How to Spy on Telegram | Top 5 Telegram Spy Apps 2024

The best Telegram spy apps enable you to find other Telegram activities without detection. Users can access and read the target person’s private messages on Telegram and monitor their activity on this platform. All activities are remote to get insight into what they did online.

Therefore, we’ve reviewed the best Telegram and Facebook spy apps in the monitoring and tracking apps market. This review has the features, pricing, pros, cons, and more about the Telegram monitoring app Let’s read on as we explore each in more detail so that you can find the best one for you according to your needs. 

Can you Spy on Telegram?

Users can spy on someone’s telegram app without knowing them. However, it requires to have an app installed on the targeted device. Then, users can view all their activities remotely without knowing them. With this, you can easily read the targeted user’s telegram messages and everything they do on this platform. 

Top 5 Telegram Spy Apps Reviewed

Now, you’ll read the detailed and authentic review of the best telegram spy app that enables you to spy on others’ telegrams for a legitimate reason. Let’s dive into the best apps to monitor telegram activities remotely. 

1. MspyThe best app that provides a telegram screen recorder

2. SpyngerOne of the great choices to keep track of your partner’s online actions

3. FlexiSpyThe most powerful and effective telegram spy tools

4. UmobixParental-oriented monitoring app

5. EyezyOverall, this is a good choice 

1. Mspy Telegram- The Top App for Telegram Monitoring

Mspy Telegram- The Top app for Telegram Monitoring

mSpy is not the only choice that provides you with a robust monitoring and tracking solution for social media monitoring. With millions of satisfied customers, it offers a wide range of spying features with reasonable pricing.

This is overall the best choice for parents, employees, and those who are concerned about their loved ones. This provides you with a complete pack of social media monitoring like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and others.

When we discuss telegram, this allows you to read messages with the schedule and helps you to recover deleted messages from your device. It is an excellent choice to track the media files without detected. Plus, it can see other social media chats, calls, shared media files, and more.

All these tools win the crown to protect kids from cyberbullying, online predators, sexual abusers, and more.

Besides telegram, mSpy also monitors the real-time location, spies on internet web browsing, takes screenshots, and listens to phone surroundings and much about the device’s online performances. It means mSpy is the best spy app to track phone activities without knowing the targeted person.

MSpy Features

  • Track social media activities
  • Track real-time live location
  • Provide in-depth into the digital actions

Pros & Cons


  • Monitor latest Android and ios devices
  • The best app to track telegram
  • View the shared multimedia files
  • Excellent app for parents


  • One subscription plan is for one device
Android OS 4 to 13 without rootiOS 7 – 13+ without Jailbreak
MSpy Pricing

Mspy comes in the market with different price ranges:

01 month02 months12 months

2. Spynger Telegram- Track your Partner with Ease

Flexispy Telegram- Feature-loaded Monitoring Software

Spynger stands out as the best monitoring app for Telegram. If you doubt your partner and boyfriend, you can use this excellent tool and get the best one. But this requires installing it on targeted devices without knowing them. It takes you a few minutes to install and use. Once done, you can easily spy on someone’s phone and check what they do online. It provides a remote control on the targeted phone to ensure their interactions and view their conversations. 

This tool lets you see all their activities, including messages they send or receive. Capture keyloggers and view what they typed on their device. Spynger also allows you to view where are your loved ones by location tracking feature. 

In addition, this enables you to monitor their web browsing history, bookmark pages, and more. This app allows you to spy on Android and iOS devices with a hidden app icon on targeted machines. 

Spynger Features

  • The best features to read messages
  • Track live calls to record
  • Find the accurate location with a schedule
  • Excellent services to view browsing history

Pros & Cons


  • Great keylogger feature
  • Simple to use
  • Remote control on the device
  • Spy on shared multimedia


  • Fewer features for social media
Android OS 4 to 13iOS 7 – 13+
Spynger Pricing

It has different and cheaper price plans that allow you to track your loved ones’ Snapchat accounts.


3. Flexispy Telegram- Feature-loaded Monitoring Software

Flexispy Telegram- Feature-loaded Monitoring Software

FlexiSpy is the best application to track their loved one’s online actions. This app provides you with the best features for online monitoring you need. With its boost tracking features, you can remotely find who they chat with and what they talk about on Telegram with timestamps.

