How to Spy on Snapchat | 6 Best Snapchat Spy Apps 2024

Snapchat has become the most popular social media application. It offers various unique features that attract its users, such as disappearing messages, stories, and image filters. So, it is widespread use among kids, teens, and everyone. But it can mislead the people required to maintain proper checks and balances on your loved ones’ Snapchat with the help of the best Snapchat spy apps.

Therefore, in this post, we’ll review the best Snapchat spy apps with their features, pricing, compatibility, and pros & cons. The apps were added to the list after testing their services and making them listed as they work. So, let’s dig into this review and read all about it.

Top 6 Snapchat Spy Apps Reviewed 2024

Here is a review of the best Snapchat spy apps that help you make a final and good decision about monitoring your loved ones’ performances. You’ll know about all with authentic information.

1) Mspy Our Top Spy App to Track Snapchat Performances

2) Flexispy – Unlimited Features to Spy on Snapchat

3) Umobix– Secretly finds Everything That Happened on the Targeted Snapchat Account.

4) Eyezy– Best Parental Control App to See kids’ Social Media Activities

5) Spynger – It’s a Remarkable App with Authentic Monitoring Results

6) Phonsee– Tracks Every Activity Without Detecting

1) MSpy Snapchat- Top Choice to Track Snapchat App

MSpy Snapchat- The Top Choice

Mspy is top leading spy app for Snapchat tracking. It offers a variety of features to track targeted Snapchat chats, shared media files, strikes, and stories. Moreover, you can read your kids’ Snapchat disappearing messages and come to know about them. 

This app has the best monitoring capabilities for instant messaging apps like Instagram, Facebook, Kik, tinder, and WhatsApp. It has other features to block inappropriate apps and websites from targeted devices. 

This tool is perfect for protecting your children from strangers’ attraction on social media platforms, plus you can prevent them from online predators and cyberbullying. 

By installing mSpy, you’ll know about your kids’ real-time location and set virtual boundaries via geofence features. Not only this, but this app provides the most amazing features to remotely control your child’s devices without knowing them. It never appears on the targeted device while monitored. 

mSpy Features

  • Ensure your data with the best encryption.
  • Gain insights into Snapchat conversations with schedule. 
  • Get quick notifications for predefined keywords of chats/messages.
  • Recover and see all deleted Snapchat data.

Pros & Cons

It has a user-friendly interfaceSnapchat screen recorder features do not work properly
It has excellent monitoring and tracking features 
It offers remote Snapchat monitoring 
Android OS 4 to 13 without rootiOS 7 – 13+ without Jailbreak
mSpy Pricing

Mspy comes in the market with different price ranges:

01 month02 months12 months

2) FlexiSpy Snapchat- Loaded with Snapchat Monitoring Features

 FlexiSpy Snapchat- Unlimited Snapchat Spying Features

FlexiSpy is an excellent spy app that allows you to monitor someone’s Snapchat and other social media applications. It helps spy on WhatsApp, Instagram, skype, telegram, and Facebook.

It enables you to track Snapchat and check all their activities without knowing the person. You can see every action performed on your kids, employees, and other Snapchat accounts. The good thing about this app is that it works in the background mode, that no one can find spy apps on their device.

This monitoring app offers other spy features that enable you to find the GPS Location, live screen recording, and capture screenshots remotely. Not only this, but you can also capture everything typed on the device via keyloggers and view browsing history to see the internet activities of your loved ones. The app block feature makes it appealing to all parents. 

FlexiSpy Features

  • The best way to capture keystroke
  • Check the real-time location
  • Record Snapchat activities before it removes

Pros & Cons

It provides a free demoLittle bit high prices
It has a great app with the best features 
It protects your kids and business from outsider threats 
A 1-day free trial is available 
FlexiSpy Compatibility
android os version 4 to 13iOS 7.0 to IOS 15.X

FlexiSpy has the best price ranges that make you purchase it let’s read.


3) UMobix Snapchat- Excellent Snapchat Tracking App

UMobix Snapchat- Excellent Snapchat Tracking App

uMobix comes with an adept Snapchat spy app tailored for everyone who wants to check the activities of their loved ones. With this, it gives you a complete package of monitoring and tracking features for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

This deals with the most popular social messenger apps to expose their activities, such as messages/chats, audio-video calls, shared media files, and more. By installing only one app, you can even track kid’s location, block inappropriate apps, and view their browsing history. 

