SecureTeen Review: Best Parental Control App for Your Android and iPhone

In the SecureTeen parental control app review, we’ll present the most comprehensive detail of this app. SecureTeen was developed for kids’ protection and to help parents. It provides complete access for parents to their child’s cell phone activities with various features. It has incredible features: app block, remote access, real-time location tracking, keylogging, and social media monitoring.

So, these ensure your kid’s safety and prevent unusual internet access. With SecureTeen, parents can easily monitor kids’ cell phones, computers, and laptops. It was challenging to view kids’ activities from a distance without knowing them, but SecureTeen made it possible.

Moreover, this parental control software works on hidden and undetectable modes. Once you install it, it provides you with activity reports of your kids every minute and gives you 24/7 customer support services.

What are the key aspects of SecureTeen Review

Device compatibilityAndroid, Windows, and iOS devices
Customer support24/7 available
Free trialYes
Undetectable app100%

This excellent parental control app can secretly view and secure the device data. It claims not to share your personal information with any third-party application at any cost. It serves as a child’s protection and data security app. Now you should be sure that secureteen is a data-secure app. Now let’s look deeply to find why to make it the final choice among the other best apps.

Introduced UMobix as an Alternate for SecureTeen: What Makes It Stand Out

UMobix enters the scene as a robust contender in the parental control app market. What sets Umobix apart is its comprehensive approach to monitoring, covering not only online activities but also calls, messages, recordings, and even device surroundings.

But the other app SecureTeen, Could be better and work correctly as it should, even if it has a hectic downloading process and takes a lot of time. It has a limited list of features that could not meet my demands and needs, but compared to this, when I tried umobix, it was super and the best decision that helped me protect my child with its unique, comprehensive features. It makes it easy to monitor every bit of activity of my loved ones.

So I recommend UMobix as the best parental control app to complete your monitoring demands.

Feature Comparison: SecureTeen vs. UMobix

FeaturesSecureTeen  UMobix
Screen Recorder 
GPS Location tracker 
Call and Text Monitoring Limited Comprehensive
Snapchat Tracker 
Tinder Monitoring 
Whatsapp Tracker
Facebook Monitoring 
Monitor Instagram 
Browsing History 

Experience the Features of SecureTeen

Let us know the fantastic features of the SecureTeen parental control app. 

Text messages

SecureTeen can access every sent or received message from their targeted device. Once you are installed, it will inform you who your child sent a text and received it and what type of conversation they made. It helps you to identify your children’s unusual chats and texts. So, it allows you to detect suspicious chats and take appropriate action against them. 

Track call conversation 

Secureteen allows you to track your children’s incoming and outgoing calls. This enables you to view the call duration with date and timestamp. Further, it allows you to see who is calling and whom they call with phone number and name. In short, you can get an overview of your loved ones’ incoming and outgoing calls. Come into action if you notice your children make long calls. Our call monitoring app helps you to clear this situation with authentic information about the call and their call conversations. 

What social media can you monitor with SecureTeen


You allow your children to install all apps and spend their time. Still, you need to be more suspicious about their app usage and spending time. So, SecureTeen helps you to view WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, Kik, and many more to cover chats, calls, and shared media. This app alerts you when your child is active on any social media app and empowers you to view what they did. 

GPS location tracker

This is one of the most valuable and fantastic spy features that enable parents to view their kid’s real-time location. You can see your kid’s location and ensure that your child is in a safe place. You can track your kid’s area, whether at school or not, and give you accurate location monitoring. In short, this initial feature provides peace of mind to all parents. 

Set parental control and block websites

SecureTeen lets you know about your child’s internet activities without knowing them. It gives you a notification when your child is browsing and tells you what he is browsing. If they watch inappropriate content, it enables them to restrict their access. You can use the block feature and remotely block porn and any suspicious website from child’s devices. 

Manage screen time 

With the most compelling feature, parents can set a balanced screen time on kids’ devices. You can restrict your children from using unhealthy screen time, or if you notice they ignore their sleep routine and academic time and forget to eat. So, take essential steps and set screen time. Once you put it, your child couldn’t use the cell phone at a restricted time. 


By the use of SecureTeen, you can see what your child is typing on their device and what they search for. It enables you to detect if they are searching for inappropriate activities and find something subincision and unusual. This is amazing to protect kids from accessing improper activities on their devices. 

