How to Spy on Tinder | 5 Best Reliable Spy Apps for Tinder

Tinder spy apps help you to monitor your loved ones’ activities and see their online interactions. With the rapid popularity of online dating apps, parents are concerned about their kids’ virtual relationships. Fortunately, now technology has developed a modern solution for online safety. So, in this article, we’ll review the best 5 Tinder spy apps for Android and iPhone and how to See If Someone is on Tinder? which helps you to maintain your kids’ online and offline lives and keep them safe. 

What are the Best Tinder Spy Apps?

Several online monitoring apps claim to be the best ones for Tinder spying. But it’s difficult for you to identify authentic and reliable apps. Before deciding to use a Tinder tracking app, you should know the app’s qualities, features, compatibility pricing, and more. So, we highlighted your concern and discussed the essential factors for secret monitoring on your loved ones’ Tinder.

Please read the below carefully to save money and time and avoid false claims applications. To support you in making the right decision, we tested the apps and shortlisted the best ones with all aspects.

  1. Mspy– Trusted by millions for Tinder Tracking app
  2. FlexiSpy– Feature-rich app for Tinder Spying
  3. UMobix– All-in-one solution
  4. Eyezy– Discreetly unveil Tinder activities
  5. Clevguard– All relay to spy on Tinder

Best Spy App for Tinder Reviewed 2024

We’ll review the best Tinder tracker app by covering every aspect of the monitor we have that help you to make a suitable decision. We’ll discuss the app compatibility, pricing, services, features, pros and cons, and more. So, start without wasting time. 

1) MSpy Tinder

MSpy Tinder tracking App

Mspy is one of the most powerful and versatile monitoring apps for parental control. If you don’t know about your kids’ Tinder activities and are concerned about their virtual relationships. So, use Mspy to catch all their activities and see their matches on Tinder. With this, you can easily and secretly see who they are chatting on Tinder and what images and videos they send or receive.

Plus, with this app, you can remotely block your kids’ access to their Tinder account. It’s easy to use the app block feature used by the web control panel. It helps you to be more satisfied by removing the app from their device and restricting it from downloading; they can’t access the app once you restrict it. Additionally, you can get the conversation to know what kind of conversation they made on it. And the more effective if your kid moves their chat from Tinder to other social media, like WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Facebook, and any other popular social media app. Mspy helps you to know and get full activity reports. 

In simple, it is not wrong if we say Mspy enables you to check your kids’ activities and see their online activities. By installing Mspy, you can protect your kids from potential dangers like cyberbullying, online predators, sexual abuse, and more by keeping a secret eye on them. Read the below lines to know more about Mspy services. 

Valuable Feature

Monitor and remotely blocking websites/apps from the targeted is an excellent feature for the Tinder spying app

Weakest Feature

As Mspy provides a great list of features, its capture screenshots are not working properly.

PricingSupported devicesNumber of supported devices on one subscriptionFree trialRefund policy
AffordableBoth01Demo14 days money back guarantee
Mspy Compatibility and Pros & Cons

The Mspy Tinder Tracker app is compatible with Android and iPhone devices. It runs on Android 4+ to 13 latest version and all the latest iOS versions. It means you can install it on your kids’ Android and iPhone devices, which makes it the best choice for all Android and iPhone users. 

Enable to see the Tinder match with conversation historyIt’s a little expensive
Spy and read text conversations on popular social media appsIts Screen recording feature is not properly work
Provide facility to block web and app access
Give real-time location tracker and geo-fencing 
Set screen time on particular applications 
Remote control on a targeted device via the online dashboard 
Pricing for Android and iOS
  • 1 month= $48.99
  • 3 months= $28
  • 1 year= $11.99
Mspy Pricing

2) FlexiSpy Tinder- Feature-rich app for Tinder Spying

FlexiSpy Tinder Spy App

FlexiSpy is considered a reliable and effective spy app for tinder monitoring. Parents can use it for kids’ activities on dating apps and read their messages to know their chit-chat. You’ll make sure your kids match on Tinder by secretly viewing their profiles. What’s more, it makes it possible to see all exchanges of media files like images and videos. Following the installation, you’ll see what they store and save on their phone gallery.

And you’ll access to block their access to all dating apps remotely. Additionally, FlexiSpy allows you to control your kids by connecting and matching any suspicious match on Tinder. Not only this, you’ll know if your child is connected with strangers on any instant messaging app. This gives you a shield to protect your kids on the Tinder dating app and prevent their online dating habits.

Only of this, with FlexiSpy, you can view your kids’ live movements, restrict some areas on their map, and get notified if they enter or leave those marked areas. So, FlexiSpy is an all-rounder and provides online security for kids’ better upbringing.

Valuable Feature

Secretly spy social media activities are considered the one of most amazing features of FlexiSpy.

