Aispyer Review: Anything Special or Waste of Money (Detailed Guide)

It is crucial to stay informed with our loved ones to ensure their safety and online protection. Therefore, you’ve to connect with a good spy app Aispyer. Thus, we’ll explain the app’s features, compatibility, pros, cons, and pricing. We promise to define every part of this app with authentic details and avoid fake information.

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What is Aispyer?


Aispyer is a cutting-edge tracking app designed to provide comprehensive insights into your loved ones’ digital devices to know their activities. Suppose you’re a concerned parent, a vigilant employer, or simply someone who wants to ensure the safety of their loved ones.

Aispyer provides a spectrum of features that lets you monitor various aspects of their digital life. Moreover, this app remained hidden while they monitored the targeted devices. But for this, you must install the app on the targeted machine by getting physical access. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Aispyer

It is Easy useIt requires jailbreak for iPhone device 
Demo It never offers a single package with all the features
It Secure your data Screen Recorder does not work on any device 
Compatible Android, iPhone, Windows, MacIt has short features for the iPhone
 Not properly worked on IOS and MacOS devices

Who is the Suitable Alternative of Aispyer (Highly Recommended)

While testing Aispyer, the overall experience was good. Still, some points could be more attractive for all users. This provided a limited list of spy features and was a bit expensive app. Moreover, this application does not work on iPhone devices.

flexispy Spying app

Therefore, we want you to provide an alternative option FlexiSpy. It has unlimited unique features compatible with all your devices and their latest versions. It secretly helps to monitor your loved ones to check what they do online without them knowing. FlexiSpy has everything you expect from a spy app, so we highly recommend you choose FlexiSpy and subscribe to it without wasting time

What Features Offer by Aispyer

This section will cover one of the most essential parts of this monitoring and tracking software. Its quality and unique features that develop the need to buy. If the app contains a valuable and impressive list of features, users get the app repeatedly to fulfill their requirements. 

Listen to Their Call Conversation

If we talk about the Aispyer call feature, it works amazingly. When your targeted person calls anyone, it alerts you and enables you to record and listen to their chit-chat.

You can access the web control panel and get the recording file. Besides this, you can see the caller’s contact name and cell phone number from your targeted device.

That’s not enough; it lets you check incoming and outgoing calls with call duration, date, and time. By checking the call details, you can protect your kids from talking with strangers and make sure your employees are sharing the company’s secrets. Plus, it lets you see that your partners are not cheating on you.

Watch Contact List

After the call conversation, you can check who is added to your targeted person’s contact list. This enables you to check your kids, spouse, and employees.

With this feature, you can see the entire contact list on your targeted phone without knowing them. It allows you to dig into all their saved contacts by clicking on the web control panel, and then the targeted person’s contact will appear on the side.

This will help you to identify to whom your child is talking and if there is any suspicious contact with your employees and partners. You can see and take appropriate action against them.

Text Messages 

Everyone with a cell phone must use the built-in messaging app to chat with friends, family, and loved ones. When you spy on the Messages, you’ll know all the contact numbers with whom your targeted person communicates without knowing them if your partner may never text someone you may not know.

And maybe your child is sending unethical messages to strangers that need to stop. Or your employees share the company’s information behind your back.

Therefore, this application lets you track the targeted person’s text messages and secretly read what they sent or received with date and timestamp. It’s not all; this monitoring software lets you know the contact’s name.

Location Tracker

Our kids like to spend time at outside parties with others. This may develop concern to parents about the safety of their kids. Nowadays, parents need to find out where their kids move and in which areas. They may speak lies to their kids and move to prohibited areas.

Even they miss their school and academic days by spending time in clubs and bars. There is hope to protect your loved ones. If you can use the location tracker feature of Aispyer, you can check your kid’s real-time whereabouts.

This enables you to pinpoint their location and see their location history. You can find their location with the date, time, and area name. So, this allows you to find the truth about their visited areas.

