How to Find Out If Someone Has an OnlyFans Account 2023

An Onlyfan is a quick social media adult content platform on the internet. It gained popularity in 2020 to now has more than 50 million users around the globe some of them sharing their daily routines by promoting nudity. With millions of users, finding anyone on only the fan’s app is challenging.

Let’s read this complete information that has an authentic way to Find Out If Someone Has an OnlyFans account in a secret way.

Starts to find it.

What is the OnlyFans App?

OnlyFans is a social media platform for content creators. The content includes food, fitness, and many more. It is famous as a private content creator app. If you pay for this app, you can access multiple content like private videos of your favorite person.

But things are complicated when you see your loved ones have an account and post private and adult videos on this platform. So, how can they find and see their videos and monitor their activities?

Is it Possible to cheat someone by using OnlyFans?

Mspy Tracker

When your boyfriend has an OnlyFans account.  The most concerning point is when they use the messaging feature to exchange messages.  You’ll check their messages with the help of the MSpy monitoring app to see what they did using this app.

How to find out if someone has an Onlyfan account ( Easy methods)

A few methods might help you find anyone’s onlyfans app. So let’s read and know the details.

See social media account

It’s a manual way to check other social media platforms like monitor Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line app, and others to see if there are any clues. Because OnlyFans creator promotes their accounts associated with social media, if you look at the social media apps, you’ll find any clue about the OnlyFans page.

Asked directly

This method is the most straightforward and considerable way. If you asked your targeted one about the OnlyFans account. Suppose you asked the other person. The other one is willing to share them and tell you about having an account. Or if they are not comfortable sharing, they keep it secret and private.

Asked mutual friends

If you don’t want to ask directly, you can find another way to ask indirectly. This method is asked to their mutual friend who may know about their OnlyFans activities. Keep remember; this method is not always reliable and authentic. Most of the time, her/his friend may tell a lie and never want to disclose their activities.

Search user name via the OnlyFans app

If you want to know the correct username from the app, you can search for them by accessing the website. You can see the accurate results by showing their account if you put the correct name. If the user’s profile is private, you can’t see the account unless and until you are a subscriber.

Check online reviews

Some of the OnlyFans creators put their reviews on the blog and forums. A quick online search with the user’s name via keywords like OnlyFans and look for a review to check some results.

Use the email address to sign up for the OnlyFans

Focus on the email address that had created the OnlyFans account. And require the users to verify from the email confirmation.

If it has been used on the website, it cannot be used again to register. You only need to sign up using their email address, and if you get an “email is invalid” or “rejected” message, it can only mean that someone else has already used that email to open an account on OnlyFans. This enables you to verify whether a person has a profile there. But, since your target can be registering with a fake email address, this can also be challenging. Hence, try to gather as many email addresses as possible.

Use the Spying App to Find Out If Someone Has an OnlyFans Account

All the above methods are mentioned to help you to check the OnlyFans account of anyone. But we write the only authentic solution that enables you to find the OnlyFans account.


Eyezy monitoring app

It is one of the most accurate and reliable monitoring tools. It can help you see someone’s OnlyFans account and their performed activities secretly. Once you sign in, you can access the person’s web activities and completed activities. For example, you can see their visiting website OnlyFans and check their suspicious performances.

You can restrict app access by blocking inappropriate apps and malicious websites. You can check your user’s access using features such as keyloggers and website browsers and record their screen activities. It’s fantastic to see everything. Further, EyeZy helps you check what the person is doing online and what they did. The user has to access the one-time installation procedure. Then you can check live and recorded activities from the online web control panel.

How to access EyeZy to find out someone’s OnlyFans account

Follow the installation steps to view the OnlyFans account. Let’s read and follow the installation steps to accomplish the procedure in real.

  • Create an account on the EyeZy app
  • Then, receive the confirmation email that contains credentials.
  • Take the device to install the EyeZy app
  • Now- login to the web control panel to secretly view their OnlyFans and other online activities.


Having an OnlyFans account is not wrong, but hiding from your partner is wrong. But now we found the solution to see their account and deeply examine creating content. We’ve explained the possible methods. But consider eyeZy that is one of the best and time efficient ways.


Is possible to see if someone has an OnlyFans account?

You can secretly and manually see someone’s onlyfans accounts. But follow the methods mentioned earlier to track the activities and app details without knowing the person.

Can you join OnlyFans anonymously?

Yes, you can join anonymously. This private social media site didn’t allow anyone to enter freely. However many creators anonymously use them as active users.

Can I use online tools to directly find someone’s OnlyFans subscription?

No, using online tools to directly access someone’s OnlyFans subscription without their consent is unethical and potentially illegal. Always prioritize respecting privacy and seeking information through legitimate means.

Is it appropriate to ask someone about their OnlyFans involvement?

While it’s acceptable to inquire about someone’s online activities if you have a close relationship, it’s essential to approach the topic with sensitivity and respect for their privacy. Not everyone may feel comfortable discussing such matters.

Are there any legal ways to find out about someone’s OnlyFans account?

Yes, there are legal ways to gather information, such as analyzing their public social media content or engaging in an open and honest conversation. However, it’s vital to adhere to ethical guidelines and data protection laws.

Can I trust third-party websites that claim to reveal OnlyFans subscriptions?

Third-party websites that promise to reveal OnlyFans subscriptions should be approached with caution. Their accuracy and legitimacy are often questionable, and relying on such tools can lead to ethical and privacy concerns.

How can I protect my own privacy on platforms like OnlyFans?

If you’re a content creator on platforms like OnlyFans, prioritize setting strong privacy settings and being mindful of the content you share. Regularly review your subscription list and revoke access to anyone you no longer wish to share content with.

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