How to Spy on WhatsApp | 6 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps Reviewed 

The best WhatsApp spy apps help you to track the targeted devices without being detected. Having good features, you can read someone’s WhatsApp chats, listen to audio-video calls, view media-shared files, and more. With this, you can keep an eye on your kids, track employees, and check your partner’s activities. so, this is a simple solution to cover your various problems.

There are a lot of apps in the market; save your time and money on useful apps. Therefore, we’ve come up with the best WhatsApp spy apps. Read more to know the features, pricing, compatibility, and pros/cons to get one of the top apps with no flaws.

We have also covered a detailed review of top iPhone and Android spy apps for child and spouse safety in our recent post.

How to Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp Secretly

Spying on someone’s WhatsApp activities is not a challenge. You can easily track anyone’s digital devices to monitor their online activities. But do you know how? Before covering this, you must find one of the best spy apps for WhatsApp. That enables you to find anyone’s activities. After selecting the app, purchase and activate it on the targeted device to find all their actions in secret from the app web control panel. With this, you can see your kids, employees, and spouse WhatsApp without them knowing.

Top 6 Ranked WhatsApp Spy Apps in the Market | Comparison

After testing different apps, we’ve concluded the top WhatsApp spy apps. We listed down all the best apps for WhatsApp monitoring that enable you to fulfill your spying needs.

1. Mspy– With the Best Feature of Reading WhatsApp Messages Secretly

2. Umobix– Recover all Deleted Messages and Check the Targeted Social Media Performances

3. Flexispy– Loaded Features that Empower you to find Everything that Happened on the Targeted Device

4. Eyezy– Cheapest Spy App to Cover all Activities, Including Messages, Call Logs, Location Tracker, and More.

5. Spynger– Catch your Cheated Partner, Secretly Dig into their Social Media, and Check all Activities.

6. Spyic– Budged Friendly App that Covers the Targeted Person’s Online Activities without Being Detected.

1) MSpy WhatsApp- Top Notch Choice for WhatsApp Tracking App

MSpy is the king of the spy industry; it enables the tracking of someone’s phone devices secretly by providing authentic results with data security promises. It allows you to check your kids, employees, and everyone’s online activities without knowing the person.

It lets you know about messages, call logs, browsing history, and location tracker and set geofence on the targeted person’s map. It’s overall about the app, but when it comes to specific WhatsApp monitoring and tracking. It enables you to view WhatsApp all performed activities. With this, you can read all their sent or received messages, audio-video calls, and shared pictures and videos. Moreover, you can remotely see the person’s hidden status.

So, it gives you all the information about the person in real-time without showing the app icon. Further, you can use its screen recording feature to view and record the husband’s WhatsApp live activities. It enables you to capture the keystrokes to read their conversations. All features make it the best and most amazing choice for secret monitoring.

Using this, you can prevent your kids from dangers online by setting online boundaries with Mspy. It’s an armchair for all parents, employers, and everyone.

Mspy WhatsApp Feature

  • Read WhatsApp sent or received messages
  • Listen to WhatsApp’s incoming & outgoing audio-video calls
  • It helps you to check the WhatsApp contact list
  • View shared data like photos, videos, and documents
  • Recording of WhatsApp live-screen

Pros & Cons


 Easy to install and use

 Monitor social media apps

 A great geo-fencing feature


Comparatively bit expensive

MSpy Compatibility  
Android OS 4 to 13 without rootiOS 7 – 14+ without jailbreak
MSpy Pricing

Mspy offers price plans from monthly to yearly. You’ve to choose one of the mentioned below:

01 month03 month12 months
MSpy Pricing

2) UMobix WhatsApp- Recover all Deleted WhatsApp Messages

UMobix is the best undetectable monitoring app. It helps parents to protect their children from online dangers and prevent companies from outsider threats like cyber-attacks. Moreover, a partner can check their co-partner’s online activities to see if they are not cheated.

It allows you to track the targeted person’s social media platforms to know more about them. It enables you to track WhatsApp and see everything that happened on the targeted device. You can read chats, view call logs, and track exchanged files without being detected. The best thing is that you can recover deleted messages and WhatsApp chats without knowing the targeted person.

It helps protect your kids from online predators via reading messages and checking their WhatsApp chat to ensure their safety.

The best thing is about uMobix. It provides complete protection to your loved ones from online dangers. Plus, it enables them to come out of trouble. You can check their activities, view their conversation, and block any contact remotely.

Umobix WhatsApp Feature

  • It allows you to track WhatsApp remotely and secretly
  • It helps you to read WhatsApp chats
  • Listen record WhatsApp calls
  • Read deleted messages

Pros & Cons


Provide unique social media monitoring features

Real-time audio and video streaming

Excellent Read deleted messages feature


No Free Trial

UMobix Compatibility 
Android OS 4 to 13 without rootAll iPhones and iPads without jailbreak
UMobix Pricing

UMobix has different packages for secret tracking. read and come to know its price packages.

