without raising any suspicions about your activities. Simply choose a video or photo you wish to see and open it on a larger screen. While the app has no dedicated download button, you can still download videos or posts by tapping them long if desired.

Glassagram isn’t limited to tracking only public Instagram accounts. It also supports monitoring private profiles with ease. Whether you’ve been blocked, faced restrictions, or had your follow request denied, Glassagram provides access to the Instagram profile you’re interested in. No Instagram account on your own? No worries! All you need is the target’s username or the link to their IG profile to obtain the desired information.

Features of Glasagram Profile Viewer 

Features of Glasagram Profile Viewer 

Glassagram is a handy tool, offering users a discreet way to engage with Instagram stories and other content. It enables secret spying on any IG account without the risk of accidentally exposing their identity or their online presence. Every data tracked is dispatched to an online dashboard accessible from any browser and contains a brief analysis of total activity for a specific period. As an IG viewer tool, Glassagram offers various features that distinguish it as a top-tier application. They include, but are not limited to:

Stories, Reels, and Posts Viewing

Glassagram allows you to access and view posts, videos, and stories anonymously and save them on your device if desired. Glassagram is one of the best anonymous story-viewing apps that can overcome Instagram’s 24-hour story limit and offer you 3-month access to content (even deleted stories are saved).

Comments Reading

Who comments on your target’s posts and reels most often? Is it a person you know? Use the Glassagram app to view their shared content and comments written under your target’s posts.

Hot Likes” Catching 

Utilize the “hot likes” catching feature to monitor who likes your partner, spouse, or children’s Instagram posts and the frequency of these likes. 

Tagged Photos Viewing

Explore posts in which your target is tagged to gather additional information about their interactions and activities. It may provide information on who they communicate with most frequently or with whom they spent specific occasions, such as yesterday evening.

Absolute Anonymity

Anonymity is the most appealing feature of Glassagram. Users can freely explore Instagram stories using the tool even if they do not have their accounts created or are blocked for some reason. It’s a significant advantage for those who want to maintain their privacy while enjoying the content others post.

Importantly, Glassagram doesn’t show your data, letting you view Instagram accounts anonymously. The app acts like a shield, ensuring the people who post the content won’t know someone is viewing their posts, stories, or reels hiddenly.

User-Friendly Interface

Glassagram has an easy-to-navigate UI, making it accessible to all levels of tech proficiency. After subscription purchase and account creation, the simple login process lets users access the content of any public or private Instagram account securely, ensuring a seamless, secure, and anonymous monitoring process.

Tagged Locations Checking

Do you need to find the whereabouts of your target? You can understand their recent or current whereabouts by analyzing the posts they are tagged on

Excellent Customer Support

Excellent Customer Support

Glassagram delivers outstanding customer support backed up with a quick response via their online 24/7 chat support. Glassagram understands the importance of quickly solving user concerns to ensure a satisfying customer experience. So, if you have questions about using the app, you can expect a quick response immediately.

Additionally, customer support is accessible through email or an on-site contact form.

At Glassagram, the support team keeps things simple when talking to customers. They explain things clearly and give step-by-step instructions, making it easy for users to understand and solve issues, as evidenced by Glassagram reviews. In addition to full-time support, Glassagram has a comprehensive FAQ section, answering the most popular questions briefly but concisely. 

What Is Glassagram Pricing?

What Is Glassagram Pricing

Glassagram offers a flexible subscription package structure that caters to different users’ needs. While there isn’t a free trial or demo app package available, the paid plans offered by Glassagram are reasonably priced, each with access to newly posted content, hot likes, comments, new followers, and those you are following, as well as tagged photos and locations. 

  • 1-month subscription – $49.99
  • 3-month subscription – $29.99/month
  • 12-month subscription – $12.49/month

Opting for a 12-month plan with Glassagram will save you significantly. Moreover, if you want a discount, look for Glassagram to offer you coupons. They will save you some dollars on your next subscription purchase. 

Note: You should turn off the “Auto Renewal” button if you do not want the app to charge you automatically once your subscription package exGlassagram Review Pires. 

Glassagram Checkout page

Glassagram Review Pros and Cons

Compatibility with all devicesData retrieval from private IG accounts may take up to 7 days or more 
High-security levelDoes not track DMs
Tracks public and private IG accountsNo free trial 
Works fully anonymousNo demo app version
Allows to download any content to your gadgetEach new profile added requires a separate payment
Many Instagram tracking features involved
Instagram stories are saved for up to 3 months
Multiple device tracking in one account
No need for app installation
No rooting or jailbreaking
Easy-to-navigate user interface
24/7 live chat support
14-day money-back guarantee
Affordable subscription plans

FAQs Glassagram Review

Can I use Glassagram on multiple devices?

Absolutely! Glassagram is designed for multi-device usage. Simply log in on your preferred devices to access your Instagram feed seamlessly.

Are there any subscription plans for Glassagram?

Glassagram offers both free and premium plans. Explore the additional features in the premium plan for an enhanced Instagram experience.

Does Glassagram Support private IG accounts?

It does not matter whether the account you want to view is a public or private one. The tool supports them all. However, the data retrieval from private IG accounts takes longer (up to 7 days) than the one from public accounts (24 hours).

Is Glassagram compatible with iOS and Android?

Yes, Glassagram is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring a broad user base can enjoy its features.

Is Glassagram safe Insta viewer?

Yes, Glassagram Story Viewer is safe to use. This web-based tool operates within Instagram’s terms of service and prioritizes user anonymity while viewing stories, posts, reels, comments, and likes. It doesn’t share your or your target’s data with third parties and encrypts every action.

Does Glassagram Violate Instagram’s Terms of Service?

No, Glassagram aligns with Instagram’s Terms of Service, ensuring legal and ethical usage.

Is Glassagram legal to use?

Legality of using Glassagram varies depending on where you are and how you use it. Different countries have different laws about online privacy and watching someone’s social media without them knowing. Also, using Glassagram might go against Instagram’s own rules It’s important to think about privacy and to use Glassagram in a way that’s respectful to others.

Conclusion | Glassagram Instagram Viewer app

Glassagram is an excellent anonymous Instagram viewer. It is a must-have tool for parents concerned about their child’s online presence, suspicious spouses, business owners who want to track their competitors or those who simply want to satisfy their curiosity. Say goodbye to old-fashioned tactics and embrace the ease of Instagram viewing with Glassagram!

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