Social Media Monitoring 

Social media is involved in our lives. People help to connect with their loved ones from a long distance. Undoubtedly, it has many benefits, but it also comes with many dangers that need to be handled at times. You are unaware of your kid’s social media interactions and relationships, even if you don’t know what your child is sending online and whom to send.

It may concern parents about their kid’s social media interactions. So, it’s better to understand the social media monitoring tool that helps everyone dig into their social media.

This enables you to spy on popular social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Tinder, WeChat, Line, Hangout, and Kik. By tracking these social apps, you can know what your targeted person is doing online without them knowing. 

Spy on Popular IMs’s FB, Instagram, and Snapchat

As we define that, social media monitoring is crucial and gives you complete information about the targeted person. But here is the breakdown of the most popular social apps. Aispyer can take screenshots while your targeted person uses the social media app.

While testing this app, we came to know that users can immediately take screenshots of the targeted person. It allows you to take screenshots of WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. When your targeted person is active on Snapchat and doing something, you can remotely scroll and capture screenshots without logging into their account.
It indicates if they are doing any suspicious activity; take it as evidence. As for Snapchat, you can take screenshots of Instagram to know what they are doing and check their DM’s without knowing them. It automatically captures snapshots and sends them to the web control panel, where you can easily see them. It does the same procedure for Line, Kik, Tinder, Telegram, and WeChat apps. 

Watch Browsing History

Internet exposure comes with a lot of online threats. It is the biggest concern for parents because kids cannot handle the online dangers and online content. So, they may expose adult and explicit content like porn sites, sexual and rape scenes, and harsh or unethical language, which negatively affect their mental health. 

On the internet, kids are easily exposed by clicking a single tab. With a single tap, your child can get exposed to obscene content on the internet.

So, it is important to keep an eye on their internet usage and check which websites they visit most and what kind of data they access. It includes websites, bookmarks, and URLs. This feature helps you protect your kids from accessing dangerous content online. 

Email Monitoring

if you allow your employees to connect with customers via email. Then, you have to keep a clear eye on them to check what type of connection they make and how they respond to their customers. so, this feature helps you to access their email to see what they do online secretly.

With this, you can see all sent or received emails, come to know the name and address of the sender, and read the complete email text. This feature helps you to check complete email activities from a targeted device. 

keylogger Spy

keylogger is considered a turning point in your whole online tracking. A single keylogger feature can tell you much about your loved ones by giving digital footprints. If you track the targeted keywords, you can know every click of your loved ones on their targeted device. 

If your loved one types for text, search on Google or even access adult websites. You can check their typing and capture screenshots of their every click. This feature is considered the most amazing and popular feature around monitoring and tracking. Once you access it quickly allows you to grab device passwords without knowing the targeted person.

Spy on Device Calendars

Aispyer will never show the calendar section just as it appears dates. It enables you to check what your partner saves for important dates, events, and meetings.

It will help you to find out if they are planning to meet someone special and hiding from you. and even save their birthday date if allowed to dig into and that something is going wrong. So, with this feature, you can know and take action. 

Monitor Phone Photos

Spy the application photos section is crucial to check. For tracking photos, it doesn’t matter if you are spying on your partner, kids, and employees. It performs very well on anyone’s device to see their saved media.

Suppose your partner cheated on you and connected with anyone else. They must have their photos on their phone. So, you can keep watch and see who’s they attached. This reveals about your partner and

You may find a photo on your lover’s device showing your lover with that other person if you suspect your lover has an affair. And it may help you to grab your kid’s unethical activities. You can see what kind of photos they received and save them in their phone gallery. Plus, this feature helps you to identify if any employees are cheating with their company.

So, you can access the Aispyer web control panel and see your targeted person’s phone photos and media files without knowing them.

View Installed App

Parents give cell phones to their kids as they need time. But they need to be aware of the apps they download on their phone. They may install violent and adult apps that negatively impact their mental health.

So, parents should be mindful of their kid’s phone-installed applications that help them a lot. With this feature, you learn the list of apps they installed and view the app’s details.