Umobix is the best way to protect your children from online dangers and give them a protective and secure environment. 

uMobix Features

  • Deleted can be recovered without any effort
  • Access to phone and secretly view saved photos and videos 
  • Set screen time on specific social apps, including gaming and social sites
  • Track their real-time location without knowing them

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Provide a wide range of features 
Protect kids from digital threatsJailbreaking is required for iOS
A comprehensive pack 
Android OS 4+ 7 without rootiOS 7 – 13+ Jailbreak
uMobix Pricing

Umobix has monthly, quarterly, and yearly price plans which are mentioned below:

01 month02 month12 month

4) Eyezy Snapchat- The Best App for Android and iPhone

Eyezy Snapchat- The Best App for Android and ios 

EyeZy gives you a cold wind about the kids’ safety. It is specially designed for the digital well-being of your children by allowing you to see their online actions with the schedule. 

It has incredible features to track the Snapchat activities of your loved ones with no app icon. It gives you other features to track your screen activities via screen recording, capture everything they typed on their device via keystroke, restrict your kids’ access to inappropriate apps via app block, watch visited websites, and find out real-time location. In short, EyeZy is the perfect monitoring and tracking solution with the best spying features. It stands for you after installation on the targeted device. overall, It is a good option with excellent tracking qualities and authentic monitoring results. 

Eyezy Features

  • Real-time Snapchat tracking
  • View Snapchat conversation 
  • Insight into Snapchat videos, pictures, and everything shared. 

Pros & Cons

Find the real-time location and pinpoint a specific location It didn’t provide a geofencing feature
The best features to stay connected with your loved ones are Snapchat activities.  
Android OS 4+iOS 7 – 13+ without Jailbreak
Eyezy Pricing

Here are some price plans which is in mentioned below:

01 month02 month12 months

5) Spynger Snapchat- Monitor your Cheated Partner Snapchat

Spynger Snapchat- Monitor your Cheated Partner Snapchat

Like the other apps, Spynger lets you catch your loved ones’ activities in real. It allows you to dig into your loved one’s cell phone to see who they are chatting with on Snapchat. You can track and find every online activity from a targeted device. 

By installing Spynger, you can view everything that happened on social messenger apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can read messages, record and listen to call conversations, view pictures and videos, and everything they share via IM’s apps. 

With this, you can find their location and come to know if they are at a hotel or office. More exploration means more empowered you, view their browsing history and check internet activities. You can view their contact list and check who’s added to their contact; if there is any suspicious contact, you can take action against them. In short, this app helps you to find a cheated partner and catch him/her red-handed

Snapchat Features

Pros & Cons

Versatile monitoring solution for personnel and professionals 
Provide an accurate time device monitoringDidn’t work on multiple devices
View everything in secret  
Android OS 4+iOS 7 – 13+ without Jailbreak
Spynger Pricing

It has different and cheaper price plans that allow you to track your loved ones’ Snapchat accounts.


6) Phonsee Snapchat- Spy Without Showing the App Icon 

Phonsee Snapchat- Spy Without Showing the App Icon 

Phonsee is an application to protect your loved ones by monitoring their Snapchat account. This is an incredible tracking solution with the best features. With this, you can see everything happening on your loved one’s devices. 

It allows tracking their social media accounts to know about their chat calls and see what they did online. It helps you to provide a shield and catch your partner with a secret technique. You can find everything by installing a single app. 

It allows you to see targeted device activities via an alert notification. You can get this app by subscription and view your loved one’s activities from the online dashboard. 

Phonsee Features

  • The best surveillance of targeted PCs and mobile
  • Find Snapchat activities before disappearing
  • See their chats and listen to call conversation 

Pros & Cons

The best screen recorder feature 
Provide excellent social media monitoring featuresDelay in App blocking feature 
All-in-one monitoring solution  
Android OS 4 to 13 without rootiOS 7 – 13+ Jailbreak
Phonsee Pricing

This provides you with basic, premium, and extreme price packages as:

1 Month3 Months12 Months
$42.51$24.79 $8.85

Comparison | Best Snapchat Spy Apps 2024

App nameFree trialDevice countCompatibilityMoney back guaranteeMinimum prices
MspyYes01Android +Ios14 days$49.99 per month
UmobixDemo+ 3 days free trial01Android +Ios14 days$29.99 per month
FlexispyYes01Android +Ios14 days$47.99 per month
EyezyDemo01Android +Ios14 days$45.49 per month
SpyngerNo01Android +Ios10 days$45.49 per moth
PhonseeNo01Android +IosNo $29.99per moth

How Does the Snapchat Tracker App Work?

Snapchat tracker app works by installing the app on the targeted device. But installing the app requires you to take the device into your hand and then download it and make it invisible. Once successfully installed, you can log in to the web control panel and view the targeted person’s Snapchat activities. You can even track their location, browsing history, stored data, and everything they perform online.

Why Do We Need the Snapchat Spy App?

Snapchat spy app provides you deep insight into the online activities of targeted person. But, people use it to protect their loved ones from digital threats and online dangers.

