How to Spy on Someone’s Facebook | 6 Best Facebook Spy Apps

Facebook spy apps are ideal for protecting your loved ones from social media dangers. if your kids spend most of their time on FB, and employees waste time at the office by posting on Facebook, you notice your partners are mostly active on this platform. So, you must solve this issue by monitoring their accounts to view activities in secret.

Facebook Monitoring

Therefore, you need the best Facebook spy apps. We come with genuine reviews about their features, pricing, pros, and cons. You’ll know about the mSpy, uMobix, FlexiSpy, EyeZy, Spyic, and Phonsee that help you with digital monitoring and give you peace of mind.

How to Spy on Someone’s Facebook Remotely

Before using the Facebook spy app, you must know how to use it. The secret monitoring apps work on targeted devices by installing. Once you successfully install it, you can track someone’s FB account to know more about their online activities. Login to the web control panel and check all their activities, such as messenger chats, calls, voice notes, posts, likes, comments, and everything on the targeted FB app.

Top 6 Facebook Spy Apps Reviewed 2024

Some apps claim to be the best apps for Android and iOS devices. We tested this app and listed it down according to their ranking and positions. All the apps are good and the best, but we’ve still mentioned their ranking. Let’s read more!

1. Phonsee Best app to track your partner and give a feeling of peace in your relationship

2. Umobix Gives you Authentic Monitoring and Tracking Results

3. FlexispyAdvanced and feature-rich app to track your targeted person.

4. Mspy The fantastic app with the best tracking and monitoring qualities.

5. Eyezy– Best for parental control with unlimited features and low-price packages.

6. Spyic– An affordable app to find Facebook activities from a targeted person without showing the app icon.

1. Phonsee Facebook- Best App to Track Suspicious Partner Facebook Activities

Phonsee Facebook- Best App to Track Suspicious Partner Facebook Activities

Phonsee is designed to track your partner’s activities on Facebook. It can track their activities on FB, like messages, calls, comments, and likes, or view their every post remotely. It comes in the market with other features allowing you to view their web browsing activities and track real-time location by logging in to the web control panel.

This also lets you know everything they typed on their devices, such as passwords, web searching, messages, and all via the best keylogger feature. This app has a location tracker feature and can set virtual boundaries via geo-fencing. This can give you the best remote screen recording feature that allows you to view insight into their screen to record what they are doing online. This lets you view their phone activities, comprehensive app activities, internet performance, and everything that happens online. So, this gives you the authority to spy on suspicious partners and learn more about their digital version.

Phonsee Feature

  • Get insight into your partner’s Facebook account
  • Get access to all deleted data
  • View fb media exchange files

Pros & Cons

Hassle-free installation processLack of camera monitoring feature
Multiple features for different social media accounts 
Excessive monitoring for facebook 
Android OS 4 to 12 without rootiOS 7 – 13+ without Jailbreak
Phonsee Pricing

This provides you with basic, premium, and extreme price packages as:

$29.99$49.99 $69.99 

2. Umobix Facebook- Discreetly Tracks your Kids and Employees Activities

Umobix Facebook- Gives you Authentic Monitoring and Tracking Results

uMobix is one of the great spy apps enabling you to look at a targeted person’s Facebook account secretly. This application comes with features that allow real-time tracking. With this, you can view everything that happened on your targeted Facebook account. This tool provides remote control tracking features to see their chats, social media monitoring, location tracking, and web browsing activities.

uMobix allows you to reveal your loved one’s online activities without giving any clue to them. This allows remote access to the targeted microphone to listen to the device’s surrounding voices. Plus, this helps you to record call conversations and listen to them later. You can read their messages, delete chats, and come to know about their social media activities in secret. You can even see all the apps they download from their targeted device. The most significant advantage of downloading umobix is that it alerts you about your cheated partner with authentic monitoring reports.

Umobix Feature

  • Access to device activities including social media platform
  • Let’s you about sent or received data
  • Find the device’s exact location

Pros & Cons

It gives you authentic monitoring featuresFor ios, it requires jailbreaking
As a shield against digital threats 
24/7 Customer Support 
Android OS 4 to 13iOS 7 – 13+ without Jailbreak
UMobix Pricing

Umobix has monthly, quarterly, and yearly price plans which are mentioned below:

01 month02 month12 month

3. Flexispy Facebook- Excellent for Spying Facebook

Flexispy- Excellent for Facebook Spying

FlexiSpy stands out with its Facebook monitoring. It is designed for digital surveillance to prevent online dangers. You can get a wide range of features to see someone’s Facebook activities.

You can track devices to capture their activities, like messages, calls, and media-shared files. Besides this, users can get advanced monitoring to find the device’s malicious activities. You can get device information from their secure web control panel.

What’s more! This app helps you view browsing history, downloaded apps, social media call conversations, and learn about their shared media files. This incredible feature enables users to find their targeted person’s location and set geo-fence to mark some particular areas from their device. You can get this app to know more about your kids and spouse’s Facebook activities without knowing them.