It can record their live screen recording, giving you authentic evidence about the device’s activities. Plus, you can take screenshots of their activities. In addition, this can track Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and many other social media accounts.

FlexiSpy also restricts your loved one’s screen time on Telegram as per your need. It will show you the details about the person you monitored.

This unique monitoring and tracking tool lets you view the other’s text chats, record VoIP calls, and view shared media files secretly. Further, this can show you the contact list of targeted person actions. This will show the targeted person’s web browsing actions and see which websites they visited and bookmarked. It’s one of the great choices to find other activities in secret.

Flexispy Features

  • Track the real-time location
  • Secretly view the shared media files
  • Find the device keystrokes

Pros & Cons



  • A bit expensive
iOS 7.0 to IOS 15. X without jailbreakiOS 7.0 to IOS 15.X without jailbreak
FlexiSpy Pricing

FlexiSpy has the best price ranges that make you purchase it let’s read.


4. UMobix Telegram- Consider this Tool to Protect kids

UMobix Telegram- Consider this tool to protect kids

uMobix is the most effective tool for tracking cell phone activities and spying on telegram actions. This is the best choice for parents concerned about their kids and the business community.

This monitoring software can spy on social media messages/chats, calls, shared media files, and more. This is the best to unveil browsing activities and is perfect for handling all actions from the targeted phone.

With uMobix, you can quickly view the targeted person’s real-time location and keep an eye on the person’s real-time performance on the internet. The best thing is providing remote control features that enable you to limit your kids’ screen time and prevent them from online dangers.

This is a great tool to provide the best protection features. Moreover, you can use it for your business safety and check your partner’s activities to know if they cheated you.

UMobix Features

  • Monitor for social media activities
  • Find the telegram messages without detected
  • Check the device screen actions in secret
  • Remote control on kids and employees’ devices

Pros & Cons


  • Monitor social media apps, including dating apps
  • Restrict inappropriate apps
  • Detailed view of device internet actions


  • It cannot monitor PC devices
Android OS 4 to 13iOS 7 – 13+ without Jailbreak
Umobix Pricing

Umobix has monthly, quarterly, and yearly price plans which are mentioned below:

01 month02 month12 month

5. Eyezy Telegram- Simple to Use Monitor Telegram

Eyezy Telegram- Simple to use and Monitor Telegram

EyeZy is a complete app that provides the best features to spy on Telegram and other social media beyond monitoring. This is available for their user to assist according to any application issues. This is a simple app to find other activities.

This is the best telegram spy app that allows you to read messages, including deleted ones. It also shows the information about the targeted Telegram. 

Eyezy is a tool that secretly shows you the browsing history, current searches, and bookmark pages. This also provides the best feature to capture the keylogger app to view everything they typed on their device. This is one of the great choices if you’re worried about your loved ones and your kid’s digital activities. This app supports you in tracking kids‘ actions and helps you protect yourself from online dangers like online predators, sexual abusers, and cyberbullying.

This is the modern solution to the digital problem. This helps you prevent many online problems as a single solution.


  • Track the device’s real position
  • Restrict your loved one’s physical actions
  • Find the device’s social media activities
  • Check out web browsing activities

Pros & Cons


  • A good user-friendly interface
  • Most affordable app
  • Access you to the internet actions


  • Some advanced features are missing
Eyezy Compatibility
Android OS 4 to 13 without rootiOS 7 – 13+ without jailbreak
Eyezy Pricing

Here are some price plans which is in mentioned below:

01 month02 month12 months

why use Telegram Spy Apps?

There are some reasons to spy on someone’s telegram app, here are some causes:

Parental Problems

Parents often worry about their children’s online safety. Wire spying apps can help parents monitor their children’s activity on the platform to ensure they don’t engage in harmful conversations or share inappropriate content.

Employee Monitoring

Employers may need to ensure that their employees only use Telegram for work in the business world. Spy apps can help monitor employee conversations and prevent exposure of sensitive company information.

Relationship Issues

When trust in a relationship breaks down, partners can resort to Telegram and spy applications to verify their suspicions. While this approach may be a last resort, it can clarify difficult situations.

Preventing Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has become a concern, especially among teenagers. Parents and teachers can use detective apps to detect and prevent incidents of cyberbullying on Telegram.

Data Security

For businesses and individuals, protecting sensitive data is of utmost importance. Wire spying applications can help identify potential security breaches and protect privacy.