Here are the Pros and Cons of the SecureTeen App

Authentic and reliable parental control monitoring solutionIt cannot play multimedia files like the other apps  
Quick and easy installation procedureIts customer support services in unreliable
Thoroughly work on hidden modeSome iOS Features do not properly work
Limit and control kids’ screen timeIt didn’t offer a Geo-fencing feature
Affordable price packages Limited Features
Provide complete privacy and data safety services 

What devices are compatible with SecureTeen?

Secureteen parental control monitoring solution is designed for Android and iPhone devices. It also offers its services for Windows and laptop devices. Secureteen dashboard gives you access to check cell phone and Windows activities in real and tells you according to device category. 

It is fully compatible with Windows, MAC, and iOS devices with secret monitoring techniques. Further, it allows you to get remote monitoring functions for several devices. If you see the old compatibility table, you’ll know that it is compatible with your devices that need jailbreak. 

How to install SecureTeen?

Secureteen provides an easy-to-use installation method to get access to the web control panel. Where you can easily see all monitored data without being detected, first, you should know it can be installed on Windows, Android, and iPhone devices. Let’s break down the procedure.

Installation Guide for Windows 

Installing the app for Windows is a super-fast and easy way. 

  • In the first step, sign up to the SecureTeen website and subscribe to get the app. 
  • Then use the code to activate your official SecureTeen account. 
  • Now it’s time to install the app from the official website on a targeted window device.
  • Install the app and enter the user’s name or password to move the final step to log in to the web control panel
  • After that, restart your computer to run the app correctly. 
  • Now go to the SecureTeen online dashboard to view the monitoring results.

Install SecureTeen Android App

Check out the SecureTeen Android installation

  • Visit the official website to choose the price package to make an account.
  • After, take your targeted phone into your hand and check its internet connection.
  • Then, go to the Google Play Store and search for the SecureTeen child app.
  • When you search, it will show on the top, and then tap to install.
  • In the new window open, allow to OS and install it again.
  • When you successfully install, enter the verification code.
  • Now activate the app, and allow system functions you want to control, like social media and keylogger.
  • After completing the procedure, click on Finish. Now you can monitor Android phone activities secretly and remotely.

Install Secureteen for iPhone & iPad

It’s time to install the iOS SecureTeen app

  • Check the official website and subscribe for iOS monitoring, then go to the Apple Play Store and search the Secureteen child app. 
  • Then start the installation, and verify by entering the code.
  • So, you’ve completed the first step and clicked on the secureteen profile.
  • Move to install the app, click on allow and installed
  • When asked to check the MDM profile, click on MDM status, then it should say successfully. 
  • Now click on Install child app and install it again
  • after accomplishing the procedure; press Allow for all system functions you want on the targeted device.
  • Now login to the web control panel by entering your username and ID. It means you are ready to view all the monitored data from an iOS device. 

How much SecureTeen cost?

Compared to others, secureteen provides an affordable price package for its users. Currently, it offers two price packages that you can get. 

SecureTeen premium package

For one year, $39.99 allows up to three devices simultaneously. Plus, it is available for Android, iOS, and Windows. And this offer is essential for kik, WeChat, line, and hike.

SecureTeen premium plus packages

For one year, $69.99 for one year, and a particular price plan for Android with additional monitoring features. This package lets you check Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, and Snapchat.

Save time on valuable apps and subscribe to SecureTeen for authentic monitoring results with affordable pricing. 

SecureTeen performance / Is it a fast parental control app?

SecureTeen is a good parental control monitoring solution. We’ve tested its work performance and measured time limits. After installation, it quickly monitors the targeted device activities and tells everything about them. But sometimes a lot of features do not work properly causing issues.

Moreover, it invisibly tracks the device and notices whatever they are doing. If talking about gadgets, it gives you more rapid monitoring results on Android and iphone than on Windows. Further, it never drains the device battery like using the other apps. With a quick way, users can get screen recordings and capture screenshots. 

Does SecureTeen provide real-time monitoring reports?

SecureTeen is a super-tracking app that provides real-time monitoring reports without knowing the targeted device. It collects the device info and notifies you after a few seconds. And it only saves your information once you do this. It removes the data after transmitting. And update you for new monitored data after a few minutes. It gives you accurate monitoring and tracking reports of call logs, chats and SMS, location, social media, and everything that happened on the targeted device. 