FlexiSpy Feature

  • Give access to Facebook calls, messages, and comment
  • Incredible VoIP call recording for FB
  • Find the device location by tracking their Facebook account 

Pros & Cons

Gives you detailed information from a targeted device with timestampsIt requires rooting and jailbreak for ios and Android phones  
It is good to get data from the FlexiSpy web control panel 
Remote access to FB account 
iOS 7.0 to IOS 15. XiOS 7.0 to IOS 15.X
FlexiSpy Pricing

FlexiSpy has the best price ranges that make you purchase it let’s read.


4. Mspy Facebook- Best Choice for Parents to Track kids Facebook

Mspy- Consider the Best Solution for Digital Monitoring

mSpy is an app that is designed for kids’ protection. It helps to control children’s online activities via its superb, excellent features. With millions of satisfied users, It gained popularity in the spy industry.

Using mSpy, people can easily track their loved ones’ Facebook accounts without knowing them. They can access their messages and call logs, record VoIP calls, and follow other online activities. As a feature-rich monitoring solution, it provides an excellent user-friendly interface and effortless installation process.

This is not the only solution for kids’ protection; you can purchase it to know about your partner’s FB and other online activities. It unveils the private conversation within one click. As an amazing app, it offers a remote control on a targeted device and finds out more about the person’s actions. You can monitor your kids, employees, and spouses to catch them if they cheat. With all these qualities, this application provides an undetectable monitoring solution. It means the person can not identify they are being monitored.

Mspy Feature

  • Grab use’s FB calls, messages, voice notes, and comments
  • Find the accurate location 
  • See the browsing history within a secret command

Pros & Cons

Extensive monitoring and tracking featuresIt didn’t offer a camera tracking feature
Effortless installation process 
Offer refund policy 
Android OS 4 to 13iOS 7 – 13+ Jailbreak
Mspy Pricing

Mspy has amazing price plans for all their users as:

01 month02 months12 months

5. Eyezy Facebook- Overall The Best Facebook Monitoring Solution

Eyezy- Overall The Best Solution

EyeZy is an excellent choice for all who want to protect their loved ones from digital dangers. It helps parents to protect kids from online predators, cyberbullying, and strangers while monitoring their Facebook accounts. It is the ideal app to spy on someone’s Facebook and check all their activities secretly.

It allows you to see their messenger text chat, even deleted messages, and listen to call conversations from any social media app. If your child is addicted to a cell phone, you can set and limit their screen time.

This gives you an immediate solution to digital dangers by logging into the eyeZy web control panel. It’s a helpful feature of keyloggers; you can spy on everything they type on their device. It allows you to keep an eye on your kids, employees, and suspicious partners.

Amazingly, it shows you the websites they visited and enables you to block them remotely.

Eyezy Feature

  • Secretly finds the IM’s activities
  • Find everything they typed on the device via keylogger
  • Check where they move by location tracker
  • See their visited website

Pros & Cons

An excellent solution for Facebook monitoringIt’s expensive for multiple devices
Hassle-free monitoring tool 
Android OS 4 to 13iOS 7 – 13+ Jailbreak
Eyezy Pricing

Eyezy has good price plans that are useful to all of you as;

01 month02 month12 months

6. Spyic Facebook- Affordable App to Find Facebook Activities

Spyic Facebook- Amazing app for Facebook Monitoring

If you are looking for a budget-friendly Facebook spy app, Spyic is the best choice. It provides a fantastic solution for app parents, employers, and those who feel infidelity in their relationship and want to know more about their partner’s activities.

This monitoring and tracking tool provides the best feature to track messages, record calls, and know about FB posts, likes, and comments. Plus, you can get web history without knowing the person.

Besides this, you can also track the person’s real-time location and set geo-fence to restrict some particular areas from their device map to get notification when they enter or leave.

Moreover, it allows you to find dating app activities from the person’s device and take action against them. This monitoring app will enable you to support when your targeted person is in trouble and help them via the web control panel.

Spyic Feature

  • Easily detect digital dangers
  • Super-fast monitoring for social messenger apps
  • Track and remote control the targeted machine

Pros & Cons

Allow you to record device activitiesSome features are not available at cheap price
Give authentic monitoring results 
Dating apps monitoring 
Android OS 4 to13All iPhones and iPads
Spyic Pricing

Check Spyic price packages to get it.

01 Month03 Month12 Months

Comparison| 6 best Facebook Spying Tool

App nameFree trialDevice countCompatibilityMoney back guaranteeMinimum prices
PhonseeNo01Android +IosNo $29.99
UmobixDemo+ 3 days free trial01Android +Ios14 days$49.99
FlexispyYes01Android +Ios14 days$29.99
MspyYes01Android +Ios14 days$48.99
EyezyDemo01Android +Ios14 days$47.99
SpyicDemo03Android +Ios60 days$8.33

How Facebook Spy Apps Work?

Facebook spy apps work after installing them on the targeted device. Once you install it, it can secretly collect the data from your targeted device and upload it on the app web control panel. Then, you can see all their activities remotely.