How Does a Telegram Monitoring App Work?

The telegram monitoring app works after installing the app once you have installed it on your targeted device. This lets you find all their online activities without knowing the targeted person. But remember, the installation is not remote; you have to take the device into your hand and install the app without it- you cannot track the device and spy on their telegram app.

Is a Free Telegram Tracker App Fullfil Your Spying Demands?

Free telegram tracker apps offer some basic spying features, but they often come with limitations that can only partially meet your spying requirements. Free apps have limited features, privacy and security concerns, lack of customer support, and inconsistent performance, legal and ethical concerns:

It is often best to invest in a reputable paid spy app with a track record of effectiveness, security, and customer support for extensive, reliable spy requirements, especially when privacy and security are essential. These paid channels provide more features, better performance, and higher user satisfaction. However, using any spy app responsibly and ethically is essential, respecting the privacy and legal restrictions of the individuals being spied on.

Installation Guide of Telegram Spy Apps 

Must know some basic info before installing the app

Before diving into the installation process, it’s essential to make sure you have everything you need. Here are the key prerequisites:

1. Compatible Device

Ensure that the target device is compatible with FlexiSPY. This software is designed to work on both Android and iOS devices, as well as Windows and macOS computers.

2. FlexiSPY Subscription

To access the full range of features, you’ll need a valid FlexiSPY subscription. You can choose from various subscription plans based on your specific needs, whether it’s for personal or professional use.

3. Target Device Access

You will need physical access to the target device for installation. FlexiSPY’s advanced features require you to install the software directly on the device you wish to monitor.

4. Stable Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is crucial for the initial setup and ongoing monitoring. Ensure that the target device has an active internet connection throughout the process.

FlexiSPY Installation Steps

Now that you’ve gathered all the necessary resources, let’s dive into the installation process step by step.

Step 1: Purchase and Register Your FlexiSPY Subscription

Start by selecting the FlexiSPY subscription plan that suits your needs. Once you’ve completed the purchase, you will receive an email with your login credentials and a link to the FlexiSPY Control Panel.

Step 2: Access the Target Device

Gain physical access to the target device you wish to monitor. Remember that you will need to unlock the device to proceed with the installation.

Step 3: Enable Unknown Sources (Android Only)

For Android devices, you’ll need to enable “Unknown Sources” in the device’s security settings to allow the installation of apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

Step 4: Download and Install FlexiSPY

Using the target device’s web browser, visit the FlexiSPY download page provided in your email. To download and install the application, follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 5: Configure FlexiSPY

After installation, open the FlexiSPY app and enter your login credentials. Follow the setup wizard to configure the software according to your monitoring requirements.

Step 6: Start Monitoring

Once you’ve completed the configuration, FlexiSPY will begin monitoring the target device. You can access the Control Panel from any web browser to view the collected data, including call logs, messages, GPS location, and more.

FAQs | Telegram Spy Apps

Can Telegram Chat be Traced?

Yes, telegram chats can be traced with the best monitoring and spy software such as Mspy and FlexiSpy. 

Can I Monitor Telegram Conversations Without Physical Access to the Target Device?

Installing a spy application generally requires physical access to the target machine. Once installed, you can manage Telegram remotely.

Are Telegram Spy Apps Legitimate?

The legality of Telegram spy applications varies. Before using such software, it is essential to check your local laws and regulations.

Can I use Telegram Spy Apps to Recover Deleted Messages?

Some spy apps can recover deleted messages, but this capability can vary depending on the device settings.

Can the MSpy App Track Telegram Calls?

Yes, the mSpy app can track telegram calls from targeted devices without knowing the person. 

Is it Possible to Monitor Telegram Secretly?

Yes, you can secretly monitor telegram activities, but you have to choose the best telegram spy app like uMobix, FlexiSpy, and eyeZy. 

How Can I Ensure the Safety of my Children on Telegram?

Using the best telegram spy software like eyeZy, uMobix, FlexiSpy, and mSpy.

Conclusion | Best Telegram Spy App

Telegram spying apps are emerging as valuable tools for individuals, parents, and employers concerned about privacy, safety, and security in the digital world. It can provide insight into your loved ones’ telegram app to protect against digital dangers. But you’ve to choose the best app as above mention. We recommend you subscribe to UMobix and Flexispy as the most convenient tool for telegram tracking.

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