How to Spy on iPhone | 6 Best iPhone Spy App no Jailbreak

The best spy app for iPhone enables you to track iPhone activities in detail from a targeted device. It lets you know text messages, calls, live location, social media, and internet browsing history and blocks apps and websites from targeted devices. You can find everything that happened on the targeted device. With this, you can access the targeted devices and view their activities remotely. It helps you to check kids’ activities, view employees’ performance, and catch your cheated spouse.

UMobix iPhone

But the search for the best spy app for iPhone is not difficult. Therefore, we’ve come up with a review of the best iPhone tracker apps that secretly track devices and monitor all their activities without knowing the person. We’ll discuss the apps, features, pros, cons, pricing, and comparison with more advancements. Let’s read the entire information and come to know about the top iPhone monitoring solution.

6 Best iPhone Spy Apps No Jailbreak

iPhone required iCloud and a strong system. Users are worried about installing the app on iPhone devices; it sometimes is not possible. Therefore, no need to be worry. In the below lines, we’ll discuss the iPhone spy apps with no jailbreak. For this, you must read this information that helps you find the best iPhone monitoring apps without jailbreak.

Advanced Spy Apps for iPhone Reviewed 2024

Many spy apps in the market claim to be the best. But they are not. Connect with us and find the best spy apps for iPhone with its robust features, set-up method, and further details; see below for the best 6-tracker apps in the spy industry.

1. FlexiSpy– One of the best iPhone Spy apps with unlimited features it provides 100% stealth monitoring techniques with genuine tracking results and ensures secure data.

2. Mspy– Highly rated Tracker app for iPhone with real-time monitoring discreetly.

3. UMobix– A reputation spy app with secret tracking of the targeted device and provides you with activity alerts.

4. Eyezy– An undetectable iPhone monitoring app with the unique feature of geo-fence and social media monitoring at affordable prices.

5. SpyBubblepro– Widespread tracker app with excellent tracking features like location tracker and activity alert.

6. Spyic– The leading app for kids’ and employees’ secret monitoring with no minimum charges.

Top Ranked Jailbreak and Non-jailbreak Spy Apps for iPhone Reviewed

Do you want to know about the best undetectable spy apps for iPhone? We’ve covered the apps with detailed information such as features, pros, cons, and pricing. Let’s discuss it all without wasting any time.

1. FlexiSpy iPhone – Top-Rated App with Fully Loaded Features

FlexiSpy iPhone - Top-Rated App with Unlimited Features

FlexiSpy is a top-rated monitoring app that knows how to connect your loved ones’ activities and give support to prevent them from online threats. FlexiSpy provides an invisible shield via its feature to provide extra protection, giving you peace of mind. With this tool, you can monitor all the online activities from the targeted device and even enable it to make remote monitoring without being detected.

The app hides its app icon while monitoring the targeted device to find all its activities. It makes your life easy by protecting your loved ones from doing unethical online activities via 24/7 alerts. It enables you to protect the targeted person from online danger without being detected. It helps you shield your loved ones from online predators, cyberbullying, and adult and explicit content.

This app gives you alert notifications that enable you to find the device’s adult websites from targeted devices and can permanently block certain apps and websites for their safety. Further, You can easily constantly send messages and repeatedly call specific contacts. If there is something suspicious, you can take action to protect them.

FlexiSpy Key Points

Free trialMoney back guaranteeNo of devicesMinimum price
No14 days01$29

FlexiSpy Features

  • It can track the device’s live location
  • Monitor all sent or received text messages
  • Spy on call and record call conversations
  • Set-geo fencing on targeted device map
  • Watch internet browsing history
  • Block specific apps and websites
Pros & Cons
iPhone Screen recorder availableOne single plan for one device
It features rich Spy softwareNo Free trial
It didn’t require jailbreak for iPhone devices 
24/7 active customer support 
FlexiSpy Pricing

FlexiSpy offers different price plans for different devices to know more, read the below pricing that help you to choose and subscribe to the app.


2. MSpy iPhone App- Amazing Features with an Affordable Price

MSpy iPhone App- Amazing Features with an Affordable Price

MSpy gives a cold breeze to all worried and concerned spouses and parents. Make it great with unique parental control and spouse monitoring features after logging in to the online dashboard. It helps you to know all the activities from targeted devices with one-time installation.

One of our favorite things about mSpy is that it covers a wide range of monitoring apps, such as calls and messages on social media, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Hangouts, Snapchat, Telegram, and more. Using Mspy, users can easily check their targeted person’s real-time live location and set geo-fence for their physical safety.