What is the Reason Behind Spy on Facebook Messages?

There are some reasons to spy on the Facebook messenger app to find all their activities. But, the primary concern is digital safety. Here are some reasons behind installing the Facebook spy app.

• Protect Children from Online Dangers 

Parents are mostly concerned about the use of digital devices and the internet. When their children spend most of their time on social messenger apps like Facebook. To protect their children from cyberbullying on Facebook, parents want to ensure they are safe. Therefore, they need a Facebook monitoring software.

• Change in Partner’s behavior

Suppose you notice your partner active on Facebook, chatting, and other activities. In that case, you need to check the activities, what they are doing on Facebook, who they are chatting and what they are talking about. In this condition, you need Facebook spy software to check insight into your partner’s FB activities without knowing them.

• Monitor Employees’ messenger for business protection

The business community is worried about their employees’ activities at the place. They can keep an eye on them by monitoring their Facebook account to ensure that they are not wasting their productive time scrolling FB feeds and posting.

So, as a user- choose the best apps for Facebook monitoring, like Flexispy, Spyic, Phonsee, Mspy, and Eyezy.

Free vs. Paid Facebook Spy app| What is the Better Option?           

There are a lot of apps available for your use; some offer free of cost, and some charge a small amount. But as a user, you should know about the disadvantages of installing free apps; they are not like you expect. It just wastes your time. On the other hand, paid apps work as they claim. They properly your data and provide you with the best monitoring and tracking results without knowing the person, and they even work on the device’s background. Some of the best Facebook spy apps, like Mspy, Flexispy, Eyezy, and umobix, are on the list.

How to install uMobix Facebook Spy App for Android & iPhone

Umobix Installation Guide for Android

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of installing Umobix on an Android device. Follow these steps carefully:

Step 1: Create an Umobix Account

Create an account on Umobix’s official website.
You can select a subscription plan that meets your needs and make the payment online.

Step 2: Prepare the Target Android Device

Access the target Android device.
Go to “Settings” > “Security” and enable “Unknown Sources” to allow app installation from sources other than the Google Play Store.

Step 3: Download Umobix

On the target device, open the web browser.
Visit the Umobix website and download the app.
Once the APK file is downloaded, open it.

Step 4: Install Umobix

Follow the on-screen instructions to install Umobix.
Grant the necessary permissions to the app.
Once installed, open Umobix and log in with your Umobix account credentials.

Step 5: Monitor the Device

You’re all set! Umobix is now installed on the Android device, and you can start monitoring activities from your Umobix dashboard.

Umobix Installation Guide for iPhone

Installing Umobix on an iPhone is slightly different due to iOS security restrictions. However, it’s still a straightforward process:

Step 1: Create an Umobix Account

Follow the same steps as mentioned in the Android installation guide to create an Umobix account and select a suitable subscription plan.

Step 2: Obtain iCloud Credentials

Ensure you have the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone.
These credentials are essential for Umobix to access data on the iPhone.

Step 3: Configure Umobix

Log in to your Umobix account.
Enter the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone when prompted.

Step 4: Start Monitoring

That’s it! Umobix will now sync with the target iPhone’s iCloud backup, allowing you to monitor the device’s activities remotely.

FAQS | Facebook Messenger Spy Apps

Are Facebook Spy Apps legal?

Yes, Facebook spy apps are legal when used responsibly and with proper consent. Always ensure you follow the legal guidelines in your region

Can I Install a Facebook Spy App Remotely?

No, you can install the Facebook spy app remotely. You must install the app after getting physical access to the targeted device.

Can I Read my Spouse’s Facebook Messenger for Free?

No, there are no free apps for Facebook to read spouse messages, but a few apps offer free trials for a few days, like Mspy and Flexispy.

Are Facebook Tracker Apps Detectable?  

No, when you choose and install the best Facebook spy apps like umobix, Phonsee, Eyezy, and Flexispy. It will never disappear on the targeted device while monitoring.

Is It Ethical to Spy on Someone’s Facebook?

Spying on someone’s Facebook without their consent is generally considered unethical. Ensure you have valid reasons and consent before monitoring.

Does Facebook Spy work on Android and iOS?

Yes, flexispy, Mspy and umobix smoothly work on Android and iOS devices.

What Are the Risks of Using Facebook Spy Apps?

Using spy apps irresponsibly can lead to legal consequences, strained relationships, and privacy violations. Use them judiciously and legally

Do I Need to Root or Jailbreak Before Monitoring Facebook?

It depends on the monitoring application. A few apps require rooting and jailbreaking to install the Facebook spy app.

Conclusion | Best Facebook Messenger Spy 2024

We tested different monitoring and tracking apps for Facebook spying. We concluded that FlexiSpy, MSPY, and uMobix are rich for the digital protection of your kids and business and allow you to keep an eye on your partner. But the others are also good by providing the bloating features and user-friendly interface with affordable prices and a money-back guarantee. So, to use FlexiSpy and mSpy, click below and get the best app.

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