Parents for Child Concerns

Parents are concerned about their kids’ social media activities and want to provide a safe digital environment. Kids spend most of their time on Snapchat, sending strikes and chatting. So, parents want a Snapchat spy app to keep an eye on them to ensure they are not interacting with predators.

Employers for Business Safety

Business owners worry about their employees’ time wasted during working hours. They use social media to develop the concern of data breaches and hit the office rules and policies. Therefore, they want a Snapchat spy app for employee monitoring to track and take action against any employee.

For Partner’s

Your partner is mostly active on Snapchat, sends messages to anyone, and hides from you. So, the Snapchat spy app empowers you to track your loved ones’ Snapchat accounts remotely to confirm whom they are chatting with.

Therefore, you can use Flexispy, mspy, and umobix to track your targeted person’s Snapchat account to know about their activities.

Is it Possible to Spy on Snapchat without Physical Access to the Target Phone? 

You can remotely spy on someone’s Snapchat without getting physical access to the targeted phone. But for this, you have to install the app on that device; then, you can view their Snapchat activities secretly. Installing the app will show you Snapchat messages, shared media files, and everything that disappeared from your account; you can retrieve and view them from the app’s online dashboard.

FREE vs. Paid Snapchat Tracker Apps | Which one is Better?

There are a lot of monitoring and tracking apps available in the market. Some offer free services and some paid. But keep in mind that free apps will not provide you with the best services; most of the time, they hit your privacy. The free apps are always paid in other ways; sometimes, they get the device data for unlawful purposes and don’t satisfy you with their services. Therefore, we always recommend paid spy apps for Snapchat tracking, like mspy, flexispy, and umobix, which give you secret monitoring with unique features. Plus, it claims to secure your data and keep the person’s privacy in mind. So, paid Snapchat tracker apps are the best choice ever.

How to Install the Snapchat Spy App on Android and iPhone? Step-by-Step Guide

Purchasing and downloading mSpy

To begin using mSpy, you must first purchase a subscription on their official website. After completing the purchase, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to download and install the software.

Installation on Android Devices

Installing mSpy on an Android device is a simple process. You will need physical access to the target device for a brief moment to install the application.

Enable Unknown Sources: Go to the device’s settings and enable the installation of apps from unknown sources.

Download and Install: Using the download link provided in your email, download and install the mSpy app on the target device.

Configure mSpy: Follow the on-screen instructions to configure mSpy with the necessary permissions.

Installation on iPhone Devices

Installing mSpy on an iPhone device requires iCloud credentials of the target device. Physical access to the iPhone is not necessary.

Purchase and Choose iOS: Select the iOS version when purchasing mSpy and provide the iCloud credentials of the target device.

Verification: mSpy will verify the credentials, and once successful, you can proceed.

Start Monitoring: The software will begin monitoring the target iPhone’s activities remotely.

Setting up mSpy

After successfully installing mSpy, you can log in to your mSpy account on any web browser to start monitoring the device. The setup process will guide you through configuring the software according to your monitoring needs.

FAQs | Snapchat Tracker Apps

Is it legal to Spy on Someone’s Snapchat?

Yes, it is legal when you have consent to protect your kids and keep an eye on employees to enhance productivity.

Are Snapchat Tracker Apps Safe to use?

Yes, the Snapchat spy app is safe to use, but you’ve to choose the best apps like Flexispy, MSPY, and umobox.

How to Spy on Snapchat iPhone?

Spy on someone’s Snapchat is required to install the app on a targeted device and then view all their activities without knowing the person.

Can Snapchat Spy Apps be Detected?

While using the best Snapchat spy apps such as MSpy, EyeZy, Phonsee, and Flexispy. No one can detect it on their device.

Are there Free Snapchat Spy Apps Available?

Yes, some apps offer free services. But be aware of all the free apps that could be better for tracking.

Does the Snapchat Spy App Work on Android and iOS?

Yes, mSpy- FlexiSpy uMobix and eyeZy work on Android and iOS devices and provide the best monitoring and tracking results.

What is the Best Snapchat Tracker Right Now?

MSpy and Flexispy are the best Snapchat spy apps, without any doubt. You can install and enjoy its user-friendly interface.

What About Customer Support for Snapchat Spy Apps?

All apps mentioned in this list provide 24/7 customer support services and are always available to assist you.

Conclusion | What is the Best Snapchat Monitoring Apps

This review gives you authentic information about the best Snapchat spy app for your kids, employees, and spouse. All the apps we mentioned after real testing were then listed according to their functionality and testing ranking. All the apps are the best, but we recommend you pay for Flexispy and mSpy, the super tracking and monitoring spy apps for Snapchat. But make sure you do not waste your time and money on any useless app.

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