01 month03 month12 months
UMobix Pricing

3) FlexiSpy WhatsApp- Fully loaded Features with Advanced Spying Qualities  

Flexispy has unlimited features that let you monitor your child’s employees and spouse/boyfriend’s real-time activities. With this, you can track their live location, set geofence, and get alert notifications. Moreover, you can remotely control their devices without knowing them.

With Flexispy, users can read conversations on WhatsApp, groups, and individuals. They can see all the exchanged files and check their WhatsApp contact book with names and numbers.

With this, you can protect your kids from online dangers like cyberbullying, online predators, and stranger interactions.

Additionally, you can take advantage of its keylogger feature to see everything they typed online in real time. Furthermore, it has the ability to create restrictions around your kid’s devices by setting their online actions. It enables you to block websites to restrict their access to the unethical web. Employers can also use it to see if their employees are talking outside the company to share secret data via WhatsApp.

FlexiSpy WhatsApp Feature

  • Check call logs.
  • It will enable you to record WhatsApp screens.
  • It gives access to listen to voice conversations.
  • See your WhatsApp status.

Pros & Cons


With a lot of unique features

Excellent screen recording features

Easy to use

1-day free trial  


One-sided call recording

FlexiSpy Compatibility
Android OS version 4 to 13 without rootiOS 7.0 to IOS 15 without jailbreak
FlexiSpy Pricing

FlexiSpy has amazing pricing that helps everyone to buy without any delay as:

FlexiSpy Pricing

4) Eyezy WhatsApp- Budged Friendly App with Excellent Whatsapp Monitoring  

EyeZy is one of the best hidden and undetectable cell phone spy apps that allow you to keep an eye on your child, employees, and everyone’s devices without being detected. EyeZy comes with a Magic Alerts feature, which helps users set up filters and keywords in real-time whenever your targeted person receives a text message on their WhatsApp within certain words/topics.

So, Identifying if your loved ones are having unethical WhatsApp conversations is easy. Further, it lets you catch WhatsApp sharing files, including photos, videos, and everything they sent or received. You can even listen to WhatsApp call conversations and voice messages in secret. Its further incredible feature enables you to block any suspicious contact from their WhatsApp contact without knowing them to prevent them from being strangers.

Eyezy Whatsapp Features

  • Track WhatsApp secretly
  • It enables you to find both individual and group chats
  • Record WhatsApp screen
  • Set keyloggers to know their conversations

Pros & Cons


Invisibly view their browsing history

Prevent access to certain websites

The best app for Android devices


WhatsApp screen recorder does not continuously  work

Eyezy Compatibility
Android OS 4 to 13 without rootiOS 7 – 14 without jailbreak
Eyezy Pricing

Eyezy has monthly price plans that allow users to subscribe as like:

01 month03 month12 months
Eyezy Pricing

5) Spynger WhatsApp- Good option to Caught Cheated Partner

Spynger WhatsApp- Good option to Caught Cheated Partner

Spynger is an excellent and trustworthy cell phone spy app. It offers a variety of features for personal and professional needs. It provides authentic monitoring features that help everyone to track the devices without showing the app.

It offers different features such as call logs, messages, location tracker, social media, and more to keep an eye on your partner and employees for safety.

With Spynger, user can check anyone’s WhatsApp activities and read their chats for logical concerns. It keeps you with you to support in case of online troubles. You can prevent your targeted person from online dangers by using a web filter; this has a fantastic feature to read messages to find if your husband is talking with someone else and hide it. You can also listen to their conversation remotely and know who they are talking to with a time stamp.

Spynger WhatsApp Features

  • Access to read WhatsApp messages
  • Access the deleted chats
  • Listen to call conversations
  • Track real-time location

Pros & Cons


Comprehensive monitoring

Keylogging feature

User-friendly interface


Privacy concern

No Free trial

Spynger Compatibility
Android OS 4 to 13 without rootAndroid OS 4 to without root
Spynger Pricing

Spynger gives you good price packages to catch your cheated spouse as;

01 month06 month12 months

6) Spyic WhatsApp- Easy to view WhatsApp Activities Remotely

Spyic WhatsApp- Easy to view WhatsApp Activities Remotely

Spyic is a good option among the other spy apps to monitor someone’s WhatsApp chats. It enables you to track WhatsApp activities without being detected. You can read messages, group chats, and call logs and record call conversations in real-time. Further, with this, you’ll come to know about the shared media files and screen performances. Besides this, you can spy on other social media platforms like Line, Skype, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and much more. You can also check the phone for all activities without knowing the person.

By installing Spyic, you can track your partner’s real-time GPS location and catch if they tell a lie. You can find they are at a hotel or office. Moreover, you can restrict your kid’s physical movement by geo-fence and get an alert when they enter or leave a specific location.

It has an amazing browsing history feature; you can check their browsing data and block websites from your loved ones’ devices. You can restrict their access to inappropriate websites remotely.