With mSpy, you can check iPhone performed activities with the internet watch history.

By installing mSpy, parents, employers, and spouses to check their inappropriate activities and give support for their safety. One of the best things about Mspy is that it works in undetectable mode, which means the person you are monitoring isn’t aware that they are monitored. 

Mspy Key Points

Free trialMoney back guaranteeNo of devicesMinimum price
Yes14 days01$48.99

MSpy Features

  • It allows the capture of keystroke
  • Enable to track live location
  • Watch browsing history
  • Spy on calls and messages
  • Set geo-fence
Pros & Cons
Easy to set up and useLittle bit Expensive
Always undetectable app 
It didn’t require jailbreak 
MSpy Pricing

Mspy allows its loyal users to get a price plan according to their needs. As it offers different price packages with the schedule

01 month03 months12 months

3. Umobix iPhone Spy- Great App for Remote Control

Umobix iPhone Spy- Great App for Remote Control

UMobix is the best app for remote control on targeted devices and has the power to dig into the device’s deleted data. So, it is considered one of the most amazing apps. It is popular to recover deleted data with little time. Behind this, it can perform a lot to find out the activities of the targeted person. If you are a parent and want to know about your child’s online activities and want to know about their activities.

So, umobix provide unique features that help parents learn more about their child’s activities and enable them to read their chats and conversation. If your child is watching inappropriate websites and downloading adult apps, you can immediately block and restrict their access. So that you can block any specific apps and websites from targeted devices.

You can also listen to your kid’s call conversations and stop any specific contact that leads them to the wrong side. So, its features, amazingly, allow you to keep an eye on your kids and give the commands to protect them via secure support. So, parents can install it for online safety and their kids’ online protection.

UMobix Key Points

Free trialMoney back guaranteeNo of devicesMinimum price
Yes14 days01$29

UMobix Features

  • Recover deleted chats and messages
  • Remotely Listen to call conversation
  • Watch browsing history
  • Block apps and websites
Pros & Cons
Loaded with advanced featuresMonitor social media accounts on a targeted device
Didn’t require jailbreak for iPhone It might take a while for new updates
Monitor social media accounts on a targeted device 
Amazing location tracker feature 
UMobix Pricing

Unlike the other spy apps, uMobix comes with different price packages for iPhone and Android devices as:

01 month03 months12months

4. Eyezy iPhone – The Best Parental iPhone Monitoring App

Eyezy iPhone - The Best Parental Monitoring App

Eyezy is the best parental control and spouse monitoring app. It is designed to check online activities for those not physically present with their loved ones. Thus, this app gives you a detailed activity report via an online dashboard. This is for the safety and security of

For loved ones. Eyezy provides a list of features that empower you to dig into their calls, imessages, contacts, and Internet activities. Further, social media accounts like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, line, and more can be tracked by installing eyeZy on the targeted device.

It gives you an activity picture of your kids and employees without jailbreaking their iPhones. Moreover, the app monitors information and provides you with a comprehensive report with time and date.

Its remote command helps to control kids’ screen time and restrict their access to age-inappropriate apps and web visiting. Another benefit of Eyezy is that it lets you know about the real location and provides the location history of the targeted device.

Eyezy Key Points

Free trialMoney back guaranteeNo of devicesMinimum price
Yes14 days01$47.99

Eyezy Features

  • It enables you to dig into chats and text messages
  • Track calls and call logs
  • View your internet browsing history
  • Find the device’s real-time location
  • It provides apps and website block feature
Pros & Cons
Easy to installCustomer Support is not good
Free trial Available 
Excellent geofencing Feature 
Eyezy Pricing 

Eyezy has come with affordable price packages that are mentioned below:

01 month03 months12months

5. Spybubble pro- Smoothly works without knowing the Targeted Person

Spybubblepro- Smoothly works without knowing the Targeted Person

Spybubblepro is here to help you catch your cheated partner with genuine monitoring and tracking results. After installing this software, you have the power to know about your partner’s activities in real. It helps you to catch your cheated partner without knowing them. No matter if you are not around your loved ones, you can quickly check their activities and give support to protect them.

With its fantastic keylogger feature, you can easily see the words they typed on their phone, including text messages, web searches, and more. This is a tremendous tool to help you to check your husband/wife’s cell phone activities. Besides this, you can check their text messages and come to know their deleted chats. Unlike the other apps, Spybubblepro enables you to find the location tracker, gives authority to restrict some areas from their map, and gets a notification when they enter or leave those areas. It means you can see their current location and know where they move.