Weakest Feature

Its recovery of deleted messages is weak for Tinder tracking.

PricingSupported devicesNumber of supported devices on one subscriptionFree trialRefund policy
Very ExpensiveBoth01   Demo14 days
FlexiSpy Compatibility and Pros & Cons

FlexiSpy runs on all Android and iOS devices. It can be installed on Android 10 to 13 and the latest iOS version.

Easy to set-up It provides an expensive price package
Enable to secretly see Tinder profile 
Read Tinder text messages  
Access to device online activities 
Check everything from online web control panel 
Pricing for Android and iOS
  • 1 month Lite= $29.95
  • 1 month Premium= $79
  • 1 month Extreme= $119
Flexispy Pricing

3) UMobix Tinder

Spy on tinder with UMobix

UMobix is another tracking tool for Tinder monitoring. It works after installing it on the targeted device; once you are done, you’ll see all Tinder activities without knowing the person being monitored. You can see the profile matches and their conversations performed on this platform.

You’ll get to know if your kids are spending time on Tinder and what they do online. With this, you can read their every message and track their chat logs and multimedia share on Tinder.

One of the best things is uMobix; it’s not only used for Tinder spying; even you can access other social messaging monitoring apps to spy on their activities. Having this, you can read their text conversations, shared photos, videos, GIFs, and record screen activities via an online web control panel. It supports you when your child is doing any suspicious activity and detects danger before anything goes wrong and inappropriate on their devices. You can use uMobix and benefit from its amazing kids’ protection features.

Valuable Feature

UMobix provides a great feature to unveil Tinder activities like messages and shared media files.

Weakest Feature

It has one of its weak features is location tracking

PricingSupported devicesNumber of supported devices on one subscription Free trialRefund policy
AffordableAndroid + iOS         01Demo14 days
UMobix Compatibility and Pros & Cons

uMobix works on all Android and iOS devices with its latest versions. So you can install it on your targeted phone without any hassle.

View Tinder activities secretly Some iPhone Features are not working
Enable to read the deleted chats 
Access to all exchanged multimedia files 
Provide app block feature 
Remotely control the device 
Android and iOS Pricing
  • 1 month= $49.99
  • 3 months= $27.99
  • 1 year= $11.99
Pricing umobix

4) Eyezy Tinder

Eyezy Tinder monitoring app

Eyezy is an excellent phone tracker app that helps you to unveil your targeted person’s online activities without them knowing. It lets you know about their kids’ Tinder conversations, text chat, call history, shared media files, photos and videos, and more.

With this fantastic tool, you can see who’s chatting on Tinder, who your child is connected to, and what they are talking about. This app enables you to record Tinder screen activities in real-time. So, EyeZy comes with a high range of monitoring and tracking features to detect your loved ones’ inappropriate activities and protect against online harm.

Eyezy lets you view your kids’ real-time GPS location and check where they move. Even get a history report of your kids without knowing them. You can track their notices and calendars to see if they meet someone. It means Eyezy provides complete protection by sneaking into your kids’ activities by controlling their online performances. This magic monitoring tool works out after installation on targeted devices to monitor them in real-time.

Valuable Feature

Its text message and browsing history is an amazing feature for all users.

Weakest Feature

Geo-fence is Eyezy’s weak feature

PricingSupported devicesNumber of supported devices on one subscription Free trialRefund policy
AffordableAndroid + iOS   01Demo14 days
Eyezy Compatibility and Pros & Cons

It works on Android and iOS devices to track secretly. You can install it on Android 4+ and iOS 7 to 13+. But it required jailbreak for all iOS devices.

Access and block apps Couldn’t access the deleted chats
View social media chatsMonthly package is a bit expensive   
Record screen activities  
Track device location in real time  
Pricing for Android and iOS
  • 1 month= $47.99
  • 3 months= $27.99
  • 1 year= $9.99
Eyezy Pricing

5) Clevguard Tinder

ClevGuard Tinder spying

Clevguard offers you a monitoring app for Tinder tracking. It helps parents to supervise their kids’ online dating accounts and see all their activities for their safety. This app allows you to participate in 24/7 tracking of kids’ activities without knowing the person. It helps you to check what your targeted person is doing and with whom they are chatting online.

It gives you a detailed activity report from the targeted device. Once you log in to clevguard, you can monitor your child’s activities and prevent them from potential online dangers. You can check their call logs, chats, media shared, and all performed activities. Additionally, it allows you to grab your loved ones’ real-time location and keep an eye on their safety. It is a complete package of online tracking and digital well-being of your children as a hidden Tinder spy tool.

Valuable Feature

Clevguard provides 24/7 monitoring services but it’s one of the most unique features is blocking and filtering content.

Weak Feature

One of the weak features is call logs.