Spyic WhatsApp Features

  • Read WhatsApp chats
  • It helps you to find shared media files
  • Blocking of specific contact
  • Read deleted chats/messages

Pros & Cons


  • Good call and SMS tracker
  • Advanced website history feature
  • Alert by geo-fencing
  • Affordable in Price


  • No keylogger feature
Spyic Compatibility
Android OS 4 to 13 without rootiOS 8 – 14 without jailbreak
Spyic Pricing

Spyic provides amazing price plans according to different levels of your needs.

BasicPremium  Family

Comparison | Best Whatsapp Monitoring Apps 2024

Spy AppsFree trialDevice countCompatibilityMoney back guaranteeMinimum prices
MspyYes01Android +Ios14 days$48.99 per month
UmobixDemo01Android +Ios14 days$49.99 per month
FlexispyYes01Android +Ios14 days$29.99 per month
EyezyDemo01Android +Ios14 days$47.99 per month
SpyngerNo01Android +IosNo$45.99 per month
SpyicDemo01Android +Ios14 days$49.99 per month

Why do WhatsApp Spy Apps Need?

WhatsApp spy apps are used for online monitoring. Parents, employers, and partners basically use it for their loved ones’ digital protection.

Whatsapp Parental Control

Parents can use it to keep an eye on their kids for their online protection. They read their WhatsApp chats to ensure they are talking with any stranger online.

Employee Monitoring

Employers use WhatsApp monitoring apps to check employees’ social media activities during working hours. It ensures that they are not wasting their time and prevent data breaching.


If you lost your WhatsApp data, log in to the WhatsApp monitoring app and recover your data by data backup from the web control panel.

Spouse Monitoring

If your partner cheated you and is talking with some other girl on WhatsApp, you can use this tool to make sure and identify if they cheated you to take action against them.

For these purses, you can use mSpy, FlexiSpy, and uMobix for secret monitoring and get a targeted person’s WhatsApp information.

How does WhatsApp Monitoring App Work?

The WhatsApp spy app works simply after installing the app on the targeted device. Once installed, it secretly tracks your device and gives access to the monitored data. When the app is activated, it secretly gains data from the device and uploads on the web control panel like WhatsApp messages, call logs, recorded calls, shared multimedia, and more. For Android or iOS devices, you need to install the app, and then it works.

What is the Better Option to Spy on WhatsApp (Free or Paid)

There are some free spy apps for WhatsApp monitoring available. But that all are scams and online fraud, which gain money by giving you nothing. So, be aware of these scams. Choose only an authentic spy app for secret monitoring after subscribing to the app. These apps will provide accurate monitoring results without knowing the targeted person. The paid app protects your data and gives you monitoring outcomes without being detected on the targeted device. In short, limit your free trial apps and choose the authentic way to track someone’s devices and prevent online risk. So, only paid apps are the most suitable option, which provides you with online safety.

How to Install WhatsApp Spy App on Target Device (mSpy installation Guide)

Now you’ll get the mSpy app after following these installation guide

Subscribe and Purchase the App

Earlier, you had to visit the official mSpy website and subscribe to their package for secret monitoring.

Download and Install the App

Now, you have to install the mSpy app on your targeted device, but you have to take the phone into your hand to download the app.

Login to the Web Control Panel

After downloading the app, you log in to the web control panel on your device using your login ID or password.

View the WhatsApp Activities

Now, you can easily view the targeted person’s WhatsApp activities without knowing them.

FAQ’s | Whatsapp Tracker App

Is it Legal to Use WhatsApp Spying Apps?

Yes, it is legal to use WhatsApp paying apps if you want to protect your kids, prevent business from outsider threats, and catch your spouse red-handed.

Can I Spy on WhatsApp for Free?

Yes, there are a lot of free apps that offer it. But they are all just a waste of time. So, choose the paid WhatsApp spy app.

How do you Know if Someone is Spying on your WhatsApp?

You must go to the app, click on the three dots from the corner, and select WhatsApp web; if it shows a log-in, it is activated. It means your WhatsApp account is being monitored.

What is the Best WhatsApp Spy App for Cheating Partners?

Mspy, uMobix, and FlexiSpy are top spy apps for WhatsApp to catch cheating partners. But you can subscribe to the Spynger app specifically designed to see cheated partners.

Can I Spy on WhatsApp without Physical Access to the Target Device?

Actually, it’s not possible to install the app on the targeted device without physical access to the targeted device.

Are These WhatsApp Spy Apps Compatible with Android and iOS?

Yes, all the mentioned apps are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Can WhatsApp Spy Apps be Detected?

No, the WhatsApp mentioned above spy apps can not detect targeted devices. These apps work on the background of the targeted device.

Is Customer Support Available for These apps?

Yes, the app above Spy provides 24/7 customer support services.

Conclusion | Best Whatsapp Spy Apps

The best spy apps for WhatsApp are mentioned in this article; we delivered you the top WhatsApp spy apps for monitoring and tracking—the apps listed after testing their services. The apps are not only WhatsApp monitoring features; instead, they’ve web browsing, location tracker, call logs, geo-fence, and more. All is good, but I recommend you choose the mSpy, uMobix, and FlexiSpy_ they all provide outstanding services for tracking someone’s Android and iOS devices. But make sure your investment should be for a good app.

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