It even allows you to check the established date and app usage duration. It helps you to recognize whether your child installs safe apps or not. And give a detailed about them. If you see they download an unhealthy app, you can remotely block it by taking appropriate action.

Is Aispyer Compatible with your Targeted Device?

Before buying the app to get their services, you need to know whether it works with your targeted device. 

Aispyer is compatible with All Android phones running on version 4. x, 5. x, 6. x, 7. x, 8. x, 9. x, and 10. It can easily tell you about your loved one’s activities with Android devices. 

You cannot use this app if you want to spy on an iPhone. The app does not give services for iPhones or iPad devices even with a Mac or Windows PC or laptop. So we highly recommend FlexiSpy after testing the app. That is smoothly operating in IOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS with the latest current version.

About Compatibility, Aispyer needs to be more satisfied with its users. 

How to Install Aispyer in your Target Device (Installation guide)

Before starting with Aspyer, you must complete the installation procedure on the targeted device. So, follow the below lines. 

Setup the App

1. First, access the official website of Aispyer and press the Login button at the top right side of the app home screen.

2. Now, create a new account by clicking the Create an account option at the bottom of the screen. 

3. It’s time to put the target person’s name with your email address and password. Then, agree to all the terms to register with the Aispyer app. 

4. Now, your account is created, but you cannot use it before to activate it. You will receive an activation code on your email, and you have to open that link to activate your account. Then press OK once and open that link.

5. When you successfully create an account. Then, you can Login to the Aispyer app by entering the ID and password.

6. To login with the app will take you to the app’s dashboard, and you must press the Start Now button. 

7. Lastly, you have to buy the price plan for this app that helps you monitor your targeted person’s online activities. After that, you will receive an email with that account’s login ID or password.

Disable Play Protect

You must change the Play Store settings if you want your targeted persons to learn about the Aispyerapp.

1. Open the Play Store app and click the hamburger icon in the top-left corner.

2. Then, choose the Play Protect option from the list.

3. Then click the gear icon.

4. Next, turn off the option to Scan apps with Play Protect.

Enable Unknown Source

Aispyer is the same as the Play Store app that you can use after download. As a monitoring app, you cannot install it directly on a targeted phone. So, it enables you to change the Unknown Sources section of the targeted phone. 

1. Now open your phone Settings and go to the Biometrics and Security option. With this section, you will see the Install Unknown Apps.

2. Choose the browser you will use to install the Aispyer and toggle on the button to Allow from this source. 

Now, the target device is ready for the installation.

Install And Setting Aispyer

Now, you have to install the app from the software downloading link of the Aispyer app. This link is only available when you open it in incognito mode. Opening the link with the browser will transform to another web rather than displaying the link.

Online dashboard

1. After, open the incognito browser and use the following URL. This link may redirect to the web, even if it begins in the incognito window. You can solve this issue by refreshing the page or end and opening the link.

2. If you notice a screen, click on the Advanced button.

3. Then click on Proceed to Tracksp. In.

4. When you see the download icon with an arrow, click on it and then press the OK button.

3. Verify the installation of this app by clicking on the Install button.

5. In the next step, you must agree to the Aispyer app’s privacy policy app.

6. Then access the same registration code you received after buying the Aispyer app. Click on NEXT after putting in the code.

Change the Phone Settings

1. To drag the data from your targeted device. Specific permissions will be given to the app, along with setting changes. The device administrator must make the change.

2. Toggle the button, click Activate, and turn on the machine administrator setting.

3. Adjust the System Update Service by toggling on.

4. Then, deliver screenshots from the different sections. Aispyer will ask for screen recording permission by clicking the Start Now button. 

5. Now, it’s time to provide notification access to Aispyer by toggling on the button adjacent to the System Update.

Give Other Permissions

Other permissions include contacts, phone calls, calendars, call logs, phone messages, photos, recorded videos, social media files, location access, app installed, and more. 

The Aispyer is all set to track your targeted device. Eventually, click on the Finish option to get your monitoring activated. Once you end the installation, the app icon automatically disappears, making the app untraceable.

