How to See If Someone is on Tinder (6 Best Methods)

Did you know your child is on Tinder? Are you suspicious of your partner? They hide something from you. So, you’re worried about it. But no need to worry; relax; you’re not alone.

In social media, there are a lot of applications that allow users to find their loved ones. So, it may be a chance that your special one is spending time on dating apps. Therefore, in this article- we’ll help to see if someone has a Tinder and your partner and kids are dating behind your back. Also covered the dating app in the previous article like how to tell if someone is active on Bumble.

What is the Tinder App?

Tinder is one of the most popular online dating apps that allows users to find their love partners. This application was launched in 2012 and gained popularity quickly due to its simple interface. While using this, users can swipe right, or if interested in someone, they swipe left.

When you match by, swipe right and then chat via feature messages. It prefers people to match online for the sake of romantic relationships.

How Can I Find Out if My Partner is on Tinder Using Mspy?

How can I find out if my partner is on Tinder Using Mspy

To find someone on Tinder might gain a lot of methods. Before starting, we recommended the best, and the most convenient way to use monitoring applications such as Mspy. It helps you to find your loved one’s activities without them knowing. You can track their activities and find what’s up on their devices. It is one of the best and most excellent techniques to learn about anyone’s online activities. Mspy requires you to install the app on your targeted device. Then you’ll be able to see their activities and know if they are on Tinder and see their match. Even it allows you to read the sent or received Tinder chats on targeted devices. It makes it easy to give a remote view of your targeted person’s Tinder activities without them knowing.

Set up Mspy and install it on the target device

Here are a few steps to follow for the final installation on the targeted device.

  • First, you’ve to visit the website and subscribe to Mspy
  • Then wait to get the official email.
  • After, you need to hold the phone in your hand and install the app for tracking the Tinder app.
  • Now you are able to log in to the web control panel of Mspy to see the monitoring and tracking data of the Tinder app.
Mspy Tinder dashboard

6 Simple methods to find out if someone has a Tinder profile

Here are the six most effective ways to find someone on Tinder by following. Let’s start exploring.

Method 1: By phone number, you can find someone on Tinder

As we above discuss, Tinder is easy to use. Everyone is here to find a partner through their profile match. But when they create an account, they put in their numbers to verify their registration. So, you can use your phone number to find someone on Tinder. It is easy to get help from the targeted phone number to see their profile. Look at the other steps to see their profile on the Tinder account.

Method 2: Find Some Tinder by Email 

After the phone number, the email address is required to create an account on Tinder. While you’re on to create a profile, email verification is a must. Therefore, it is easy to find someone on Tinder via email address.

Method 3: Use Google Search 

An easy and most convenient method is to find someone by searching for their name on Google searches. Remember, these searches need a correct representation with the correct spellings. Then you can find the details by following this method.

First, open the browser on your device and type name of the targeted person.

Google search can help you in image search of their profile. If you have an image of the targeted- you’ll find them on Tinder. You need to drag the photo into the search bar for this.

The search bar is also helpful for searching the URL by entering the username, typing, and entering to search their profile. 

Method 4: Google Image Search 

If you use Tinder, you must know that Tinder shows some information on different search engines. You can find the user’s name and profile picture on their Tinder account. But remember, get accurate results and search perfectly.

To see their picture on Google, you must follow the steps mentioned below.

Open the image and drag it on the search bar.

If you’re using a desktop, you can use the phone with the Google Lens for Android and iPhone.

Method 5: Get help from a trusted friend

It is another effective method to find someone on Tinder. If you want to see someone, get help from your trusted and close friend.

You have to do it!!!!!!

Ask them to help you find your targeted person’s name on Tinder. Let your search from your profile. Then your friend can share the profile information you wanted. They can search or take screenshots of their profile for you. With this, you can easily see your partner is active and using Tinder with the free and effective method.