Spybubblepro Key Points

Free trialMoney back guaranteeNo of devicesMinimum price
No14 days01$49.99

Spybubblepro Features

  • It helps you to get call detail.
  • Read chats and text conversations.
  • Capture keystrokes Logger.
  • Excellent location tracker Feature.
  • Beneficial social media monitoring.
Pros & Cons
Easy set-up methodiPhone Screen recorder does not work 
It can monitor deleted call details and chatsNo free Demo
It provides an excellent Geofencing feature 
Spybubble Pro Pricing

There are three price plans of spybubble pro that you can choose according to your needs:

01 month03 months12months

6. Spyic iPhone – Best Spy App for iPhone with 24/7 Customer Support

Spyic iPhone - Best Spy App for iPhone with 24/7 Customer Support

Spyic is designed for kids’ safety and online protection. It provides a wide variety of features that can get anything from targeted devices. Plus, it offers terrific price packages to keep an eye on your loved ones. Spyic is compatible with your Android and iOS devices to find their online actions. This provides a fantastic opportunity to track the device, record everything that happened on the device, and capture their single click.

Moreover, you can track their live location and come to know about previous locations. Along this, you can check who they chat with on text messages and also track call conversations. This provides an excellent opportunity to find the content that your kids watch online and can block remotely. With this, you can know which apps they use and what they do on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, kik, line, Viber, and more. This allows you to check their screen and find everything that happened on their device.

Spyic Key Points

Free trialMoney back guaranteeNo of devicesMinimum price
No14 days01$39.99

Spyic features

  • Record phone conversations.
  • Check the phone gallery with it.
  • Read text messages and Social media chat.
  • Track live location.
  • Record social media screen.
Pros & Cons
A lot of monitoring features for kids’ safetySometimes the Location feature is a little inaccurate
It’s easy to use and access the online dashboard 
Its keylogger feature is incredible 
24/7 instant Customer Support 
Spyic Pricing

Spyic offers the cheapest price plans for every user; you can select one of them:

01 month03 months12 months

Why Do You Need an iPhone Spy App No Jailbreak?

iPhone spy apps are used for different purposes like kids monitoring, employee tracking, finding a lost phone, and spouse monitoring. Now we’ll discuss it in detail to help you in the future. 

Monitor kids’ Activities 

Cell phone tracker apps help you ensure your kids’ online safety. Parents can install it to safeguard their children from digital threats and prevent them from accessing inappropriate activities. They can regularly check kids’ online activities and their real-time location. And support them if there are something goes wrong. This app empowers you to help kids in any emergency by remote monitoring. 

Track Employee Activities

Employers mostly provide digital devices to their employees. It requires the installation of phone spy apps on those phones to track their real-time activities. This is because it ensures that the employees are using the devices for company work and not sharing confidential data with others outside the company. By using phone tracker apps, the employer can remotely and secretly check employees’ activities and take appropriate actions if there are something goes wrong. With this, they can read their text messages, record and listen to call conversations, track live locations, and come to know the apps used during office time. 

Spy on a Spouse

A cheated spouse is a bad experience resulting from depression, anxiety, sadness, and other mental issues. People cannot catch their partner easily, but it is possible with the help of the cell phone tracker app. With this, they can easily find out if they are dating someone by using a location tracker. Read their text messages, record and listen to their call conversations, and check their social media apps to see what they share, including videos and photos. And if your doubts are wrong, this phone spy app gives you peace of mind. 

Track your Device

If you Lose your cell phone or steal it, it can easily threaten your privacy. It can be risky to leak your personal and sensitive information into the wrong hands, which can harm you in various ways. Therefore, installing a phone tracker helps you find the real-time location of your phone, which means you can easily identify your cell phone. Plus, you can easily recover your device’s personal information. 

Do you Need Physical Access to the Target Phone?

Most phone spy apps claim to install the apps without getting physical access to the target device. This is false and just a waste of time and money. This is because getting physical access is necessary to install the app. Users can get the credentials and use the device to install the app. Once you do, you can secretly use the phone monitoring app to check the device’s activities. 

How Do iPhone Spy Apps Work?

iPhone Spy apps can work on targeted iPhones by accessing the device for installation. Most apps require jailbreak, and some allow the installation of the app without jailbreak. This depends on the app, but the app works after complete installation. The user can secretly gather data from the device and enable it to see information like messages, calls, call logs, contacts, calendars, GPS location, social media, and more. 

How do you Spy on iPhones Through iCloud?