PricingSupported devicesNumber of supported devices on one subscription Free trialRefund policy
CheapBoth android & iOS      01Demo14days
Clevguard Compatibility and Pros & Cons

Clevguard is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It supports Android four or the latest versions and iOS 9+.

Supported with Android and iOSDon’t give blocking features
Monitored all social media accountsCouldn’t capture social media messages
Check all shared media files 
It does not require jailbreak & rooted 
Android and iOS Pricing

Clevguard offers unique and affordable price packages for Android and iOS devices.

  • 1 month is $ 27.99 for Android and $34.99 for iOS
  • 3 months $43.99 for Android and $49.99 for iOS
  • 1 year $89.99 for Android and $95.99 for iOS
clevguard pricing

The Top 5 Spy Apps for Tinder Comparison

Spy apps names for TinderCompatibilityNumber of supported devices on one subscriptionFree trialRefund policy Pricing for one month
MspyBoth Android & iOS  01Demo14days$48.99
FlexispyBoth Android & iOS   01Demo14days$29
EyezyBoth Android & iOS    01Demo14days$38.99
UmobixBoth Android & iOS 01Demo14days$47.99
ClevguardBoth Android & iOS 01Demo14days$27.99 for android & $34.99 for iOS

How to Spy on Tinder without Knowing the Users?

You need to manually install the best Tinder tracking app on your targeted device to track someone’s online activities. There may be a claim to install remotely, but it’s yet to be possible. You need to take the device into your hand and install it to make the app invisible by setting it. Then you can view someone’s Tinder activities without knowing the targeted person being monitored.

Are Tinder Spy Apps Legal?

The Spy on Tinder app is generally used for the online protection of your loved ones or kids. It is allowed to protect your kids from online dangers and secure your employees’ time at the office. Usually, parents are concerned about the safety of their kids. Therefore, the spy app for Tinder helps them to protect themselves from dating apps.

How do Tinder Spy Apps Work?

Almost every Tinder spy app works after installation on the targeted device. Then it helps you to view your loved ones all activities for their safety secretly. But the foremost important thing is to install and set up for the digital protection of your loved ones.

How Does Install the FlexiSpy?

You can install FlexiSpy by Following the installation steps that help you to use the device on your loved one’s devices.

Purchase License

First, you must visit the website to purchase a price package for the targeted device.

Activate on the Targeted Phone

Now install the app on the targeted device to make it monitor

All Data Get Captured

Then you can monitor all data like call logs, messages, social media, etc.

Data Goes on the FlexiSpy Server

Now the monitored data automatically transfers into the web control panel.

Access Monitored Data

In the final, you can view the captured data and see what your loved ones are doing.

FAQs | Best Tinder Tracker Apps 2024

Which is the Best Tinder Spy App?

The top Tinder spy app is mentioned above, but Mspy and FlexiSpy are considered the best. It helps you track the targeted devices, secretly monitor anyone’s online activities, and prevent your kids from inappropriate content and suspicious activities.

Do you Need Physical Access to the Tinder Spy App?

Yes, you need to get physical access to the targeted device to monitor their online activities. If any app claims they can install it without physical access, don’t believe and don’t waste your time.

Can I Monitor Tinder Activities Without Installing an App on the Target Device?

While some apps claim to offer remote monitoring, most reliable Tinder spy apps require installation on the target device to function effectively.

Are Spy Apps for Tinder Safe to Use?

The legality of using Tinder spy apps varies by jurisdiction. Always research and comply with local laws before using such apps.

Can I Use Tinder Spy Apps to Track Multiple Accounts?

Some Tinder spy apps allow monitoring multiple accounts, but it’s essential to check the app’s features and limitations.

How Do I Choose the Right Tinder Spy App?

Consider factors like stealth, compatibility, customer reviews, and the app’s reputation when selecting a Tinder spy app.

Can Tinder Spy Apps Track Location Data?

Yes, some Tinder spy apps can track location data if they have access to the target device’s GPS.

Is the Tinder Tracking app Detectable?

No, while you use the mentioned top best Tinder spy apps. It never detects, and your targeted person couldn’t know they are being monitored and have any third-party application on their device because all apps work invisibly.

Do Tinder Spy Apps Notify the User Being Monitored?

No, reputable Tinder spy apps operate discreetly, without notifying the user being monitored.

Are These Apps Compatible with Both Android and iOS?

Most reputable spy apps offer compatibility with both platforms.


We have the best Spy app Tinder for you, which is great and secretly works on targeted devices. Every spy app has been mentioned after tests and deep research. We’ll try to cover almost information and the functionality of the app. But now the ball is in your ground, you’ve to choose and subscribe to any of them according to your need and budget. But if you want to know our advice, So we recommend the best one, FlexiSpy, and the second is mSpy. Still, the decision is yours!!

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