Method 6: Third-party apps help you to find someone on Tinder

Move to the next step if you can’t find the Tinder app via the abovementioned methods. Use third-party applications, which is one of the most famous methods. After using email, phone number, and Google searches. (Free methods) Please move to the further steps; it helps you to find the information from these methods. It is social catfish, Spokeo, cheater buster,

Social catfish

See someone on Tinder, but how? Are you worried about how to check them on Tinder? Use the social catfish method that answers all your questions.

It is only cool and finest, but it must also verify their identity. All you need to do is enter a name, email address, cell number, and location or upload their picture.

The best is to choose the social catfish website and enter the information.

After a few minutes, you’ll receive a report about the person you’re searching for on Tinder. This method is not only used for Tinder but also for other social dating websites.


Spokeo is a great search engine. It updates the database with up-to-date records. It allows one to look up anyone’s information on social media sites. It means you have a way to see the person’s profile on Tinder, Snapchat, Bumble, and Instagram; Search It at Spokeo will guide you.

  • It takes a few minutes to find someone on Tinder by Spokeo. 
  • Visit the Spokeo official website.
  • Put the name, email address, and phone number, and click the Search Now button. 
  • Let Spokeo search its database now.

Once it is done, you’ll get a report with detailed information about what you are searching for, including social media apps. 

Cheater buster

The cheater-buster method is not free, but it can show accurate results around the globe. Therefore, you don’t need an account to find the targeted one you’re searching for. You have to enter the name and nickname they used for their accounts. Then write their age and the area location where they used Tinder last. Then you’re good to go.

How to know when someone is active on Tinder

Now you’ll know how to see someone’s active on Tinder. Read the below lines carefully; that will help you a lot.

Green dot active status

If your targeted person is active on Tinder, a green dot will show the right of their profile photo. But you are enabling to know how long they are active on Tinder. But this green dot determines that the person opened their account once in 24 hours. This is a sure sign that your partner is open on Tinder, and you can take screenshots as evidence.

Location update

This method is helpful for knowing about Tinder updates. You can know your whereabouts as long you’re connected to the app. Then you can check whether the targeted one’s location has been updated since the last time to chatted with them. For example, if the person you’re looking up is 4 miles away from you, it shows hours ago, and if the other is 16 miles away, it shows two days ago.

Profile update

You can check their profile and see any update and their recent activity. For example, if a picture was taken years ago but before you were committed and matched on their account, it takes time to find the place of the photograph. But if they take a photo recently, you can know its whole story.


In conclusion, now you are able to find your targeted person on Tinder. This article covers almost every method that helps you to view someone on Tinder. But we recommend you choose the monitoring app that helps you in the investigation in secret.  


Can you see if someone is on Tinder through Facebook?

No, you cannot see if someone is on Tinder through Facebook. Tinder and Facebook are separate platforms with their own privacy settings and user databases. While it was previously possible to connect Tinder to your Facebook profile, Tinder has since removed that feature and no longer requires a Facebook account to use the app.

Tinder operates independently and does not share user information or activity with Facebook. Similarly, Facebook does not provide information about a user’s activity or presence on Tinder. Therefore, you cannot determine if someone is using Tinder solely by looking at their Facebook profile or activity.

Can I view Tinder without joining?

Yes, you can, but you must review the effective methods that allow you to find your kids, partner, and anyone on Tinder without joining this site.

Can you be hidden on Tinder?

Tinder did not have a built-in feature to hide your profile completely. However, you could make your profile less visible by adjusting your Discovery settings. By setting your Discovery preferences to a narrower range (e.g., decreasing the maximum distance or age range), you could potentially limit the number of people who see your profile.

It’s important to note that Tinder’s features and settings may change over time, so I recommend referring to the official Tinder website or app for the most up-to-date information on hiding or adjusting your profile visibility.

Can you see Tinder profiles without them knowing?

Yes, it’s much easier with the help of a monitoring tool such as MSPY.

Are screenshots banned on Tinder?

No, you can take screenshots of your targeted profile, and your targeted person didn’t know about it.

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