Monitoring an iPhone with iCloud is needed to get physical access to the targeted phone. Then, you will get the phone data without installing any third-party application.

You need to follow the steps to monitor someone’s iPhone with their iCloud.

  • First, you have to connect the iPhone to the internet
  • Go to settings, click on >icon, and you’ll find Apple ID
  • Now click on the iCloud option, then sign in to accomplish the further process
  • If your targeted one has already signed in, then log in. Sign up with your own iOS ID and password. If you know the other Apple ID and password, you can use it.
  • Now click on the backup option. If the Apple backup option is off, then turn on
  • Click on the backup option; ensure you are still connected to the internet.
  • Now open the browser on your device. Sign in with your targeted person’s Apple ID and password.
  • After completing the steps, you will see all the files and the data they save on their device, even chats, call logs, and more, with one click.

How to Use an iPhone Monitoring App?

Using an iPhone tracker app is required to accomplish the FlexiSpy installation procedure. The person who wishes to use the iPhone spy app needs to follow the app installation step and follow the guide that enables you to track the device and gather all their data secretly. 

Before start! You should remember the app requires physical access to install the app; you need to take the phone into your hand to download and start the app. 

FlexiSpy iPhone installation | Steps

  • Visit the official website of FlexiSpy
  • Subscribe to the app for iPhone. 
  • Get the credentials 
  • Take the phone to install the app without jailbreak.
  • Use the credentials and log in to the web control panel. 
  • Now, get all the monitored data from the targeted device. 

Here, you can check messages, calls, social media, location history, browsing history, and more with one click. 

What is Jailbreak and Non-Jailbreak iPhone?

Jailbreak & non-jailbreak are two different states of an iPhone operating system. Discuss both of them in detail.

Jailbreak iPhone

Jailbreaking is a function that enables users to gain access to their iOS operating devices. When you jailbreak your targeted device, you will remove all the restrictions and limitations from your iOS device. This involved software bypassing the Apple security system that allows third-party applications. This change made it easy for users to install the application after breaking the apple’s security.

Non-Jailbreak iPhone

Non-jailbreak has not undergone the system of jailbreaking. It is running the standard, unaltered version of the iOS operating system given by iOS.
Non-jailbreak iPhones can easily install apps from the official App Store, which Apple carefully vets for security and compatibility.
These devices are generally more secure and stable because they operate within the boundaries set by Apple.
However, users should remember that the legality of jailbreak iOS depends on the location and the device version

 FAQ’s | Best Spy Apps for iPhone in 2024

Is It Legal to Spy on Someone’s iPhone?

It’s legal to use a phone tracker app for your kid’s safety. It allows you to install spy apps on the company’s devices to protect your official data. But the legality depends on the country’s state and laws.

Are iPhone Spy Apps Detectable?

Some spy apps are detectable on targeted devices. But FlexiSpy and mSpy work without knowing the person you are monitoring. It means it’s 100% invisible iPhone spy apps.

How to Spy on an iPhone without Installing Software?

There is no way to spy on an iPhone without installing the software. For secret monitoring, you’ve to install the app by getting physical access. Then you’ll be able to see all their activities.

How to Find Hidden Spy Apps on iPhone

While installing the app, you make changes to the setting to hide it. When you are done, the app will never show on the targeted phone screen. It means you are monitoring the person without noticing them.

How Do I Remove a Spy App from an iPhone?

It is easy; you can go to settings and make the app uninstalled. With this, the app will automatically be removed from your device.

Can I Spy on an iPhone Without Jailbreaking?

Yes, you can spy on an iPhone without jailbreak. But by choosing the best iPhone spy apps like FlexiSpy and mspy. This helps you to spy on your iPhone with no jailbreaking system.

Is 24/7 Customer Support Available?

Apps like FlexiSpy, mSpy, eyeZy, Spyic, and Spybubblepro provide excellent customer support services for their users. you can contact us anytime to resolve your issues.


We’ve mentioned the list of the best spy apps for iPhone, all apps according to your needs. You can choose any of them to keep tabs on your targeted person to know all their online activities. All apps come with excellent qualities and serve to protect your loved ones for their safety and online protection. We reviewed the apps after testing and listed them according to their performances. Thus, FlexiSpy is top as compared to others, as their features, pricing, customer support, and provide a money-back guarantee. You can easily purchase and access its online dashboard to view the activities. So, install FlexiSpy and any other like mSpy, Spyic, Eyezy, or Spybublepro to enjoy the digital protection of your loved ones.

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