How to See Someone’s Activity on Instagram (Guaranteed)

Seeing someone’s activity on Instagram helps you to see the targeted person’s interest, performances, and active time. By this, you can catch their post, add friends, DMs, followers, and everything that happened. But the problem is you couldn’t reach the app to learn about it.

Therefore, we’ve developed some techniques that show how to see someone’s activity on Instagram. For example, if you want to know about your loved one’s activities, you should pay attention to this article.

How to See Instagram Activity Through UMobix and FlexiSpy

You can view anyone’s activity on Instagram. In case you are not following the list, thus, there is a solution to make Instagram activity monitoring. Check out the spy applications such as uMobix and FlexiSpy; both are best for tracking Instagram messages, post notifications, measuring app usage screen time, and everything that happened on the targeted Instagram account.

UMobix Instagram Tracker

UMobix is a great technology for monitoring someone’s Instagram app secretly. It helps you to find what your targeted person is doing online.

With this, you can check Instagram DM’s, posts, comments, and shared media files. It helps you to monitor social media apps and their activities without knowing the targeted person. The invisible tracker application can keep your children safe from cyberbullying and Instagram predators.

Spy Instagram FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy gained popularity within a short period. It has many monitoring and tracking features that allow you to track someone’s Instagram activities. You can dig deep into your targeted social media account to see everything that happened online.

Further, your targeted person is never aware of being monitored. So, you can view their Instagram stories, DM’s, comments, likes, and everything they do online. They all need to be pre-installed on targeted phones.

The Benefits of Using UMobix and FlexiSpy

With the help of the latest monitoring application, you can reveal Instagram activities and see everything from their devices. Here we’ll mention the benefits of using third-party applications.

View Instagram activities:

With the help of monitoring tools, you can see your loved one’s Instagram activities. With this, you can see Instagram usage time, comments, likes, followers and following, and everything that happened on the targeted device. 

Screen Recording:

Monitoring tools help you record Instagram screen activities. And then view the recorded files from the online dashboard.

Invisible Instagram monitoring:

The monitoring apps work in the background mode of the device, meaning it works secretly to track everything on the targeted device.

Powerful features:

The apps have a bundle of powerful features to track everything that happens on the device. You can monitor other social media apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, FB, etc., find locations, listen to call conversations, and many other things.

What is the Instagram Activity Tab?

Before the Instagram update, a following activity tab showed on your screen to show the activity of all those you were following. However, Instagram has removed the activity tab by claiming that the app performed well without following the activity tab.

Is it Possible to view Someone’s Activity on Instagram?

Yes, with the help of different methods and techniques, you can view someone’s activity on Instagram. However, you need to read more to know how to track anyone’s Instagram activities. Let’s discuss this in a further article.

How to Monitor Someone’s Instagram (DM) Direct Messages

You want to know about the Instagram DMs of your loved ones. But you don’t know how it possible and how can you do. You can find the different proven and discussed methods after being tested.

Read Someone’s Instagram DM’s from their account

If you choose this method, it means you are concerned about your loved ones. For example, if you view your child’s account, you might have their Instagram account password. Then, you can access their account by touching their device, opening the app using a password, and reading their direct messages.

And if there is no way to take the targeted person’s phone into your hand. Then, install the app on your mobile and enter your ID and password to open your account. Tap the left corner to read the messages they send or receive.

Read the deleted DM’s

If your targeted person deleted their chats and you want to read them. Then you’ve to go through the other way to restore their chat conversation to know what they chat with their friends on Instagram.
Instagram doesn’t have an option to back up the deleted messages. Thus, you have to follow a few steps such as:

  • Open Instagram on your phone and desktop
  • Use the password and log in to their account
  • Then go to the profile page and click the profile icon, where you can find the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • When you redirect the page, click on the settings icon
  • Click on Privacy and Security now
  • Tap request and download in the data download section
  • Now get a copy of your Instagram account; you need to enter your mail and press the next, and then you’ll be asked for a password.
  • Then it will take 48 hours to create the data file for your account and email it again.

But still, you need to get help from third-party applications, which will be discussed in the following article. 

How to Check Someone’s Instagram Likes, Comments, Followers/Following

Check likes on Instagram

While using Instagram is common while you follow others, you can see what your targeted person often likes on their account. Here is the following method that helps you to view likes.

  • Open the Instagram account
  • Confirm the account you’re going to check
  • Navigate to the search field and put the user’s account name
  • Now go to the account’s profile page to check their latest post
  • Click on the recent post and press on like below. Will show
  • Scroll the list of accounts to find your friends on other targeted account profiles.

But you can face the problem with a private and locked account. Thus, you can get help from the monitoring tools.

Check the followers and following on the targeted Instagram account

Do you want to check out the followers of your targeted person’s Instagram account? So, here is a simple and easy method that will help you.

  • Launch IG on your phone
  • Open the home page to search
  • Enter the user’s name and click on the profile account
  • After the account loads, press on the followers or following tab
  • Then a list of followers and following of your targeted person will show.

See the Instagram comments

Would you like to review the comment section of your targeted person’s Instagram account? See the steps to read the comments.

  • Open the IG web or app
  • Search for a profile of your targeted person.
  • Open the profile and check the recent post section
  • Now search the comments or use CTRL to search for any username and read their comment on the post.

But you can track anyone’s Instagram without being detected by spy apps.

Is it Possible to See Someone’s Instagram Activity even if you don’t follow them?

You can check whether your targeted person is active on Instagram or their last active seen.

See, they’re online. 

When your targeted person was last online on Instagram, you need to follow them before conversing with them.

  • Go to the Instagram DM section to see a complete list of people you’ve converted. You can see their recent activity as 42 minutes ago, seen or typing.
  • Now press on the user’s account picture to see if they are online. You’ll see a green dot or a timestamp next to your profile.
  • Then you have to open a friendly chat and see their activity, such as in the chat room or the camera.

How do you hide your activity on Instagram from one person?

Do you want to know how to hide your Instagram activity? So, take help from these steps.

  • Open the Instagram profile, and tap on the three lines in the top right corner of IG.
  • Click on the setting, scroll down to the privacy section, and click on activity status.
  • Now you’ll see your activity status, and your activity on Instagram will not show to the public.


In conclusion, we have mentioned the most effective and possible methods to monitor someone’s Instagram account. We have manual monitoring methods to make possible of Instagram monitoring. However the most efficient way is to install monitoring tools such as uMobix and FlexiSpy.


How to see what someone searches on Instagram?

No one can find what you searched for on your Instagram account unless they don’t get access to a third-party application. Instead, after installing monitoring apps such as uMobix, you can secretly tab on their Instagram searches.

Can someone read your Instagram chat?

You can read someone’s Instagram messages by taking their phone and logging in with credentials. You can also use another method to use spy apps such as FlexiSpy that help to read Instagram DM’s without knowing the targeted person.

How to Check Someone Else’s Instagram Stories Without Their Knowledge

You can view someone else’s Instagram stories with the help of a monitoring app that works invisibly. Once you install it on a targeted device, view their posts and stories without detection.

How to see the Instagram activity log?

There are some ways to see activity logs. For example, you’ll see or timestamp or next the profile picture of the person you follow or have DM with them. You can see their recent activity status from the chat box.

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