SecureTeen customer support services are good?

Customer Support is not available 24/7. You can contact me daily, but night queries need to be adequately addressed. But you can get the answers to all your queries after some time. In addition, most of the users were satisfied and did not question. Still, you can check all your queries from Monday to Friday regularly. Even you can arrange your questions for a refund, and that will be handled by their chat support team. SecureTeen app offers a refund policy within 15 days of purchasing the app.

Is SecureTeen a safe parental control option?

The secureteen provides you with a specific username and id to sign up for the targeted device activities. Activate the app by entering the code, which means your control panel is secured. You can monitor the targeted device silently. No one can find it during the tracking procedure. Moreover, it is protected, and no one can access your control panel unless you don’t provide credentials. So, it keeps your data secure and never leaks personal data to anyone. 

How’s SecureTeen Dashboard

The SecureTeen provides a secure user interface with simplicity in mind. The user-friendly dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of a child’s digital activities with an authentic report. It makes it easy for parents to navigate through the app’s functionalities and restrict children’s access to unusual and harmful content.

Why should we use SecureTeen?

Do you know what your child is up to on their devices? It’s concerning; we need a solution to overcome this problem. Thus, secureteen comes and serves to tell you about your kids’ activities, identify if they face any online danger, and take appropriate action against them.

Ensure kid’s Online Safety.

With the internet, kids’ safety has become a question for parents. Therefore, to keep your child safe from all online dangers like cyberbullying and inappropriate content.

Monitor their online activities

With the use of SecureTeen, parents can know what kids are doing and how they spend their online time. How they use the internet, and who’s chatting on social media. This app provides you with detailed information about the activity. 

Suitable Monitoring solution 

SecureTeen helps parents set and limit their kids’ screen time on their cell phones and tablets. It helps to prevent them from unusual use of digital devices and maintain their healthy life routine. 

Focus on kids through Secureteen

SecureTeen provides a hidden eye on kids’ activities and focuses on what the child is doing online. It secretly works in background mode and tells everything they did online. 

Digital Supervision

SecureTeen empowers parents to supervise their kids’ activities, ensure they are safe, and not misuse the devices.

Offensive and inappropriate content 

Kids may be exposed to adult and explicit material by using the internet, which negatively impacts them. So, SecureTeen help parents block wrong website and suspicious apps from their devices and protect them from online harm. 

Privacy Protection

SecureTeen prioritizes kids’ data privacy, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure and is not shared with anyone by monitoring their social media accounts and checking phone sent or received data.

What sets SecureTeen apart from other parental control apps?

SecureTeen comprehensive feature set, user-friendly interface, and robust technical support distinguish it as a top choice for digital supervision for all concerned parents. 

Are the content filters customizable?

SecureTeen allows parents to customize content filters based on their child’s age and sensitivities, ensuring a tailored online experience.


In the current era of technology, lifestyle changes, and kids depend on digital devices. SecureTeen parental control monitoring solution is a hope for all concerned parents who are worried about their kid’s activities and want to provide a healthy and balanced environment. It provides a comprehensive list of features and a user-friendly interface with affordable price packages to overcome parents’ worries. And it helps to make digital parenting easy and comfortable.


Is Secureteen compatible with both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, Secureteen is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It is an adaptable solution for all concerned parents, regardless of their chosen device ecosystem.

How does web filtering work on Secureteen?

Web filtering on Secureteen involves categorizing websites based on their content and helps parents secretly block and restrict access to inappropriate or unsafe categories from their kids’ devices.

Which app offers more value for the price: SecureTeen or Umobix?

Umobix tends to offer more value due to its extensive feature set and competitive pr

Can I set different screen time limits for other days?

Without any doubt! Secureteen helps parents to set customized screen time limits for each day of the week. And establish a healthy routine for children.

What should I do if my child tries to uninstall the app?

Secureteen has an uninstall protection feature that needs a password to uninstall the app. It ensures that kids cannot turn off the app without parental consent.

Can I track my child’s location in real-time?

Secureteen location tracking feature provides real-time updates on your child’s whereabouts. And it empowers you to ensure their safety even when they’re outside.

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