What About the Dashboard?

After successfully installing the Aispyer, you can directly visit the app’s online dashboard. This is where you can reflect some monitored data from the targeted devices.

On the right of the online dashboard, you can see the information about the target device.

This data contains the machine model, battery percentage, current location, and the Wi-Fi connection.

This information can be helpful for you. If you see that your child is outside and in trouble, you can take immediate action to protect them.

This is useful for every individual to detect their lost devices. It enables you to back up your device data within a few minutes.

With this, the message section will reveal your targeted persons sent or received messages. Moreover, the call section will tell you whom your targeted person will call and make call recordings.

This is another fantastic feature that shortens the targeted person’s online actions.  Overall, the dashboard helps provide calls, contacts, emails, social media, location, and everything you want to see from the targeted person.

What are Aispyer Pricing Plans?

If you consider this app, you must choose the subscription price.

Aispyer provides different price plans for Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac for all users. Also, It has been divided into different sections standards, and customized. You can choose the app subscription as your demand.

Aispyer Android Pricing Plans

Aispyer Standard Android1 Month Pro: $183 Month Pro: $406 Month Pro: $60
Aispyer Customized Android  1 Month Premium:$30
1 Month Extreme:$80
3 Month Premium:$80
3 Month Extreme: $200
6 Month premium:$150
6 Month Extreme:$400
Aispyer for Kids Android  1 Month Premium: $26
1 Month Extreme: $58
3 Month Premium:$68
3 Month Extreme: $150
3 Month Premium:$130
3 Month Premium: $270

Aispyer iPhone Packages

Aispyer for iPhone  1 Month Premium: $50
1 Month Extreme: $80
3 Month Premium:$120
3 Month Extreme: $190
6 Month premium:$210
6 Month Extreme: $320
Aispyer for iPad1 Month Premium: $373 Month Premium: $786 Month premium: $128
Aispyer for Kids iPhone  1 Month premium: $35
1 Month Extreme: $70
3 Month premium: $80
3 Month Extreme: $170
6 Month premium: $130
6 Month Extreme: $300

Windows Pricing

Aispyer For Windows1 Month premium: $453 Month premium: $1006 Month premium:$159

Mac Price Plans

Aispyer For Mac  1 Month premium:$603 Month premium:$1006 Month premium:$160

In Aispyer’s review, you’ll come to know about everything. But still, it disappointed at some points, which urged to move a good spy app like FlexiSpy. After using FlexiSpy, you’ll like to purchase it again because of its wonderful monitoring experience. Lastly, choose a good app like FlexiSpy that never disappoints you. 

FAQ’s | Aispyer Review 2024

What Is Aispyer Used?

Aispyer monitors targeted phone messages, calls, contacts, GPS locations, social media, installed apps, browsing, and more. Plus, Flexispy is also used for the digital protection of your loved ones with more than 150 great features. 

How Does Aispyer Work on Targeted Devices?

It works after subscribing to the plan. Then, we will get specific permissions to the app. Based on permissions. You can collect data from the target device and see their online activities. 

Is it Possible to Track WhatsApp Calls?

It’s not possible with Aispyer. So, to monitor someone’s WhatsApp call, you should use the FlexiSpy app. 

Is Aispyer Completely Invisible?

Yes, Aispyer is completely invisible monitoring software. Its app icon automatically disappeared from the targeted phone after installation of the app. 

Is Customer Support Available 24/7? 

Aispyer offers customer support services during office hours and replies on time. 

Is Aispyer legal to use? 

Aispyer is legal when you have consent to protect your children and safeguard your business.

Do I Need Technical Expertise to Use Aispyer?

 No, Aispyer is designed as a user-friendly interface and doesn’t require technical expertise for any users. You can follow the installation method and get this app. 

Can I Monitor Multiple Devices Under One Account? 

Depending on the price plan, you can now monitor one device by using a single Aispyer account on a targeted phone. 

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